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Din musikaliska kompatibilitet med Jewrusalem är okänd

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Cat StevensPeace Train Igår 16:31
PyramazePower of Imagination 29 aug 10:05
PyramazeThe Nature of Triumph 29 aug 10:04
PyramazeMighty Abyss 29 aug 09:56
PyramazeLegend 29 aug 09:49
PyramazeUntil We Fade Away 29 aug 09:44
PyramazeThe Journey 29 aug 09:38
PyramazeMelancholy Beast 29 aug 09:32
PyramazeForsaken Kingdom 29 aug 09:27
PyramazeSleepy Hollow 29 aug 09:21
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  • witchkult

    What a great song. I remember watching it on Video Hits when it first came out years ago..

    16 jul 12:31 Svara
  • pavelzap

    Dub is the best. Check out Scientist, Yabby You and Horace Andy if you haven't already!

    3 jul 08:31 Svara
  • Cyclonus

    CCR for me has gone from 'yes very good band and some fav songs' to 'god music'. It just happened overnight.

    30 jun 00:39 Svara
  • Devils1674

    haha thanks

    20 jun 05:54 Svara
  • Devils1674

    Hello from Canada. Thanks for adding.

    19 jun 18:16 Svara
  • vaccinated

    ~greetings earthling~

    18 jun 06:14 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Huh. Honestly, I never really bothered with Sunn O))) side projects, with an exception of Aethenor and Gravetemple, and some SOMA. All three were pretty mediocre, in my opinion. But this Pentemple sounds good. It has Attila Csinar, right?

    22 maj 16:48 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Hey there, your library is really impressive. Do you have any Drone recommendations? Preferably Drone Doom.

    20 maj 00:08 Svara
  • Gaarant

    thats pretty fuckin sweet man, I love his art

    11 mar 21:21 Svara
  • Cyclonus

    gateways clearly sounds like morbid angel where cyclonus clearly sounds more like gorguts so clearly you need a headclean. but glad you liked it. probably not going to BC. too far away and money is tight now that i'm going to uni.

    2 mar 07:48 Svara
  • Gaarant

    A god among men

    28 feb 04:29 Svara
  • SioneBT

    we have low compatibility but your music taste is all over the place, I love it

    9 feb 12:18 Svara
  • Cyclonus

    shit gig. my voice was shit ALL NIGHT. you weren't there you sarcofaggot

    5 feb 12:14 Svara
  • Cyclonus


    29 jan 01:21 Svara
  • randumbum

    Greetings from Oregon. You have an excellent (or eccentric-- as in crazy awesome) mix genres in your library. Cheers.

    8 jan 19:12 Svara
  • Panzerfaust

    :( i is sry

    7 jan 15:41 Svara
  • TheAmazingKoopa

    ive been meaning to see that movie

    1 dec 2013 Svara
  • TheAmazingKoopa


    1 dec 2013 Svara
  • slackashi

    you said a mouthful there little lady

    25 nov 2013 Svara
  • slackashi

    Currently listening to a lot of non-black metal on youtube; I-I'm sorry man

    24 nov 2013 Svara
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