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  • Wolschick

    yeah! :|

    5 jul 00:34 Svara
  • Wolschick

    I'm well ......and not feel alone because I will also miss the show of Tarja here. :\\

    4 jul 21:51 Svara
  • Allenozth

    Do you can listen my demo? I would record the album in next week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUY_pEr6kI4 Thank you very much!

    28 jun 00:42 Svara
  • Vidarrs_Revenge

    Nothing much, just decided to log back on here to see whats up. I scrobble all the time, just never check the website.

    27 jun 04:01 Svara
  • Wolschick

    Hello M.... how are you in sweden?

    25 jun 23:04 Svara
  • Allenozth

    Thanks Bro, welcome and nice taste!

    25 jun 15:52 Svara
  • Vidarrs_Revenge

    Man, I haven't logged into this place in a long time.

    18 jun 06:17 Svara
  • porman9

    Nu kan du se vilken posörmusik jag lyssnar på. Eller inte.

    29 maj 19:38 Svara
  • marcellars


    20 maj 15:22 Svara
  • pissing_alive

    thnx ^^ I'm glad you like my pics.... But I find this one a little weird 'cause of that straight hair... I'm not gettin' used to it, prefer my curls :3

    2 feb 16:15 Svara
  • pissing_alive

    Thnx :3 I find it a little weird ahahahaahaha what's going on?

    1 feb 00:03 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Ok ^^

    31 jan 23:32 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    I like! Oh, show me more, please. And show me some bands from Sweden that you like ^^

    31 jan 23:12 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Yeah, haha, I don't like the hot weather! I already know the Witchcraft, and heard one album of November, I'll look some from Noctum and Skogen Brinner, thanks :D The Brazilian bands that you mentioned, I only know Sepultura. The Brazilian bands that I usually listen to, are the genre MPB (I think we can translate this to Brazilian Popular Music)

    31 jan 22:47 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    I would be happy here if the temperature was not higher than 25 in the summer haha. I like Horisont ( I think they're from Sweden), The Crystal Caravan,Kamchatka, Vidunder and I dont remember the others now hahah..Can you suggest more? Which bands from Brazil do you like?

    31 jan 21:57 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Exactly that what I liked, the nature! ^^ Fortaleza is a big city, have a lot of nice places to go and, the weather here is always good to go to some beach, always warm, the temperature is usually 31°C (87.800ºF) and, sometimes, at noon is 37°C (98.600ºF). How is the weather in Hedemora? Dude, I never talked with someone from Sweden and I always had curiosity about your country haha. I know that many good bands come from Sweden. :)

    31 jan 21:08 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    I saw some pics of Hedemora.... Beautiful places and seems to be a quiet town!!! Yeah, I'm from the northeast region of Brazil, in a city called "Fortaleza"

    30 jan 17:04 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Alright, haha! Are you from which part of Sweden?

    29 jan 23:26 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Hej! O google translate me enganou, então.. haha. Onde aprendeu o Português? Can I write in Portuguese or would you prefer that I write in English? I know a little bit of English, but I think you can understand what I write hehe

    29 jan 00:03 Svara
  • LeyEllen

    Hallå....You wrote in Portuguese. That was cool! I don't know write anything in Swedish, so I asked for help to google translator to say a simple "Hi". :)

    28 jan 21:50 Svara
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