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29 jan 2009, 01:13

I like certain musical peoples at the moment, why you should care is debateable but I dont want to debate it because...I can't be arsed quite frankly. Why do we say 'frankly' was there a frank at some point who was particularly forthcoming with his opinions? and was frank his name or his nationality as in the francs who would now inhabit modern day France?..yeah I agree, who cares. Anyway this website is music related not non sensical musings related (they havent made a website for that specifically yet but they should) whoever 'they' are, again I dont care because....I dont care and if 'they' means me I cant be arsed anyway. Just listen to Frightened Rabbit because their album is essentially a very nice sounding 'f**k you' aimed at anyone who's treated someone badly relationship-wise, yeah no bitterness from me to my ex there, totally objective....anyhoo, also just an amazing album and I'm really feeling the folky- we still have something to say vibe of scottish music at the moment (see also, the twilight sad, and anything by roddy woomble of Idlewild fame) They just sound good, which is quite a useful skill to have as a musician. Other suggestions are bon iver, citizen cope, ben harper and plants and animals. Hope you enjoyed that nobody in particular. Bye.


  • sssisko

    Hey I read this! And I guess I will have to listen to Frightened Rabbit cos your definition of it sounds like something I might like...........

    17 feb 2009, 07:59
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