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Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 18:09
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 18:02
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:56
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:50
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:44
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:38
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:31
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:25
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:19
Cocteau TwinsDonimo Älskad låt 31 aug 17:13
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  • schizophrxnia

    oh my god, your taste in music is PERFECT. how?! wow omg

    9 aug 21:48 Svara
  • lightwarrior179

    Haha, nevermind. Turns out they indeed are planning to come to East Coast. 25th October, Terminal 5. Super excited that I'll finally get to see them live.

    14 jul 14:15 Svara
  • lightwarrior179

    Hey! Any idea if Slowdive are coming anywhere on East Coast? I know they're coming for FYF in LA but I don't see them dropping anywhere on the East.

    12 jul 07:15 Svara
  • Jules1up

    Nope, they are from the UK. But still pretty awesome! I really liked talking to him, he has some great influences. My favorite local band from my country is Traumahelikopter. It's a garage-rock band, worth checking out if you like garage rock (:

    27 maj 21:07 Svara
  • Jules1up

    I will check it out, thank you! (: Yesterday I checked out some pop-punk at a gig, Nai Harvest is pretty neat! you should check out their EP "Hold Open My Head". They had a lot of shoegaze influences live. I talked about it with the guitarist. He even saw MBV live!

    22 maj 08:19 Svara
  • Jules1up

    It's sounds just fantastic, planning on downloading some albums. Recommendations? (:

    21 maj 10:16 Svara
  • Jules1up

    I just listened to the song, it's gorgeous! thank you (: I've been searching something great like this! the drums are just amazing

    20 maj 15:35 Svara
  • Jules1up

    Yeah! I do know them. Simon Scott from Slowdive was in that band right?

    20 maj 08:36 Svara
  • Jules1up

    I think that's not it! you should check out the song Catherine. It's on youtube I think

    19 maj 18:07 Svara
  • Jules1up

    Thanks! I shall check them out (: do you know the Rosemarys? their self titled album is pretty worth listening to!

    14 maj 19:09 Svara
  • Jules1up

    I've been checking them out very recently. I do like them!

    14 maj 16:00 Svara
  • Jules1up

    Thanks for the add (: great taste!

    9 maj 13:54 Svara
  • luisbeefheart

    Love ur general top chart.

    3 maj 06:42 Svara
  • Joshua_Fields

    Hello, I recommend this band, I hope you like it and I can recommend something, you have very good collection, greetings :)

    28 mar 20:59 Svara
  • LuminousSkyWave

    hey thanks for the accept! like the tunes you play... i thought it was really cool you know about the lois maffeo side project "Courtney Love" not too many people know about that group and Lois* and groups she's affiliated with i think are highly Underrated*... Respect... -Matthew

    12 mar 14:53 Svara
  • MiaoPurrington

    You're welcome. :) Oh and that avatar of yours is one of my favorite young Kurt pictures. He was so beautiful.

    7 mar 00:12 Svara
  • MiaoPurrington

    Love your username and blog. This is a long belated 'thank you' for your request of friendship.

    4 mar 03:37 Svara
  • acalltoapathy

    Came by to say yer username, charts and general profile are pretty rad, and it turns out that you, like me, have been listening to one particular Cocteau Twins track on loop for quite a while. So, there's a lot of awesome going on here. :)

    11 feb 15:27 Svara
  • lightwarrior179

    Yeah,I'm really hoping they tour the US in the Summer as I might be there during those months. They are reuniting with the hope to make some new material, so it'll be interesting to see how it'll turn out considering many of them haven't used the same instruments (Neil picked electric guitar after ages and so did Nick with bass) so the new material may be interesting in unexpected ways. I certainly want them to give some of the Pygmalion Demos and the ones on the unofficial I Saw the Sun a proper release(but not a remaster, as they sound great as they are).

    31 jan 05:01 Svara
  • lightwarrior179

    Are you planning to go to Primavera or London? Really hoping they do end up making a new album and do a proper,extensive World Tour after this. :)

    30 jan 17:52 Svara
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