Metal Survey


7 jan 2010, 13:08

Favorite death metal band: Death
Favorite black metal band: Melechesh
Favorite thrash band: Dark Angel
Favorite power metal band: 3 Inches of Blood
Favorite traditional metal band: Black Sabbath
Favorite doom metal band: Electric Wizard
Favorite Gothic Metal band: N/A, don't listen to it. Nightwish is probably the closest I come.
Favorite "other" metal band: Lykathea Aflame, technical/progressive deathgrind
Favorite song: Probably something by Death, but I can't choose between my favorites there so let's say Kálí by !T.O.O.H.!
Favorite instrumental: I really like metal instrumentals, so there are a lot of songs to consider, but the absolute best has to be Voice of the Soul
Favorite ballad: Voice of the Soul would also be a good fit here, but I'll go with Cemetery Gates
Favorite live album: Live in L.A.: Death & Raw
Favorite festival: Summer Slaughter
Favorite tour: Dunno
Favorite metal magazine: Terrorizer
Favorite (male) screamer/growler: Chick Schuldiner of Death (R.I.P.)
Favorite (male) singer (clean): John Haughm of Agalloch
Favorite (female) screamer/growler: Erica Puddu of Coram Lethe
Favorite (female) singer (clean): Tarja Turunen, the ex-singer from Nightwish
Age you started listening to Metal: Pretty recently. 19 maybe?
What was the first band you listened to?: Children of Bodom, actually.
Don't lie, do you listen to nu-metal?: I have listened to Down With the Sickness a few times, but other than that I'm proud to say no
Keyboards in metal, yes or no?: Yes
Does corpse paint make you "grim" and "true"?: Sure, if it's good enough for Dethklok it's good enough for me
Is power metal girly?: Doesn't have to be. The vast majority is though
Metallica or Slayer: Slayer
Iced Earth or Blind Guardian: Iced Earth
The Haunted or At The Gates: At the Gates
S.O.D. or Anthrax: Anthrax
Hammerfall or Stratovarius: Hammerfall
My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost: My Dying Bride
Iron Maiden or Judas Priest: Iron Maiden
In Flames or Dark Tranquillity: In Flames
Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth: Dimmu Borgir
Ensiferum or Wintersun: Wintersun
Carcass or Arch Enemy: Arch Enemy
Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse: Morbid Angel
Nevermore or Sanctuary: Nevermore
Darkthrone or Immortal: Immortal
Venom or Bathory: Bathory
Mayhem or Burzum: Burzum
Celtic Frost or Hellhammer: Celtic Frost
Death or Obituary: Death
Testament or Kreator: Testament
U.S. Black Metal or European Black Metal: European
Blast Beats or Breakdowns: Blast beats
Power Metal or Progressive Metal: Progressive
Fates Warning or Dream Theater: Dream Theater
Benediction or Napalm Death: Napalm Death
Judas Iscariot or Nargaroth: Nargaroth
Cynic or Atheist: Sophie's choice here. Atheist, mainly because they've released more material than Cynic. Both are excellent
Entombed or Dismember: Entombed
Helloween or Gamma Ray: Helloween
Suffocation or Dying Fetus: Suffocation
Children of Bodom or Sinergy: Children of Bodom
Sepultura or Sarcofago: Sepultura
King Diamond or Mercyful Fate: King Diamond
Nu Metal or Metalcore: Lol wat? I guess metalcore
Stockholm metal or Gothenburg metal: Gothenburg
Opeth or Katatonia: Opeth
Impaled Nazarene or Beherit: Beherit
Evergrey or Pain of Salvation: Pain of Salvation, because I've never heard of Evergrey
Devin Townsend Band or SYL: Strapping Young Lad
Marduk or Dark Funeral: Dark Funeral
Vital Remains or Deicide: Deicide
1349 or Emperor: Emperor
Opeth or Symphony X: How come Opeth appears in two choices? Anyways, Symphony X
Covenant or The Kovenant: Never heard of either of these
Gore grind or evil Death metal?: Death metal
Suicidal Black metal or Brutal Black Metal?: Brutal
Bay Area Thrash or German Thrash?: Depth goes to the Germans, but my favorite thrash bands are Bay Area
Mutiitation or Shining?: Shining
Gorgoroth or Gaahlskagg?: Gorgoroth
Myrkskog or Zyklon?: Zyklon
Devildriver or Coal Chamber?: Devildriver
Lacuna Coil or Theatre of Tragedy?: Lacuna Coil


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