• Iron Man - Worth The Wait!

    3 maj 2008, 22:02

    As you might tell from my screen name & avatar, I've been waiting for them to come out with an Iron Man movie for YEARS. Well, I went to see the movie today and it was absolutely awesome and well worth the wait. They hit the nail on the head with this one, and I'm already anxiously awaiting both the DVD release and a sequel. The soundtrack was also right on the money and I'll probably be adding that to my collection. :-)
  • Brian Setzer Orchestra - Rocked Boston!

    25 nov 2007, 15:50

    Friday night I went to see the Brian Setzer Orchestra at the old Orpheum Theater in Boston (, billed as their Christmas Extravaganza - WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW! The warm-up band, Dibbs Preston and the Detonators ( kicked-in at 7:30 and they were no slouches, either. We chatted with them a bit after the show - What a great bunch of guys. The review at the above link says it all; but suffice it to say it was a FANTASTIC time. Having followed Brian since the "old days" with the Stray Cats, and owning all of his CDs and a few DVDs, it was a real experience to finally see him in concert. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, should you get the opportunity, and money well spent. :-)
  • Newfoundland Music

    8 jul 2007, 14:03

    Just got back from a 2 week motorcycle trip, about a week of it spent in Newfoundland, Canada. An interesting place "The Rock" is.... Found myself listening to a lot of Newfoundland music, and some of it isn't too bad at all, along the lines of folk & Irish music. The Newfies *do* love their music, as well as dancing to it, and the live bands that I heard while there were both energetic and passionate.
  • V For Vendetta

    19 mar 2006, 03:30

    Went and saw V For Vendetta today and enjoyed it very much. A lot of thought provoking angles and twists. The soundtrack, most of it done by Dario Marianelli, was great and set a perfect tone for the movie. I'm sure some will enjoy the music synchronization with the explosions - Who knows, maybe some will even investigate the music further after seeing the movie and expand their horizons in the process. ;-)
  • The Concert For Bangladesh

    18 jan 2006, 03:58

    It's about time I posted something new here.... I got the deluxe 2 DVD set for Christmas - It's an absolutely AWESOME concert! The performers, consisiting of "George Harrison And Friends", and music are classics, to the point where numerous times I've been working in different areas of the house and had this DVD playing and not even been watching the video. It's a "Must Have" for young and old alike. This benefit concert was performed August 1, 1971, long before Live Aid, Farm Aid or any of the other sometimes aimless concerts of recent years. This concert has feelings and emotions - Something of a rarity nowadays. This is also George's first "solo" performance before an audience, and I'd assume the last one he did would have been in 1966 with The Beatles; but he really shines here. Some of the songs actually sound better here than they do on any of the albums they're from - They're singing for a purpose, not to make a buck. Feel free to go online, hit Google and read the reviews, because I pretty much agree with them all and there's no point in repeating what's been said here. The 2nd DVD has a lot of extras and the packaging and included materials are top notch. I think most will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    19 nov 2005, 06:09

    I just got back from seeing the newest Harry Potter movie and enjoyed it very much. Of course, it would have been nice if they'd included more from the book; but then you'd have an epic the size of Lord of the Rings or bigger. We went to the late show (10:05 PM) and the place was at least 75% filled, if not more. Looks like another winner. Makes me want to sit down and read the book.... ;-)
  • Serenity

    13 nov 2005, 20:33

    Come to think of it, another great movie to plug for is Serenity. It's a movie version of the Fox TV sci-fi series Firefly. Think of it as a western in space, with action, drama, comedy & a lesson to be learned. Having been a big fan of Firefly, I couldn't wait for the movie to come out. I just wish they'd promoted it a bit better. If it's still in the theaters in your neck of the woods, check it out. On the flip side, the way they're coming of with DVDs of hit movies 3 months or so after initial release, I expect to have it on DVD for Christmas. ;-)
  • Zathura

    13 nov 2005, 20:25

    I went to the cinema yesterday and saw Zathura. It was a good movie and I found it very entertaining. If you liked Jumangi, you'll like this. It's by the same author.