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  • MidStaryNight

    It's been a while since I've been to last.fm, but I guess it'll be recording my stuff again. Enjoy, or not.

    13 maj 2011 Svara
  • LifeInMono

    Oh, Adam Green's strange.. pretty strange.. but also lovely, somehow.. I can't listen to his music all the time, but sometimes.. yeah. The concert last year was fun, though. And.. I shall listen to AFI, I promise..

    29 maj 2007 Svara
  • LifeInMono

    ui, yours is love too.. <3 and I NEED to get a listen to AFI ... everyone talks about them, they've been to Vienna recently I think and I haven't EVER heard anything of them.. gah.. and you've a lot of interesting bands in your top 100 I need to listen to too.. hmmm.. : )

    24 maj 2007 Svara
  • djjunkie


    13 apr 2007 Svara
  • djjunkie

    *(^.~)* Hello

    10 apr 2007 Svara
  • Bliebs

    fantastic. i'm really digging I'm Only Happy When It Rains. Spring break? If it were and investment I'd have broken even. How are you? : )

    17 mar 2007 Svara
  • Paradoxin

    Hi i'm Mike, a fried of zacks from high school. Our compatibility rating would be higher if I had any Placebo but I DONT! I watch them on youtube all the time though.

    21 feb 2007 Svara
  • uhpwned

    Not to say that it's not a good cover, it's a great cover, i just wish it was a FULL cover, y'know?

    23 jan 2007 Svara
  • uhpwned

    Yes, but all I can find of it thus far is a really bad live cover that starts too late and cuts off too soon :/ but if you search it on itunes, panic! pops up, but there's no song. there's gotta be a better version out there somewhere...

    23 jan 2007 Svara
  • Kiss_Me_Insane

    Happy Holidays!

    24 dec 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt

    You. FLIP.

    18 dec 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt

    Dashboard Confessional? More like.. Dashboard PROfessional. XD

    11 dec 2006 Svara
  • Bliebs

    Prison sex, eh? hmmmmm. I've not heard it, no. But I would love to, since I've decided that I really really really really like Tool now. Yes.

    11 dec 2006 Svara
  • Bliebs

    Totally totally. Vince played it for me, and I downloaded it the next day. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.

    3 nov 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt

    Yooou FACE. :D

    31 okt 2006 Svara
  • Bliebs

    Yay for Nirvana. It's an honor that we're second...i just wish we would have known that before we acted upon our suicide pact....darn...

    21 okt 2006 Svara
  • Bliebs

    Psh. Most of my best friends are stalkers. They don't even know they're my best friends because I'm stalking them. Oh yeah. Yay Dresden Dolls.

    6 okt 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt


    4 okt 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt

    btw, your friend request bliebs if from roommate Zack dood. SAY YES, YOU FLIP.

    14 sep 2006 Svara
  • MisterEnt

    Oh my GOSH!!! I totally just ruined your last.fm page. LMFAO!!!!

    14 sep 2006 Svara
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Om mig

Hello there and welcome to my page. My name is Olivia and I hope you give the music I listen to a chance. I like music with poetic aspects in it; alliteration, assonance, internal rhyme, etc.

I'm into other art forms as well.

Here are some other things about me.

Favorite movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dirty Work, Alice in Wonderland, Harold and Maude, Edward Scissorhands, The Broken, Crybaby, Thumbelina... there are more, but whatever.
Favorite Shows: Fairly Odd Parents, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Futurama, and a few more. I love cartoons.

Um...I also love video games. Some of my favorites are Monster Party, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario All Stars, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Spyro the Dragon games, Metal Gear Solid, Ephemeral Fantasia, Wiz 'N Liz, Baroque, Super Mario Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts, the Professor Layton games, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, The Path, McGee's Alice, Minecraft, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk: Room 215...there are too many to name here, video games are so awesome.

If you're curious as to anything else, just leave me a shout and I'll shout back on your page. I love random shouts, so don't be shy. :3