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1 okt 2011, 16:41

12. Strange Little Girls

It's not necessarily bad, it's just the album I listen to least. I can appreciate Tori's artistic interpretations of these songs and it's got to take talent to be able to transform songs in such a way, but an album of covers can only rank so high on my list. It should go without saying that her original material is obviously better.

Favourite: New Age
Least favourite: Happiness Is a Warm Gun

11. The Beekeeper

This album marked a whole new direction for Tori, not that she's ever done the same thing twice. It's also the album that most people credit as being the album where she started to go downhill, but I disagree with that completely. I think that the concept is a little lost and the album is far too long, but creating a playlist of my 12 favourite songs from this album makes it make more sense.

Favourite: Garlands
Least favourite: Witness

10. Little Earthquakes

I'm going to get a lot of S for this one but frankly I can't listen to this album. It's just so... boring. Some of the songs speak to me so much, such as Girl, Silent All These Years, and Crucify, but a lot of it is sweaty and awkward. Not my favourite but certainly not awful.

Favourite: Little Earthquakes
Least Favourite: Tear in Your Hand

09. Midwinter Graces

Her first simple, cohesive, short album in a decade. It makes sense, and in my opinion, was a good "come-back" for her. Some acoustic pieces and a return to prominence for her piano, which is nice. The reason it doesn't rank higher is because it's a holiday album and in my opinion, that's just a little bit tacky.

Favourite: Our New Year/Winter's Carol
Least favourite: Jeanette, Isabella (sounds a bit too Beekeeperish for me)

08. American Doll Posse

23 songs. TWENTY-THREE. Why? This album is the definition of "extra," and lo-and-behold, there is an entire song called "Posse Bonus," which, so much of this album is a bonus - often random and usually completely unnecessary. That being said, this album has some really strong songs on it. I love Big Wheel, Almost Rosey, Beauty of Speed, Body and Soul, Digital Ghost, Devils and Gods, Code Red, and Smokey Joe.

Favourite: Dragon
Least favourite: You Can Bring Your Dog

07. Boys for Pele

Most Tori fans would probably bite my head off for not making this my number one, but I just don't identify with it that much. I love a lot of the songs, but the rest of the album just doesn't speak to me. This album marked her departure from girl+piano and was an obvious stepping stone for some of her more experimental stuff, but...

Favourite: Blood Roses
Least favourite: Hey Jupiter

06. Under the Pink

Tori's last "girl+piano" album, and only her second one to boot. When people complain about Tori's albums not being "Tori," I get really annoyed and say that, well, she hasn't released an "Under the Pink" since Under the Pink, and stop complaining and enjoy the damn music or don't. She hasn't done girl+piano since 1994. Move on, gays.

Favourite: The Waitress
Least favourite: Space Dog ("wait, you like Space Dog? That song is a joke")

05. Night of Hunters

Her newest album, and in my opinion, her second-best album in the last 10 years. The only reason it doesn't rank higher, currently, is that I haven't had time to love it (which is a total lie - my iTunes says I've played the album a collective 17 times already, and I've only had it for a week :S). There are no real "stinkers" on this album. Even the songs I don't love, I can appreciate. It's cohesive, consistent, and just plain good - it's no wonder why it's received such good reviews so far. Fans got their gay panties in a twist when they found out Tash and Kelsey were singing on the album again, but I find their pieces to be gorgeous. Kelsey is VERY talented. It's shocking that Tash could have such a gorgeous voice at 11, too.

Favourite: Battle of Trees/Night of Hunters/Edge of the Moon (haven't decided yet!)
Least favourite: Job's Coffin

04. Abnormally Attracted to Sin

I love this album so much. It came at the exact right moment in my life. Although fans mostly hate it for having some of her worst songs ever (oh my God, "Not Dying Today" is Lady Gaga-worthy awfulness and is likely her worst song ever, though it would be "good" if it were a Lady Gaga song because Lady Gaga is all-around a piece of shit and I hate her), it also has some of her best songs to date (Give, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, Fast Horse, Flavour, That Guy, Starling, Mary Jane, Lady in Blue). I can't get enough of this album. Seriously.

Favourite: Give
Least favourite: Not Dying Today

03. Scarlet's Walk

Whenever I'm trying to get a friend into Tori, I almost always start with Scarlet's Walk - it may be one of her most accessible albums, but it's also one of her richest. The melodies, lyrics, themes... the clean, concise, cohesive concept... it really is an amazing album. It's AMAZING to listen to on road trips (I don't know, it just has that sound), and in my opinion, her voice is top notch here. Not to mention, this album gave birth to some of her best B-sides (Ruby Through The Looking Glass, Tombigbee, Mountain, Seaside, Apollo's Frock... oh my guh). It's going to be impossible for me to pick a favourite, so I'll just list the one I've listened to most.

Favourite: Scarlet's Walk
Least favourite: I don't even... there is no bad song on this album. I've listened to Crazy the least.

02. To Venus and Back

These next two switch all the time, and right now To Venus and Back is second to Choirgirl only because i've been listening to Choirgirl more due to a recent event in my life. I lent this album to my friend once and upon returning it to me, she asked if I was literally clinically depressed, but I don't think this album is depressing at all. Sure the songs are slower and have a more experimental sound, but the only really depressing song on this is Juarez. This album gives us Suede (my favourite song EVER), Lust, Bliss, Glory of the 80s, Datura, Josephine, Spring Haze, Riot Poof... those songs are, if anything, filled with hope. Suede is sexy. Riot Poof is "Born This Way" but not shitty. Lust is just plain gorgeous. It's not a depressing album!

Favourite: Suede
Least favourite: 1000 Oceans (I can rarely listen to this song. It's far too cheesy)

01. From the Choirgirl Hotel

My first Tori album. I love this album to death and I simply cannot get enough of it. Is there a stinker on this album? I don't think so. This album has helped me through so much over the last several years that sometimes I think it's the top reason I'm still sane - Tori's been through it and she sings about it on this album and I can identify with it.

Favourite: Spark
Least favourite: None. This album is perfect.

Tori Amos
Strange Little Girls
The Beekeeper
Little Earthquakes
Midwinter Graces
American Doll Posse
Boys for Pele
Under the Pink
Night of Hunters
Abnormally Attracted To Sin
Scarlet's Walk
To Venus and Back
From the Choirgirl Hotel


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