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Om mig

| a desire to control | a desire to resist | a desire to hollow that which has been known |

A consideration: I'd/we'd rather not become swept and static in a retroactive dig of the western dark music phenomena, specifically as it confines to "goth", "industrial", the offshoots that are similarly appreciated, and the highly contemporary fledgling movements and artists that have been given cluster-popularity and feeding on haphazard notions of aesthetic appeal and, veritably, coolness. The limitations of this are pedantic, escaping, cushioning and/or evading of furthering expansion. (Appreciation and fascination of things are fine. No extant low-brained teen-induced idolatry.) We are interested in kin- and epi- aesthetics. I/we are less interested in resolve instead of movement and the thereupon. Having said this, I'm intent in engaging with individuals that won't stroke the ego likeness of my prescribed musical inclinations and that will provoke an insight beyond bounds of things appreciated by relatable sub/cultural clusters of influence.

I am also interested in the deconstruction of the western hyper-individualism complex as it is and has been in particular upheld by the popular indoctrination of the attitudes of rock and pop music.

Besides this, come All!

i ask for war, i/we feed on bloodshed - i asked for quietude, a grand deception

we have failed Her


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