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  • MyMusicTasteSux

    Hi! Thank you for the very kind message, your taste is wonderful as well. I've been thinking of making a list of my favorite films for quite some time, so I will get around to that very soon. When I am finished, I will show you!

    Igår 13:00 Svara
  • XxNocturnusxX

    Ok all my friends always tell me bout How the West was Won and I'm always too fat to torrent it, but I feel like I need to one of these days because It's one of the few Zeppelin things I haven't looked at yet --Have you heard the song "Take Me Home?" I'm not sure where it came from, there's a few versions (all bootlegged I think) I ripped my version from youtube, but it's really fun and jazzy, I feel like it might be an outtake from Houses maybe?

    26 aug 21:34 Svara
  • Vhartolomiu

    I am not that into movies so I just use it for music

    31 jul 12:27 Svara
  • Vhartolomiu

    Hey I've just added you to rym too :)

    30 jul 18:42 Svara
  • maryl-

    Lovely library (:

    28 jul 23:49 Svara
  • Vhartolomiu

    No problem man ! PD: sorry for my bad english

    21 jul 11:25 Svara
  • Vhartolomiu

    Wow That's cool, if you wanna get into some artist genre that you see I listen to just ask to me and I can suggest you some :)

    20 jul 14:28 Svara
  • Vhartolomiu

    Hey, good charts

    19 jul 11:49 Svara
  • XxNocturnusxX

    I wish I had been into them earlier because they toured near where I live a few months ago -- but Sonic Youth! That sounds so sick!! I am very jealous of that

    14 jul 22:53 Svara
  • XxNocturnusxX

    Yeah tbh you just inspired me to get into Warpaint, I saw that you had massive plays so I downloaded The Fool and It's very rad, they're super catchy. Also thanks! I liked the sound of that name also, it means 'sight thief' (hopefully, It was the child of a really apathetic Google search) because the idea was I'd put tuns of redundant stuff there that I could look at and waste my time with.-- Also though your art is so insane I can't deal with it

    14 jul 02:58 Svara
  • XxNocturnusxX

    So many scobbles whoa

    13 jul 22:17 Svara
  • J-Doan

    Hey, what's up.

    13 mar 21:40 Svara
  • Stefanszz

    Sup :3

    24 dec 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    h-how did u know

    24 dec 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    i'm scared, but I shall go through with your orders (if i find her after). tell me the backstory behind "diarrhea milkshake". I've never been so curious about anything in my whole life

    17 aug 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    yesssss i got my tickets already. warpaint was on the top of my *TO SEE* list. I'm really bad at finding the band after the show. how do? AND WHY MUST I YELL DIARRHEA MILKSHAKE? did you throw a diarrhea milkshake in her face at one point in your life?

    16 aug 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    hell ya. the blueprints are nothing but 1 huge toilet to put all our shit in.

    12 aug 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    im afraid you HAVE used up all your luck. it's all downhill from there. I'm about 2 boxes in. at this pace, we'll have an indestructible fortress in NO TIME. I have the blue prints nd everything already

    5 aug 2013 Svara
  • kindcompanion

    *twirls gracefully ad infinitum*

    4 aug 2013 Svara
  • forlente

    i'm gunna have to say at least all of them. we could make a celebration fortress out of all thems fully consumed cereal boxes. Just you and I, sis; we could have a new life together in our fortress, filled with orbs and an endless supply of cereal.

    27 jul 2013 Svara
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Om mig

"I know only one thing, seor.
When I...
When I sleep, I know no fear,
no hope, no trouble, no bliss.
Blessings on him who invented sleep.
The common coin
that purchases all things,
the balance that levels
shepherd and king,
fool and wise man.
There is only one bad thing
about sound sleep.
They say it closely resembles death."

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