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  • Versilium

    Hello My Friend, I would like to share with you this video, from one of my bands Self-Inflicted Violence.

    15 jul 01:24 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    My email notifications for Last.FM have suddenly transformed to Spanish for some reason. Unusual, but I don't mind, as I can understand Spanish. Regarding your social life, my advice to you is: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Become the biggest drama queen of them all. That'll show them! My new glasses are nice! They were expensive, but I can't complain. It's a worthwhile investment. Funnily enough, I write to you after returning from my first show since November! I had a good time.

    18 mar 01:50 Svara
  • craigib

    Hey hey! It's alright. I hope you're good and life is less hectic for you now :) Me, well, just work like normal and I get to go to Soundwave again on the 3rd of March and a Sidewave (gig with Soundwave artists) involving Ill Nino and Skindred the night before! I'm so glad for the Sidewave being announced as they were both clashing with Devil You Know and Korn respectively.

    22 feb 18:13 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    Too hectic for the internet?! What could you have possibly been doing for that to happen? Intrigued I am! Life is going pretty swell for me. In fact, I am picking up some new glasses today!

    19 feb 08:58 Svara
  • Tomzors

    So you're telling me there is life outside of the internet? I'll believe that when I see it. Sorry to hear that though, hope it's going a little smoother now? I'm not bad, just been job hunting, looking for something to keep me busy, not exactly having as much success as I'd like though.

    17 feb 23:25 Svara
  • Drummererft

    Hey there, great music taste! :3

    15 feb 20:55 Svara
  • D_W_D_M

    Nice charts, nice seen live list.;-)

    21 jan 16:01 Svara
  • carebearbubbles

    Hugs to you. Have a great New Years.

    31 dec 2013 Svara
  • craigib

    I thought I'd come by your page and say hi :) How was your Christmas? I see you've been listening to Scar the Martyr, what are your thoughts on Joey's new band and his mutual split with Slipknot?

    27 dec 2013 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    Good day milady. I thought I'd pop by. How's things?

    17 okt 2013 Svara
  • Tomzors

    I hate that, especially when you have been typing out a big message. You have to try to re-create what you just wrote as accurately as possible, and you always forget something hilarious that you wrote the first time lol. And rusty pirate skills? I heard you could plunder and pillage with the best of them, don't doubt yourself! 3 years isn't a long time, but as long as you're enjoying what you're doing it's worth it. Even if what you do after doesn't relate to your degree, the time spent there will be worth it just for the experience alone. I'm technically 'free' already, looking for entry-level stuff in the gaming industry but it's pretty difficult to get started.

    6 sep 2013 Svara
  • Metal_head85

    Lol, they are sooo expensive but I suppose for a superfan, they are worth it. :) I bought a T-Shirt from their new range. The Union Jack Grave Times T-Shirt. It arrived this morning. I love it! :D

    31 aug 2013 Svara
  • craigib

    Very true! It is a bit small, but if you don't feel it, that's what matters :) Awww haha, I feel the same way sometimes and I am 175cm. Liking the hoodie shot :) The first bands for Soundwave 2014 have been announced, check out the artists so far!

    30 aug 2013 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    I've been to several festivals but I never received a true festival experience until last Saturday. I came home extremely wet and muddy. The whole site was a miniature swamp by the end of the night. Call me naive but I never expected it to be that bad! However, there comes a point where you just stop caring about the grime. I saw Skindred (OK), New Found Glory (good), System of a Down and Green Day. SOAD were amazing; they played a very tight set with almost no banter/bullshit. Easily the band of the day. My Green Day experience was slightly disappointing. They played very well, but I was out of energy and not in the best of moods by the time they hit the stage so I couldn't really get into them. They did, however, play Dookie in its entirety which was awesome to witness. The rest of their set was mostly newer stuff which I didn't really enjoy apart from a couple of songs. Overall I had a great time, and saw two bands I may not get the chance to see again. Wouldn't go back though haha.

    30 aug 2013 Svara
  • Metal_head85

    Hey, just a quick heads up, not sure if you've noticed but The Defiled have added some new stuff to their online store. I thought you'd be particularly interested in the Xmas baubles. They would look awesome on your Christmas tree. :D

    28 aug 2013 Svara
  • craigib

    That is very true, someone can look like the most weirdest person ever, but could be the nicest person imaginable. Good girl haha, I'm glad you are helping the youth of today getting into the correct and proper music :) Aww, I'm sure you're not that small Miss Indiana! :P

    21 aug 2013 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    Haha, my apologies! I didn't think that video was scary in the slightest; it's silly awesomeness. Hell are exactly the same onstage: they have the black robes, the singer has the "evil jesus" costume and they set their stage up like a satanic church. It's incredible. Did you like the song? I actually feel the same way about Green Day. 21st Century Breakdown is pretty terrible but I don't mind the rest of their newer stuff. In fact, their newest albums are almost as good as the old stuff! They play a lot of their classic songs live so I am very much looking forward to seeing them. It looks we both have a very busy Autumn of shows ahead of us. In particular, October for me is jam-packed. I have three gigs in three days on one weekend!

    18 aug 2013 Svara
  • Mordecai10

    I have a music video for you!

    16 aug 2013 Svara
  • Metal_head85

    Message 2 of 2: Hahaha, that would have been so funny if you were randomly like, 'Here, have a plaster'. I would have loved to have seen that. That was nice of you though to give them out to people who needed them. :) I bet they were. It must have been hard. Haha, I know you are! It's nice to be so passionate about something. I think it's cool. I'm finding it very difficult to find The Defiled merch. All of the cool stuff on their website is out of stock. :/ Oh really? Wow, I didn't hear that at all. I guess I'll have to have another listen carefully (to both Daggers and MIW) to see if I can hear a resemblance. Sorry for the split message btw. Stoopid 1000 character limit! :P

    12 aug 2013 Svara
  • Metal_head85

    Message 1 of 2: My sister has an iPhone and when I was staying with her recently, she asked me to send a text to her friend because she was driving at the time and I found it really difficult to use. I suppose as with everything it takes practise and getting used to but I didn't like it at all. The only Apple product I have is my iPod Classic. I absolutely love it. I finally filled it up the other day. I never thought I would. I think that's a good thing. I admire that. I've been told I'm a good listener too. :)

    12 aug 2013 Svara
  • Alla 540 hojtningar

Om mig

I'm Indi - music lover (hence why I like you guys so much - you are too!) and serious gig fan. Currently studying lighting for concerts so I actually have an excuse to be at them :P
Does anyone even read these? Seriously, I could write anything random here and no one would even know...
Oh well,
Feel free to add me and talk - I'm a chatterbox :D

Thought of the Moment:
So I finally unsubscribed from…it seems pointless now. Time to join Spotify :(

To see what song is currently stuck in my brain look here:

Aaand my vanity:

I listen to my friends and neighbours radio stations.
If I friend requested you, it's because I think you have cool musical taste or seem like a cool person and I actually wouldn't mind having a conversation with you. If you choose not to accept then farewell :)
If you request me I usually accept unless you seem strange and creepy O.o

Things I don’t like so much (it’s a proven theory that people bond more over a mutual disliking of things than liking of things so here is my way of getting to know y'all):
1.People who do 5 minutes of research on a topic and then act as if they know it all but don’t seem to have a set opinion on it for fear of creating controversy
2.The fact that one inch of snow completely shuts down London
3.People who think they can dictate how others act – and also believe that if you don’t look/dress a certain way then you are not TRVE. Dress however the heck you want.
4.Stupid sayings such as “head over heels” (aren't we always head over heels? Do I walk on my hands?) and “it’s always in the last place you look” (who keeps looking after they've found something)
5.That fact that I eat when I'm bored.
6.People who argue on the internet – as amusing as you are to laugh AT, you are wasting precious data and internet speed!
7.This newfangled SKIP LIMIT on the scrobbler
8.When a word doesn't mean what someone thinks it does but they keep using it incorrectly. Also, when someone thinks certain words are interchangeable but they so aren't.
9.My face when star-stuck upon meeting someone famous, it looks something like this --> :O
10.Lack of nice band t-shirts for girls or the same t-shirt as for guys but with no tour dates! And, also, that they don't look good with skirts - a recent discovery.
11.People who ask questions to which the answer can be easily Googled.
12.Bi-polar festival weather: either stay sunny so I can be happy or stay rainy so I don't get a sense of false hope and venture out of my tent.

Things I like (I'm not all that negative so here are some good things):
2.Discovering new music
3.Flute/pan-pipe/fiddle/accordion solos in the middle of folk metal songs
4.The overwhelming feeling of epicness one gets when listening to battle metal/power metal on their headphones in public. You’re all like “I could friggin’ smite you if I wanted to”
5.Reading (and comparing opinions of books)
6.The smile on someone’s face when you give them a random compliment
7.Getting random compliments :P
8.Sarcasm, irony and sardonianism (that is TOTALLY a word! – Google “sardonic”)
9.Tattoos, piercings and other bodymods
10.Guys with long hair
11.Uplifting quotes – soppy yes, I know, but sometimes it helps to read them
12.Saying “screw it, I’ll do it” just before doing something stupid (can also be used in resignation when giving in to something or volunteering when no one else will)
13.Standing up for what I believe in – even if it means jumping off a bus shelter with my only safety net being total strangers whom I had to trust to catch me (that’s a long story for another day)
15.You, for taking the time to read all of this :D


Bands I've seen live:

(The ones in bold are the ones that I think were totally amazing ❤ even though 95% of them were pretty awesome.
There are some bands on this list that I would have not seen by choice but they happened to be on the same line-up as a band I wanted to see. Some bands I have stumbled upon at festivals. Without further ado, in relative alphabetical order...)

30 Seconds to Mars
Alice in Chains
Amon Amarth
An Cafe
Arch Enemy
Ashes of Ares
As I Lay Dying
August Burns Red
Avenged Sevenfold
Band of Skulls
Battle Beast
Billy Talent
Black Breath
Black Spiders
Black Veil Brides
Bullet for my Valentine
Coal Chamber
Corey Taylor
Cradle of Filth
Death Remains
Devil Sold His Soul
Devin Townsend
DJ Starsceam
Don Bronco
Exit Ten
Fear Factory
Feed the Rhino
Five Finger Death Punch
Generation Graveyard
Hardcore Superstar
Heaven Shall Burn
In Flames
In Solitude
Iron Maiden
Jack White
Keep of Kalessin
Killfloor Mechanic
Killswitch Engage
Lamb of God
Lawnmower Deth
Liberty Lies
Limp Bizkit
Machine Head
Marilyn Manson
Murder FM
Panic! at the Disco
Papa Roach
Parkway Drive
Polar Bear Club
Queens of the Stone Age
Rise Against
Rise to Remain
Rob Zombie
Scar the Martyr
Sisters of Mercy
Steel Panther
Stone Sour
Sum 41
Tek One
Tenacious D
The Black Dahlia Murder
The Dead Lay Waiting
The Defiled
The Gaslight Anthem
The Prodigy
Tom Morello The Nightwatchman
Twisted Sister
Upon a Burning Body

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