• One Track At A Time...

    14 jul 2009, 07:29

    Ever since I started acquiring music faster than I could listen to it, I was eager to finally sit down and listen to every track in my collection...

    Unfortunately, I downloaded years of music in a very short amount of time... and for awhile, I still only listened to a "selects" playlist of my favorite, hand-picked 4,000 songs.

    A while back I created a shuffled playlist, of all of my music (and over the course of a year, got through over 10,000 tracks) Recently I reconstituted this list with newly downloaded stuff, and have resumed my attempt to listen to my entire collection... one track at a time.

    This month, I'm working my way through the back-half of the 11,000's... Last.FM here tells me I listen to an average of 40 tracks a day, so I figure I'll be finished listening to every one of my songs sometime around Halloween, 2010. No-repeats for 15 months...? That's ridiculous!

    What do you think? Is this an admirable task, or just simply foolish? Thanks for reading, check you later.

    - Jon
  • Scrobblin' At Work

    19 sep 2008, 05:28

    September 19, 2008

    So, I recently set up an awesome remote-streaming feature for my 25,000+ songs using a program using Simplify Media, so I can jam out with headphones while I'm at work 9:30-7:30 in the city. Because SHiTunes is an abysmal excuse for a fully-functional music player, I don't bother trying to sort anything into lists - so everything I'm listening to at work is a shuffle from the massive 25k total library... meaning I'm hearing lots of new stuff for the first time, and lots of cool lost gems from familiar artists.

    Hopefully, Last.FM will start reflecting that I listen a wider array of music now - instead of showing Journey as my #1... (I only listened to the discography once! ... but they are awesome, regardless). At home of course, I listen to a playlist of my pre-selected 3500 favorites - never hearing stuff I don't know, basically.

    Hey, do me a favor and comment on this or something - I've never blogged here, and I have no idea how it works...