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  • chibbigirl

    you better get practicing. i won't have pity!

    maj 2008
  • chibbigirl

    i am dancing!! but you shall lose!! :)

    april 2008
  • fabsh

    Hey, dude! How ya doin? :) You're listening to too much Amy Whinehouse. ;)

    mars 2008
  • overpills

    oh no! yet another networking possibility. I'm gonna lose it soon... x x

    januari 2008
  • chibbigirl

    i couldn't help tracking you down! muahaha!

    november 2007
  • VictorFoda

    Hi neighbour, I love amy and cat too

    juni 2007
  • geekaren

    40.7%? Uh oh, we're both so mainstream! ;-) have a good week!

    juni 2007
  • geekaren

    hi Kevan! hope you're having a good week!

    maj 2007