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18 jul 2010, 17:31

It's time for me to update my blog entries about free downloads again as it's now been six months since I last did it. All artists below had at least two songs available for free download from their profile page at the time this blog was posted.

You can find links to the other blog entries with links to artists that offer free downloads HERE.



Aaron Ackerson [techno/electronic]

A Band Featuring Instruments [mashups]

Abakuya [african folk/world music]

Abiding Place Worship [live worship/christian]

A Boy Named Thor [electronic]

Abscondo [acoustic/folk]


adamsmith [ambient/electronic]



Æmbermoon [symphonic metal]

Aeterna [electronic/techno]

A Faylene Sky

A Football Fields [electronica]

After the Bombs

Ahd Child [hiphop]

A Hole Inside [post-hardcore]


The Airfields [indie pop]

Airiel [shoegaze/rock]

A Jigsaw [alt-countryfolk]

Akashic Crow's Nest [experimental/electronic]

Akurat [ska]

Aleckx Rokstarr

Aleksi Virta [downtempo]

alessandro timpanaro

Alex Shane Krilov

Alexander Wigger [electronic]

Alien Masturbation Foundation


A Life In Reverse

Alkali Flat [rock]

Alkonost [folk metal]

All Kinds of Monsters

all:my:faults [industrial rock]

All Time High [hip-hop]

The Alpha & Omega Suite [alt-country/electronic]

Alpha Quadrant [industrial/techtrance]

Alt Track [electronic]


Amazing Blue Gurus [blues rock]

American Green [post-rock/electronic]

Amiga Agia [8-bit]

Amplive [triphop]

Analog Angel

An Danzza [medieval]

And Finally They Asked

Anders K. Madsen [acoustic/folk]

Anders Tengdahl [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Anders Westerlund [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

André Geraissati

Andrei Machado [piano/instrumental]

Andrew Baer [acoustic/singer-songwriter]

Andrew Havens [ambient]

Andrew Lahiff [ambient]

Andrey Varcev [house]

Andy Mitchell [indie rock]

Angele Dimovski [balkan/folk]

Angelika Express [indie rock]

Angry Petunias [comedy/indie rock]

Angtoria [symphonic metal]


Anti Ks [rock]

Antiqcool [rock/soft rock]

Arabic Songs

a rat invaded world [experimental]

Arcticology [ambient]



Arthur Cravan

Artur Tune

Arttu Vanne & Atomikypärä [finnish pop]


Ashish [folk]

Ashley Best

Assemble The Empire

A Simple Endeavor

A Smile and a Ribbon [indie pop/twee]

Asterisco [rock]

a'tris [rock]

Aubin Dush

Audiac [electronic/krautrock]

audiobytes for autobots [electronic/mashups]


Auļi [medieval/folk]

Auto!Automatic!! [math rock]

[avoid the debris] [gothic metal/industrial metal]

Azaghal [black metal]

Azeda Booth [experimental]

Azoora [psychedelic]



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    21 jul 2010, 08:49
  • zeumonsieur

    thank you !

    4 aug 2010, 11:26
  • xFabby

    Thanks much <3

    3 okt 2010, 03:31
  • pphilipp

    Thank you so much for mentioning my music in your journal!!

    9 nov 2010, 18:29
  • spencer_henry

    You are the man.

    4 sep 2011, 20:09
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