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    21 jul 2006, 00:30

    1. The Steal - The Steal

    Ok so this is a band formed of various UK heroes. They play fast melodic hardcore/punk rock in the vein of Kid Dynamite. This album is so awesome, barely over 20 minutes and consists of 14 tracks. you definitely want to check them out and buy this album.

    2. The King Blues - Under the Fog

    A very strange band to describe but the first band that comes to my head when i think about them is Bedouin Soundclash. Though not entirely similar to them it's kinda close. Chillout kind of reggae kind of folk - perfect for getting over the fast punk onslaught you've just endured above.

    3. Ignite - Our Darkest Days

    "Orange County Hardcore" says the T Shirt i'm currently wearing. I'm not really one for nailing specific genres but think a band like Good Riddance + BoySetsFire ish kind of singing and you have Ignite. Zoli can really sing. and you wouldn't want to argue about that, because he'd probably punch your face through a wall. This album is brilliant. I thank Scott for introducing them to me.

    4. The Draft - In A Million Pieces

    What do you get if you split up Hot Water Music, take away a couple of members and add some new ones? The Draft, of course. This album is so good, i've already made a pre-order to make up for my guilt of "obtaining" this album. I'll say no more really, because it's really good and everyone knew this was going to be the case.

    5. Small Arms Dealer - A Single Unifying Theory

    Another weird album to be writing about, a friend of mine recommended me this because they knew i really liked Latterman. While i wouldn't say they sounded that much like them i really did like this album. It sounds a little more like As Friends Rust which is quite a good thing. There are some really nice guitar parts in this album, especially in the song Baby's Too High To Drive Tonight. so yeah, Hot Water Music/Latterman/As Friends Rust-esque kinda music. really good.

    6. Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death

    I watched the trailer of the new American Hardcore documentary motion picture thing and it inspired me to put this and Black Flag on. I'm only writing about this one because this one stole the majority of the air time. So yeah, this is a collection of their best songs - or so i'm led to believe anyway. And if you ask me, it's pretty amazing. So many absolute classics - Police Truck, Too Drunk To Fuck, California Uber Alles, Holiday In Cambodia, Insight. Brilliant.

    7. Slayer - Reign in Blood

    Everyone knows about this band and how amazing this album is. Metal x 666 = Reign In Blood. So many brilliant songs. Though if i had one criticism it'd be that Kerry didn't mince around when it came to solos and actually write something decent instead of insanely fast but ridiculous.

    8. Belvedere - 'Twas Hell Said Former Child

    Belvedere, fast punk rock from Canada. For fans of Beerbong, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out amongst others. The newer album is more techy melodic hardcore than skate punk but i've been listening to this album a lot recently. I hit shuffle on my mp3 player and this came on and it reminded me how brilliant it was. fast as hell, good guitar work and talented drumming. a good combo.

    9. Latterman - We Are Still Alive

    Shoutalong, fist in the air punk rock band Latterman have a new album out in the next week or so and it's tipped to be the most fantastic thing this year. It is very good, and it will be in my CD player for a long time indeed. If you've never heard Latterman, they are a band from Rhode Island (i think) who play feel good punk rock which sounds like Hot Water Music being spliced with Against Me! Lyrics are to be commended.

    10. Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness

    everyone knows Rise Against now, they need no introduction. i bought this the other week. first time i listened to it my thought was "meh." after about 5 listens "pretty good!". ever since it's been "ah it's ok, but i'm just going to put it on the shelf and forget about it". that i did, though the European version is probably better as there is a Sick of it All cover, a Lifetime cover and a random B-side. i wish i paid more and got the UK version now instead of importing from interpunk!

    You may notice the little commentary of each album get a lot shorter/lazier from here as it's 1:23am now and i'm getting too tired

    11. You, Me & The Atom Bomb - Shake Up

    The Lawrence Arms + deeper, gruffer vocals + twiddly guitar = YMATAB. Brilliant stuff, check out track one as it's an absolute blinder, it's so addictive. Great guitars and alround catchiness. Portsmouth melodic hardcore for the win!

    12. Good Riddance - My Republic

    Pretty good punk rock album here, sounds similar to RedLightsFlash in places (especially track #1). Not as hardcore or fast as Operation Phoenix but good old Fat Wreck style punk rock which you wouldn't be disappointed with.