• My Top Ten Artists

    24 aug 2010, 20:48

    First song you heard:
    Favourite song:
    Favourite album:

    1.The Cure
    First song you heard: Inbetween Days
    Favourite song: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (That's tough!)
    Favourite album: Disintegration
    Accuracy: A few years back I had the rhythm guitar for Inbetween Days in my head & as a result, really listened to The Cure, starting with that track. Anyway, I was at work experience at the time & bought the Greatest Hits - with my food money. Hunger was a small price to pay for a love-affair so long lasting it's become a relationship.

    2.Green Day
    First song you heard: American Idiot
    Favourite song: 409 in Your Coffemaker
    Favourite album: 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
    Accuracy: I got into Green Day back with the rest of the flock in 2004. It's easy to overlook American Idiot as an album because of all the airplay it received.. but it's a great concept album with genuinely brilliant tracks. I very quickly bought their first album. It was my 2005 soundtrack, a great fun album about being a teenage boy.... really gets 'teenage love' right, although I shudder at such a cliche of a term. I just love Green Day because they've got some great tracks, they're not just a generic rock band by any means.

    3.The Smiths
    First song you heard: How Soon Is Now?
    Favourite song: That's horrible! I can barely choose.. I'll go for most plays & say That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
    Favourite album: It's gotta be The Smiths...
    Accuracy: It's so hard to choose for The Smiths, they're just so consistent because they were only together for a short time. I first heard Johnny Marr's riff for How Soon Is Now? on a BBC guitar program; it's nothing short of a stunning song. I was obsessed with them for so long & it's no wonder, such a great band Rourke's sturdy, funky, brilliant basslines (Fucking underrated) Marr & Morrissey's amazing songwriting. I mean, lyrically Morrissey's one of the best & his best work is most definitely with The Smiths.

    First song you heard: Sons Of Pioneers
    Favourite song: Ain't That Peculiar
    Favourite album: Tin Drum
    Accuracy: The bass drew me to the band. Mick Karn is absoloutely sublime, he's my favourite bassist. The songs are really bass driven, which is odd for a bassist; he's one of a kind! This is another band which ended at it's peak producing some fine albums. They deserved more attention for being so talented... instead Duran Duran rode on the back of their image... oh dear. You can really see how great Japan are now because of how all the members have flourished as solo musicians.

    5.Kings of Leon
    First song you heard: Molly's Chambers
    Favourite song: Arizona (Very tough!)
    Favourite album: Only By The Night
    Accuracy: We don't need the Old Kings back. I love this band! Admittedly I did get into them on OBTN but I was listening to them as far back as 2003. Uncharacteristically, I bought OBTN & a box set of all their other albums all with 20 pounds! Each album as strong as it's predecessor, another band that have their beautiful sound sussed, and another bass-heavy band... Jared Followill's one of my favourite bassist's!

    First song you heard: Misery Business
    Favourite song: Let The Flames Begin (Final Riot Version)
    Favourite album: RIOT!
    Accuracy: I didn't like this band till way after their popularity... I'm reluctant to like popular stuff unless I can really see the appeal. But with my system of fair chances, I gave Paramore this benefit & they're better than the usual pop-punk shit! They're fun & the music's fun, I didn't have much of that in my music, so it was a welcome contrast. With the latest album you can really see they're growing up a bit, it's just confirmation of what I knew they were capable of. Plus Hayley's stunning, but I'm not that shallow. Hahaha! Of course I'm that shallow... fool.

    First song you heard: The Bitter End
    Favourite song: The Bitter End (tough)
    Favourite album: Without You I'm Nothing
    Accuracy: Just remind me of good times. I think the whole adrogynous thing's a bit enticing as it is... haha. They just know how to write great alternative rock songs... broad, sweeping basslines & fuzzy, distorted guitars... all feels freaky & brilliant. Although I wasn't as impressed with Battle For The Sun, they've a repertoire of great albums that are fairly consistent & memorable.

    8.Linkin Park
    First song you heard: Numb/Encore (The first memorable song, at least)
    Favourite song: Numb/Encore
    Favourite album: Hybrid Theory
    Accuracy: I think they're a good band despite perhaps their capabilities individually. A band that follow the age-old rule of the good albums coming first. I associate Linkin Park with my friend, Scott & playing the game Counter Strike: Source. Very memorable, happy times.

    9.My Chemical Romance
    First song you heard: Helena
    Favourite song: Skylines & Turnstiles
    Favourite album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
    Accuracy: Oh, MCR... even 'MCR' brings harrowing memories of normal boring children turning 'emo'. Despite this I can't help but love them... I really love the first two albums - The Black Parade not as much. I just can't help but understand... they're nerds.. who like D&D & vampires & shit, I just get it - and I won't pretend I don't.

    10.David Bowie
    First song you heard: This is impossible - I grew up around the albums.
    Favourite song: Starman (Too hard!)
    Favourite album: Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
    Accuracy: My favourite artist! Has to be, despite being 10th, I feel it's a good artist to end on. I grew up on the albums, Bowie is easily my biggest musical influence. The Berlin Trilogy & Ziggy are some of the greatest albums of all time... what more can you say?