So much music, so little time.


10 okt 2006, 15:17

The past month has been... well, hectic.

At the beginning of September, I scooted my skinny ass from Tallahassee to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. Which, by the by, is so much fun! Li and I practically stalked Sherrilyn Kenyon around the entire con, which for us was great fun seeing as we're DarkHunter fans. And the people were all so damned nice! It was nice for me to be at a con where the cosplayers weren't stuck-up bitches but were happy to pose for photos and take photos of other people. The day Li and I wore our Lolita dresses we had no fewer than fifty pictures taken of us... not counting when we sat down to rest and people took our pictures while we were seated XD

Then at the end of the month we once more hit Atlanta for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Which we should have skipped. Majour disappointment with the convention overall. The only real high points were running into my friends Wendi and Heathery, getting a night away from the con for dinner with my crew, and the non-dead spots of the yaoi panel. Oh, and seeing my gay boyfriend. I always love seeing him, since he's in Atlanta and I'm in Tallahassee. Every girl deserves a gay boyfriend IMO.

So, yeah. That's where the hell I've been, hitting cons and not writing entries. I should probably do a Top of the Week update, but I'm feeling lazy and I figure you can tell for yourself that Gackt's still topping my list for Overall Top Artist.


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