• 2 years with

    11 jan 2009, 14:12

    Today I celebrate 2 years with!!
    So I decided to write a kind of recap of two first years... no, not for you guys, just for myself to keep track of my evolving music taste:) If I do it every year from now on, in ten years I will obtain really nice history of my listetning habits:)

    So let it begin!!

    48300 plays
    908 unique artists (ok, and some rubbish with misspelled tags;)
    23 loved tracks - ok, some are the result of short love, some are favourites forever
    79 friends - oh yeah, without a comminity it wouldn't be that funny to lose time on pages:) and I wonder how many friends I would have if it were nor for my Jedi avatar, huh??:)

    top 8 bands =27167 plays in total, which is 56.25% of my whole playlist
    top 26 tracks = 5588 plays in total, which is 11.57% of my whole playlist
    top 15 albums = 11125 plays in total, which is 23.03% of my whole playlist

    As for the top bands- nothing shocking, The Cure and Nine Inch Nails at the top, but last year it was NIN that was the leader. Well, 2008 gave us Ghosts I-IV and The Slip which obviously contributed a lot in total number of plays, but favourite and most played album is The Fragile (Left) with 1377 plays.

    And not to forget about my discoveries- many thanks to recommendations or similar artists tool.
    Although I used to be really into grunge, Blind Melon I could only associate with the fat little bee-girl. Now I discover their whole discography and I am truly addicted to Deserted
    Other artist I didn't have that much in my playlist before era:
    Jeff Buckley, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Gary Numan, Joy Division, PJ Harvey, Skinny Puppy and well, many many more:)
    And a few word about Archive- like many bands, I knew their name, only knew that such band exists and didn't care about it that much. But it was in a queue before The Cure gig in Katowice, February 2008 - I had a nice chat about music with a Polish guy who lives in France. He strongly recommended Archive- English band more popular in France and Poland than in their native UK. It took me a few days to appreciate this band, and till now I am sure it is one of the most important 'new bands' ;)

    and the tracks...
    Well, my favourite ever is still Cure's Disintegration. But besides, songs that were somehow important for me or just won the title 'the song of the day/week/month' would be the following:
    Leaving Hope
    Mina Loy (M.O.H.)
    The Eraser
    There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
    Nightmares By The Sea
    Golden Brown
    Discipline (I Won't Stop)
    Rough Boy
    A Sorta Fairytale
    Just a few, this list should be much longer to be honest

    In general, I listen to more electronic music than I used to. I discover that there is still some 'new' music worth listening;) I love old bands, old albums but happily welcome any new gem, electronic or not;) Recently I enjoy some classic 80's compilations and Paul Anka's amazing 'rock' album Rock Swings

    Ok, that's it. Obviously to sum up 2 years of discovering music I would write a book. I am sure I forgot about many artists, songs, albums that were important to me but right now they simply didn't appear in my head. Maybe next year;)