15 mar 2014, 11:00

    Hi people,Portuguese subversive combo Crise Total who have just survived a death in it's members(founder guitar player Rui Ramos aka Rui Rocker)have now through Rastilho Distro released a split 7" with Brasil's chaos purveyors Periferia S.A.(who has members from legends Ratos De Porao).4 tracks of no-nonsense knees-up Punk Hardcore oldschool type!Available through crisetotal1983@gmail.com or www.rastilhorecords.com 5 Euros+Post http://rastilho.bandcamp.com/album/crise-total-periferia-s-a
  • R.I.P. Rui Rocker

    13 dec 2013, 10:34

    It is with much sadness in our hearts that we inform you that our guitarist founder/member Rui Ramos aka Rui Rocker has lost his battle with cancer and passed away at 49 in his home last November the 9th.We would like to thank all who sent messages and posted on the several site and pages on line and also to the bands and folk who organized and played at his benefit gig to homage his life and legacy.Rui was a true Punk pioneer in Portugal first with Shoque in 1978 then in 1979 with Crise(Who later became Crise Total when I joined in 1983),over the years he also played in Profilaxia,Rolls Rockers,Feijao Freud,etc...Recently along with Crise Total he also founded female fronted Asfixia(not to be confused with Spain's grindsters of the same name).He will be sorely missed.I leave you with his favorite slogan.

  • Crise Total-New Single Out Now

    4 jun 2013, 10:36

    In order to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band and subversive entity the folk from Rastilho have released a new single from the Portuguese Anarcho-Punk pioneers,two tracks of the usual ferocious knees-up assault that people who know the band are used to with founder-member Manolo still at the helm along with partner in crime and also longstanding founder-member Rui Rocker and the two new recruits(not so new now..haha..)Rattus(Albert Fish,Faccao Opposta)and Jonhie(Simbiose).Available through mail order as a cd €5 euros or pack cd+T-Shirt €15 euros at http://www.rastilhorecords.com
  • CRISE TOTAL-New single out now

    4 jun 2013, 10:27

    In order to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a band and subversive entity the folk from Rastilho have released a new single from the Portuguese Anarcho-Punk pioneers,two tracks of the usual ferocious knees-up assault that people who know the band are used to with founder-member Manolo still at the helm along with partner in crime and also longstanding founder-member Rui Rocker and the two new recruits(not so new now..haha..)Rattus(Albert Fish,Faccao Opposta)and Jonhie(Simbiose).Available through mail order as a cd €5 euros or pack cd+T-Shirt €15 euros at http://www.rastilhorecords.com

  • Free compilation independent from all big labels celebrating the 5th anniversary of…

    2 okt 2012, 01:09

    Great compilation freely available from our netlabel friends from http://www.nacion-libre.net/ with loads of noise from several Latin countries us among them,loads of Punk soundz and its subgenres!We don't need the big labels to produce and
    distribute important music!Compilacao gratis feita pelos nossos amigos da nossa netlabel http://www.nacion-libre.net/ com varias bandas Latinas da onda Punk e seus ramos!Nao necessitamos das grandes editoras para pormos ai fora amensagem e musica importantes! Info page: http://www.nacion-libre.net/netlabel/va-destruyendo-la-industria-musical
    Direct link to mp3: http://www.nacion-libre.net/descargar_mp3.php?id=47
    Direct link to ogg: http://www.nacion-libre.net/descargar.php?id=47
  • Gal Gonad wrote it

    25 feb 2012, 10:21

    Written to the tune of "The Ballad of The Alamo" by Gal Gonad after CRASS played The Bridge House in Dec. 81 and the brewers told good old Terry Murphy to ban Oi! cos of all the bad press! FOR THE RECORD THERE WAS NEVER ANY TROUBLE AT BRIDGE HOUSE OI! GIGS! In the Eastern part of London, in a place called Canning Town/stands a boozer all in ruins that was once of great renown/You may look in a van for Herberts, and you'll never see a one/but sometime between the setting, and the rising of the sun/you can hear the ghostly shouting as the boys go marching by/you can hear them as they pogo to that Oi! band in the sky/Stinky Turner, Micky Greggus, and 180 more/Hoxton Tom, and Ronnie Rouman, present and accounted for---Back in 1981, Mensi said to Stinky/Take some volunteers off quick, fortify our lovely Bridge/Well the lads came from Stratford and from old Barkingside/and they mobbed up with Stinky for a beer and some Cockney pride!/Hooligans with West Ham scarves, yobs with steel cap boots on/stood together with pints and shorts, and told of diseases they had caught/"You may never see the big match", Stinky told them that day/"Those who want, they can leave now, those who fight to the death, let 'em stay!"---In sawdust he drew a line with an old Oi! album/Out of 185, not a Herbert crossed the line/With his banners a-dangling in the dawn's early light/Penny Rimbaud came prancing in clothes that were black as night/A Rimbaud Wally came to tell Stinky to surrender/Stinky answered, "GO TO HELL!" and gave a rousing "Oi! OI!" yell!/Penny Rimbaud went bonkers. To defeat them he swore/A beerless commune in Epping held the future for this bore---185, holding 5000/5 days, 6 days, 8 days, ten/the Herberts held, held, and held again/Then they sent for replacements or the pissed and the sick/But the troops they were promised took the wrong turning at Shoreditch---Twice he charged, then you'll recall/on the fatal third time, Rimbaud's hoards did breach the wall/And bored them to death, one and all/Now the Oi! bands are silent, they say we've had our day/And a small band of Herberts lay asleep in the arms of Harry May---In the Eastern part of London, in a place called Canning Town/In a souped up Lambourghini rides a Herbert with a frown/And he sees the hippies lazing where a century before/Stinky Turner's lungs were blazin' and the Oi! bands used to roar/and his eyes turned sortov misty, and his heart begins to thump/And he takes his cap off slowly to the good old Bridge House pumps/to the 13 day long piss-up when the Oi! firm hit the slump

    I know I've given him a bashing our two,not that you'd know about it but as with everything in this life,there's good in bad and there is bad in good,so I thought it deserved to be given it's due credit!
  • Oi! the truth

    1 feb 2012, 15:26

    This was written by Lee(Erazerhead and The Corvettes) and was posted in his blog at http://www.punkrockers.com,I wasn't there so it's hard to give it 100% veracity but knowing that Gary Bushell is a twat and a bit of a biggot I wouldn't put it past him so I'll say what I said to Lee-Whatever its beginnings Oi! ended up being an important youth movement that has given us loads of great acts worldwide apart from the obvious extreme right and left cunts that want to spoilt it for most of us but having said that no said things would be or are perfect so pass me another pint and turn the volume up!

    In 79/80 Gary Bushell helped out as the Cockney Rejects manager for a while and he wanted to start a new bandwagon as did his sounds cohort Geoff Barton with the NWOBHM (new wave of british heavy metal) All you need to do is keep writing about something and it will happen eventually!With the help of a good rejects song Oi Oi Oi, Gary invented a movement. Previously the fourskins did one gig and split. Erazerhead never wanted to be an OI band and consequently lost out on loads of publicity. Would have done it differently if I had known! Barny Rubbles and the Gonads and loads of other bands were made up over a few beers for Garys sounds column, yet people began to believe. If you say anything for long enough it becomes true. Cocksparrer had been finished for years but after having a couple of tracks dug out to pad out the OI albums even they reformed! We did the original OI photos in the cellar of the bridgehouse. I was Gary Gonad with a box on my head, Yvonne was Gladys Pringle and Stinky and Bong were the gonads with more boxes on thier heads!Whenever Wasted Youth or Erazerhead played up north the kids at the bar would ask me about the oi movement at the bridgehouse and I would tell them that there was no such thing. They didnt believe me as they had been reading about it every week. When the first oi album came out we didnt want to be included but most of the songs that made it on are by Mick and Jeff Geggus and a few others messing around. The bands actually came about later. With a guaranteed audience and no hard work to be done why wouldnt they? The 4 Skins got back together when the buzz started happening and they had my old guitarist Steve Pear. He said to me " its all on a plate, not like doing it the hard way".And so the legend that is oi was born over a few beers amongst a handfull of people. I was there. Oi was punk for the working class so they said, but punk was already on its way out and the last thing it needed was even more fragmentation.Bushell was a journo who wanted to be a musician, like most of em. Now it looks like he cooked the books to get what he wanted. Lee.

    28 dec 2011, 16:27

    Já está nas ruas o split 7" entre as bandas veteranas do Punk/HC White Flag e Crise Total!
    Ambas as bandas nasceram em 1983 e são uma referência da cena Punk.
    Os americanos White Flag de LA, que já visitaram a Europa por algumas vezes, têm no seu curriculo dezenas de lançamentos e um percurso que se cruza com bandas como Social Distortion,Germs, Bad Religion ou Melvins, sempre marcados pela sua postura polémica e provocante. 3 temas que mostram a banda num pico de forma fabuloso.
    Quanto aos Portugueses Crise Total, banda de culto do underground Português e pioneiros do Movimento Anarcho-Punk nacional, têm aqui o seu primeiro registo com a mais recente formação que inclui os membros originais Manolo (voz) e Rui Ramos (guitarra), para além da "nova" secção ritmica com Rattus dos Albert Fish (baixo) e Johnny dos Asfixia (bateria),duas faxas com a usual constetacao social e protesto anti-capitalista a que sempre nos habituaram.
    It's already out the split 7" between veteran HC/Punk bands White Flag and Crise Total!
    Both were born in 1983 and both are a reference of the International Punk scene.
    The Americans White Flag who are LA natives have visited Europe quite a few times and have in their portfolio tenths of releases and have over the years crossed ways with such bands as Social Distortion,Germs,Bad Religion and the Melvins amongst many others,their shows always marked by their polemic posture and their thought provoking themes,3 tracks that show them at their best.
    As for the Portuguese Crise Total,a cult band from the Portuguese underground and pioneers of the Anarcho-Punk Movement in that country we have here their first record with their new line-up since 2008 with original members Manolo(vocals) and Rui Ramos(guitar) and the new recruits Rattus(bass) from Albert Fish and Johnny(drums) from Asfixia,Simbiose,2 tracks showing their anti-capitalistic/political stance as always.
    Edição/Released by: Zerowork Recs, Can I Say Records, Your Poison Records, Oi! Shop.
  • Why Punk Rock should be FREE?

    18 dec 2011, 11:14

    Punk Rock should be FREE for all,simple!I'm fed up with all these bands that go up in arms as soon as they see their stuff up for free download on the several blogspots around the net,it's your duty to let people know that as soon as they buy your cd's or vinyl's that it is ok for them to post it on the net so that other people with less means may get your important message and if you don't then don't get on the Punk bandwagon,Punk should be FREE for all,it's ok to try and sell your stuff but if you see it on the net or people record it and give it away as copies you should in fact be proud that they deem your message important enough to do that!In countries in South America,in Indonesia,Philippines and even some Eastern European countries(Romania,Hungary,Bulgaria) Punx are even more skint than the ones in your own country,as a Punx yourselves you should know that pretty well,so if you're in fact the real deal you should really let people know that it is indeed ok to record,copy,cover,post on the net your message,your songs as long as they give you credit for making them and if you don't then you're a bunch of pseudos and you're NOT Punx and you should be ashamed of hijacking the word PUNK as that word means FREEDOM and freedom is for everybody! http://www.last.fm/music/crise+totalhttp://www.last.fm/music/profilaxia
  • Punk for Japan compilation-Help raise funds for the tsunami victims

    30 apr 2011, 03:20

    Ok people,there's an awesome compilation out now for sale in order to raise money for the earthquake/tsunami hit people of Japan,it has over 80 bands,us included,so please HELP and spread the word,MANY THANKS!!/Ok pessoal,esta agora a venda uma enorme compilacao para ajudar a angariar fundos para as vitimas da tsunami no Japao,+ de 80 bandas,AJUDA-OS,obrigadao.