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  • iScyantific

    Who doesn't, honestly?

    22 aug 17:44 Svara
  • shake2k (just look in my /tagged/poetry for more of my writings) - as for the type of character I had I played the same character mainly for that whole time span Hume named "Jozh" (had side character of all races, never really got to do a Tarutaru that far though, wish I did get that chance) but if I can remember his jobs (this is when LVL75 was still the cap...) 75dragoon 73red mage 73thief 71samurai 68warrior 63blue mage 60paladin 44monk 37white mage 37ninja 29black mage 27bard 25beastmaster.... trying to remember any other jobs I did that are in the high 20s+ on him.. cant think of em, the most i had other than that dude was a lvl44 mithra thief, level 30galka monk - i regret never taking dark knight and black mage more seriously.

    21 aug 19:17 Svara
  • shake2k

    i need to send you something i wrote not to long ago that i posted on tumblr idk if you seen, the "Inner Peace" post in my /tagged/poetry (even though its not a poem) section - this conversation ties in well with that piece lol. i did i stopped playing in late april of 2010 i believe, i was playing since 2004 though. had a few characters but only one character i REALLY focused on.

    21 aug 00:21 Svara
  • iScyantific

    You probably miss my hot voice.

    20 aug 08:50 Svara
  • Considerables

    Nice charts sadshawty

    20 aug 00:41 Svara
  • mellhS

    Yung Lean (,╯︵╰)

    19 aug 17:54 Svara
  • shake2k

    Same thing happened to me with FFXI before I stopped playing, I'd basically just get online and run around doing nothing and talk to people basically. Honestly I think with age comes the wisdom of what "bullshit" is worth dealing with. You know that Bob Marley quote everyone loves to quote about "Truth is everyone will hurt you, you just gotta find the right person worth suffering for" (or something to that affect) its like that. I've learned to line things up in order of important better and honestly.... I don't care what anyone but a select few ppl close to me think so life is as simple as living and handling my business now. Anyone that interrupts my peace is expendable. Not meaning to sound cold, I just think when you learn to be happy you also should learn to protect it, not by being a dick but rather just by setting the boundaries on what you will and wont deal with. I've done that and it's made my life a lot easier to lead :)

    18 aug 17:17 Svara
  • iScyantific

    What is my waifu doing?

    18 aug 09:23 Svara
  • shake2k

    sometimes, mainly with just artists that are prolific and have a lot of hard to find material like a charles hamilton, madlib, j dilla, etc it dont bug me so much as its just like "you cant look for yourself?" - thats good to hear, feel better soon though. I been alright though, last 2 weeks been slow but i cant complain, life goes on and the more time goes on the more i find myself hating any form of negativity and its uselessness. it has been a minute, seems you need to come around here a lil bit more often lol.

    17 aug 17:07 Svara
  • shake2k

    haha yeah, im "falling out of love" with lastfm cus of all the msgs and what not i receive regularly asking for shit so i figured id make a lowkey profile and just add friends. hows it been?

    17 aug 16:54 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x

    Yes indeed!!!!

    17 aug 16:51 Svara
  • iScyantific

    Haven't come on in for quite a while, yet we still have a high compatibility. How are you doing?

    14 aug 19:01 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x

    I think the only reason we have super compatibility is because Yung Lean is one of my most scrobbled artist lol

    5 aug 04:09 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x

    Yess now we have super. Cuz we emotional girls #Sadgirls2001 #Arizona Iced Out Girls

    29 jul 05:20 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x

    Are you excited for Yung Leandoers new mixtape?

    26 jul 20:39 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x

    pink guy is love, pink guy is life

    26 jul 16:18 Svara
  • AngelOfDARK666x


    14 jul 07:24 Svara
  • YuJoo

    I kept trying with a friend, my internet has a hard time connecting to everyone :( . Did you get to play Diablo 3 yet!? I nearly have every achievement(god help me). Now I'm finally playing Borderlands 2 to lose my life again. Could you possibly help me get started on You Me at Six?

    19 jun 17:16 Svara
  • NamTkn

    Hey! Thanks for the add. I look forward to checking out your radio and finding some new music!

    13 jun 19:22 Svara
  • YuJoo

    Oh god, that game was so difficult. I mean I could handle it but eventually I started feeling like what's the point. Now I'm all on Diablo 3 >:D. Wish I could get a gaming pc though

    9 jun 02:18 Svara
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