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  • bwany

    ill give it a listen when i can

    9 apr 23:34 Svara
  • bwany

    no sir i have not. gud?

    9 apr 22:10 Svara
  • bwany

    bummer dude. im not gonna see thou

    9 apr 00:09 Svara
  • q_uiz

    8 apr 16:50 Svara
  • bwany

    yreah but regardless, jackmaster. neutral milk was great, saw them twice this year :0

    2 apr 02:42 Svara
  • bwany

    good enough area to see jackmaster. i'd love to see one of his sets

    2 apr 02:35 Svara
  • bwany

    no dance stuff really in my area other than dubstep. closest is chicago but i am not traveling there for that. swans is great, michael gira is nice dude. couldn't hear anything for a good week, swans, boris, why?, nmh were all great shows

    2 apr 02:30 Svara
  • bwany

    well i pray it is a good show. swans still best show ive been to imo

    2 apr 02:25 Svara
  • bwany

    im seeing them soon, really excited

    2 apr 02:17 Svara
  • bwany

    man heathen is great

    31 mar 23:17 Svara
  • Daredevil_Jeff

    Man, that Surgeon Remake of "Join In The Chant" you posted in B&B is absolutely sick.

    31 mar 20:01 Svara
  • ninjaaqua

    Various Techstep shits: Not entirely sure what you wanted but you know how it is, just track down the label of whatever shit you heard mixed and you might like what else is on there.

    30 mar 20:04 Svara
  • ninjaaqua

    Of course, Calyx & Teebee, can't believe I didn't remember it. That was the track I was on about earlier..

    30 mar 18:26 Svara
  • ninjaaqua

    i have heard literally all of 'I Know You Got Soul' sampled in Drum & Bass tracks. The most obvious one that comes to mind is on Shy FX - This Style. I swear there's some Neurofunk/Techstep kind of tune that sampled Rakim saying 'Follow the Leader' from it as well. Honestly first time I heard that track it was like I had heard half of it before. There are a lot more as well that I vaguely remember, comes down to all the old D&B heads being Hip-Hop DJs originally. Bet DJ Hype uses a few, I liked his use of Clan in da Front on Tiger Style.

    30 mar 17:52 Svara
  • ninjaaqua

    Oh right that, I think that's some radio show mix or some soundcloud specific thing, not a label release of any kind. Not actually heard it but based off the tracklist is looks like something I might like. I reckon there's too much neuroflop on there for you though. Also there's some total gash Brostep tunes thrown in there at random points so on the whole, I'd probably give it a miss and re-listen to Drum And Bass Selection USA or A Soldier's Story - A Drum And Bass DJ Mix instead.

    29 mar 19:54 Svara
  • ninjaaqua

    Which mix are you on about? Not certain I have anything from him from 2013 but I haven't checked properly. What was it called?

    29 mar 18:59 Svara
  • q_uiz

    Pretty obscure Malevitch painting you got there.

    19 mar 11:31 Svara
  • q_uiz

    What's the avatar btw, also did you recently turn 30 by any chance?

    18 mar 22:29 Svara
  • q_uiz

    Other Fixmer albums worth my time? Because Muscle Machine is great.

    18 mar 16:44 Svara
  • q_uiz

    Well it's Surgeon.

    4 mar 20:53 Svara
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