i am fully aware that this is pointless, however, i just can't help myself


2 jul 2007, 04:51

I saw this somewhere, and thought, "why not?" Basically, i'm just listing how many times different bands were my Number 1 on the week. Along with the artist, I guess I'll include a detail such as my favorite song by them or something like that. This looks to be mildly entertaining at best.

The Format- 4 Times
Current Favorite: Faith In Fast Cars
Overall Favorite: The Compromise or I'm Ready, I Am

Brand New- 2 Times
Current Favorite: Untitled 05 (Cleanser)
Overall Favorite: Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades, or Guernica

Bright Eyes- 2 Times
Current Favorite: Drunk Kid Catholic
Overall Favorite: Lila or A Perfect Sonnet

Radiohead- 2 Times
Current Favorite: Fake Plastic Trees
Overall Favorite: Paranoid Android

Ben Folds- 1 Time
Current Favorite: Zak and Sara
Overall Favorite: Not the Same or Fred Jones part 2

Death Cab for Cutie- 1 Time
Current Favorite: New Candles
Overall Favorite: What Sarah Said

Kevin Devine- 1 Time
Current Favorite: Lord, I Know We Don't Talk
Overall Favorite: Cotton Crush

Michael Buble- 1 Time
Current Favorite: You Don't Know Me
Overall Favorite: Everything

Ben Gibbard- 1 Time
Current Favorite: Photobooth
Overall Favorite: Photobooth

The FormatFaith in Fast CarsThe CompromiseI'm Ready, I AmBrand NewUntitled 05 (Cleanser)Sic Transit Gloria...Glory FadesGuernicaBright EyesDrunk Kid CatholicLilaA Perfect SonnetParanoid AndroidRadioheadFake Plastic TreesBen FoldsZak And SaraNot The SameFred Jones Part 2Death Cab for CutieNew CandlesWhat Sarah SaidKevin DevineLord, I Know We Don't TalkCotton CrushMichael BubleYou Don't Know MeEverythingBen GibbardPhotobooth


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