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22 jan 2007, 17:33

If you do like stats (I don't know anyone, who would be a user without browsing on the stats now and then... you know what I mean? ;-), I bet you do notice reaching milestones in tracks played count.

Then, if you want to bring some life into your user page, you can put one of "badges" right into your "about me" box. users seem to be quite a hardworking kind of guys, so there are several types of these badges.

Military Ranking System
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These are the finest of them all, I think. They possess this awesome idea of military rankings, and they come in two variations - futuristic and classic. My personal favourite. On the webpage there is a code generator - you just copy'n'paste the code into the "about you" box in site preferences.

Enderu's Badges
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Enderu's badges are probably the most widespread among users. Unfortunately, that's the reason why they are currently out of order. Enderu hosts them on his personal site, and the bandwidth was exceeded. It is known problem, and hopefully Enderu is going to solve the thing soon... Stay tuned.

How they look like? They are virtually the same as Pimpin' Badges (see below). There's image embeded right under this paragraph, so if you can see the 15k black badge, the problem was already solved ;-)

Pimpin' Badges
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These badges are "intended for all those people who simply prefer to represent their awesomeness rather than how many songs they've listened to." They look exactly like Enderu's ones, except they have altered text and carry a rank instead of track count.

Glass Badges

Glass badges were made by user called frostbyte - couldn't find him on Maybe he's hiding? Shields
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To be comprehensive (if possible), I have to mention shields by IronMark user. Personally, I think they aren't cute at all, but someone else might like them (or even love them? ;-).

P.S. I'm not a native English speaker, so please be tolerant of my mistakes. ;-)
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