• Best Album Of 2010

    24 dec 2010, 11:54

    So... Another year past by. A year which saw the economy collapse, saw BP destroying the Gulf of Mexico and, most important, saw some good proper albums.

    Well, we have no time to wait. What will be the Best Album of the year 2010?


    This album creates so much energy. It just blows you away. From the very dancable The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) to the agressive Immunize, from the sweet Watercolour to the melancholic Encoder (written by the guitarist with the best name ever, Peredur Ap Gwynnedd), this album is the best album of 2010, and maybe, the best album of this decade. Pendulum prove once again that they are more than the usual Drum 'n' Base band. Maybe most notable are the guest appearances: Immunize, for example, features Liam Howlett (from The Prodigy, one of Pendulums mayor influences), and Self Vs Self features Swedish Heavy Metal band In Flames. Porcupine Tree singer Steven Wilson appears on the track The Fountain.
    Fuck the critics, this album is undoubtably the best of 2010

    Other notable albums

    Pilgrims Progress
    Ouch... That hurts. After Kula Shakers comeback album Strangefolk, everybody expected an even more bombastic album of the Psychedelic Britpoppers from London. They did the opposite. Instead of Hendrix'esque riffs with Sanskrit lyrics, the lads took their rock back to the campfire. It isn't bad if you compare it with all the indie shite out there, but come on, Kula Shaker can do better than this!

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    At last, a proper album from mr. "Imma let you finish". This album takes modern hiphop to a whole new level; it features orchestra's and, probably, the most guest appearances on one album ever. Which isn't a bad thing, I mean, the less Kanye sings, the better it gets. Best song is All of the Lights, but well, Sir Elton John sings on that one, so how can it possibly be a bad song? ;)

    Plastic Beach
    Gorillaz never stop to amaze. This album too features a load of guest appearances. But Blur singer Damon Albarn has proved himself again. He thinks outside the box of genres. Result: a great album.

    Some more notable albums
    Wake Up the Nation
    Age of the Fifth Sun
    A Million Dead Stars
    Special Moves

    Well, that's it folks! I could go on and on and on and on about the other new albums this year but I won't, just because my time is limited.

    I wish you a marvellous Christmas, and a happy 2011!!