My New Mix CD


10 dec 2005, 18:34

Finally settled on the tracklist...I was debating over some of the tracks for weeks...=P But now it's done!! If only I hadn't run out of CD-R's, I'd be listening to it on my stereo right now...

01. Bold & Delicious
02. Pride
03. White Light
04. Violet Sauce
05. Dakishimeru
06. almost in love
07. nothing
08. Raven
09. Pop Star
10. Only Human
11. Cherish
12. Planetarium
13. 3gatsu 9ka
14. Konayuki
15. fukou jiman
16. Garnet Moon
17. Passion

Together, they add up to 1:19:47. Pretty good use of a CD-R, I'd say. =P

EDIT: Frig, my stupid CD-burning program added about 1 second for every 2 songs, so I went over the limit. >_< I ended up replacing nothing with My Sweet Darlin', which I think was actually a better choice. Why didn't I think of it earlier??


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