SIAE sticker mystery solved


8 jul 2011, 21:15

I buy far more CDs than any non-music-obsessed person would consider sane or healthy, and it is thus perhaps by sheer chance that I happened upon this mystery.

Many of the CDs I have bought over the years have been affixed with a sticker of some sort or another, whether it be of a record label, record store, price tag, bar code, or whatever. When I received my first CD with this particular sticker I thought nothing of it.

But then when I received another CD with the same sticker years later, I paused. I was sure I didn't buy the two CDs from the same seller, and even if I had, it would have been highly unlikely that the CDs were originally from the same record store. With that being the case, how could two CDs, released in different years, on different record labels, and bought in different years from sellers in different countries have the same sticker?

Enter Google.

Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori

Nice to know the RIAA aren't the only fascists in town. Sieg heil!

Moral of the story: if you ever find a CD with this sticker, you know it's been sold in Italy at some point.

Update 11/13/2011: I must have been really fucking bored to blog this, holy shit!


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