• My personal top 25 of 2010

    2 jan 2011, 17:58


    1. The National - High Violet
    2. The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt / Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird EP
    3. Beach House - Teen Dream
    4. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
    5. Janelle Monáe - The Archandroid
    6. The Van Jets - Cat Fit Fury!
    7. General Fiasco - Buildings
    8. Jónsi - Go
    9. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
    10. The Black Box Revelation - Silver Threats
    11. Vampire Weekend - Contra
    12. Supersilent - 10
    13. Shad - TSOL
    14. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
    15. Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fell Promises
    16. The Walkmen - Lisbon
    17. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    18. Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
    19. Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer
    20. Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
    21. Black Milk - Album of the Year
    22. Avey Tare - Down There
    23. Eels - End Times
    24. Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown
    25. MGMT - Congratulations

    Releases that almost made the list (as it stands):
    Forest Swords - Dagger Paths
    Minus the Bear - Omni
    Autechre - Oversteps

    Releases that could've made the list if I had more time to listen everything (so they could still become favourites):
    Darkstar - North
    Big K.R.I.T. - Krit Wuz Here
    Toro y Moi - Causers of This
    Motorpsycho - Heavy Metal Fruit
    The Black Keys - Brothers
    Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
    Eels - Tomorrow Morning

    I still need to give these a spin:
    Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis
    Deftones - Diamond Eyes
    Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
    Rome - Nos Chants Perdus
    Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can
    Actress - Splazsh
    Four Tet - There is Love in You
    The Radio Dept. - Clinging to Scheme
    Wairpaint - The Fool
    Daft Punk - TRON soundtrack
    Gorillaz - The Fall

    Albums that disappointed:
    Kele - The Boxer
    Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
    Interpol - Interpol
    Spoon - Transference
    Band of Horses - Infinite Arms
  • High Violet

    28 okt 2010, 21:38

    The NationalHigh Violet

    I know a lot of people will disagree with it, but for me The National takes the cake this year. I understand a lot of people's complaints though, it does feel a lot different than the highly acclaimed Boxer or the fan favourite Alligator. The National always had a pretty grand sound to them, but it only comes out in full on this album and that can be a bit overkill for some people. But who cares about that, let's talk about the album already.

    High Violet opens with the heavy, demoish Terrible Love which is probably one of the best songs they've made already. And it isn't even the best song on this record. It's heavy guitar riff and the bass drum pounding in your ears build up until Bryan Devendorf (probably my favourite drummer in the alternative scene these days) decides to kick it up a notch and takes you along for a ride. Under the heavy muddy sound there's a really delicate song though, one only The National make. This counts for about half of the songs on this record: The likes of England, Little Faith, Bloodbuzz Ohio and Conversation 16 have this too. But aside from that, they've also proven that they can write really good pop songs. (think Anyone's Ghost, or again Bloodbuzz Ohio)

    The other bunch of songs are more melancholic kind of songs, with Sorrow being on top of them. The more introverted feel of songs like that and Runaway give the album the edge it needs to be my favourite of the year. The introspective lyrics only enhance this trait. I didn't feel anything in particular about the lyrics at first, and felt they were lacking something that Alligator and Boxer did have: Wit. Because Berninger is, I should really say 'was', at his best writing witty one liners stringing them together to form a coherent song. But, as you may have noticed already, they've grown on me a lot. There are a lot of fine hooks on this album that can't be explained other than to listen to them. On paper a lot of these songs sound silly (I was afraid I'd eat your brains, cause I'm evil) or even boring, but once you hear them you get what I mean. (or you don't, frankly I don't really care)

    Aside from that, the album has a few guest appearances you wouldn't even hear if you didn't know they were there (aka the best guest appearance an album can possibly have). Sufjan Stevens, Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire and Justin Vernon (better known as Bon Iver). They all contribute well to the songs they play and sing on (Sufjan on Afraid of Everyone, Richard Reed Parry on Conversation 16 and Bon Iver on Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks respectively), but they don't go on the foreground, which is still reserved for Berninger's smooth baritone. Exactly where it should be.

    After almost half a year, and over possibly a hundred listens, I can say there is nothing that comes close to what High Violet meant for me this year. It hit all the right spots and still does, and even though some songs don't hold up as well as others at the moment, I know I'll come back to them in a few months and love them over and over. Bloodbuzz Ohio and Lemonworld are my favourites today, but it could be England and Afraid of Everyone tomorrow. You never really know with this album.

    Is it better than Boxer and Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers? For me definitely, that sounds almost impossible though, doesn't it? Better than Alligator? I don't know, Alligator and High Violet are pretty much tied as my favourites. Does it really matter which one is the best? Not really, The National are pretty much high quality the whole ride through. If you haven't listened to them already, I hope you're convinced by this write-up. (they are one of my favourite groups after all)

  • My favourite songs 5-1

    27 maj 2009, 18:09

    5. The Beatles - For No One

    Paul McCartney IS THE MAN.

    Your day breaks
    Your mind aches
    You find that all her words of kindness linger on when
    She no longer needs you

    She wakes up
    She makes up
    She takes her time and doesn't feel she has to hurry
    She no longer needs you

    And in her eyes you see nothing
    No sign of love behind the tears
    Cried for no one
    A love that should have lasted years

    You want her
    You need her
    And yet you don't believe her when she says her love is dead
    You think she needs you

    And in her eyes you see nothing
    No sign of love behind the tears
    Cried for no one
    A love that should have lasted years

    You stay home
    She goes out
    She said that long ago she knew someone but now he's gone
    She doesn't need him

    Your day breaks
    Your mind aches
    There will be times when all the things she said will fill your head
    You won't forget her

    And in her eyes you see nothing
    No sign of love behind the tears
    Cried for no one
    A love that should have lasted years

    This is really such a sad and beautiful song. Revolver is pretty much the perfect pop-record. The Beatles had their way with words, expressing them in a way everbody could understand but they never sound cliche (on their later records [from Rubber Soul] anyway :) ). They were brilliant. This song is my favourite by them. But it easily could have been Yesterday, I've Got a Feeling, Oh! Darling, Come Together, Get Back, Here Comes The Sun, Taxman, I'm Only Sleeping, Helter Skelter, A Day In The Life... I'm gonna stop here because they have way too many classics.

    4. Pixies - Dig For Fire

    there is this old woman
    she lives down the road
    you can often find her
    kneeling inside of her hole
    and i often ask her
    "are you looking for the mother lode?"
    no my child, this is not my desire
    and then she said

    i'm digging for fire [4x]

    there is this old man
    who spent so much of his life sleeping
    that he is able to keep awake for the rest of his years
    he resides
    on a beach
    in a town
    where i am going to live
    and i often ask him
    "are you looking for the mother lode?"
    no my child, this is not my desire
    and then he said

    i'm digging for fire [4x]

    Another song that has an amazingly simple but oh so great bass line. (gotta love Kim Deal)
    Anyway, the Pixies are pretty much a perfect band in my opinion and Frank Black has always been a guy who tries to make the songs sound as good as possible, adding in stuff or leaving stuff out.

    This is a really simple song, but my favourite one by them. It just represents everything that the Pixies are about, a bass line that sets the tone, quiet verses, loud choruses, simple notes being played by the lead guitar and harmonies that are pretty dissonant but oh so amazing.

    3. The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out

    Take me out tonight
    where there's music and there's people
    who are young and alive
    driving in your car
    I never never want to go home
    because I haven't got one anymore

    Take me out tonight
    because I want to see people
    and I want to see life
    driving in your car
    oh please don't drop me home
    because it's not my home, it's their home
    and I'm welcome no more

    And if a double-decker bus
    crashes in to us
    to die by your side
    is such a heavenly way to die
    and if a ten ton truck
    kills the both of us
    to die by your side
    well the pleasure, the privilege is mine

    Take me out tonight
    take me anywhere, I don't care
    I don't care, I don't care
    and in the darkened underpass
    I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last
    but then a strange fear gripped me
    and I just couldn't ask

    Take me out tonight
    oh take me anywhere, I don't care
    I don't care, I don't care
    driving in your car
    I never never want to go home
    because I haven't got one
    no, I haven't got one

    And if a double-decker bus
    crashes in to us
    to die by your side
    is such a heavenly way to die
    and if a ten ton truck
    kills the both of us
    to die by your side
    well the pleasure, the privilege is mine

    There is a light that never goes out
    There is a light that never goes out
    There is a light that never goes out
    There is a light that never goes out

    Such a beautiful, desperate song. Morrissey is tied with Yorke as my favourite frontman, and this song is one of the reasons why. The chorus is a killer, and it's the anthem of every angsty indie kid I guess. (I'll let you decide if that's a good or a bad thing! :P)

    This has always been my favourite song. Not even a grower, no! It stays amazing after every listen, you'll never grow tired of it. At least I won't. The Queen is Dead is a fantastic album and The Smiths are legendary. Check them out if you haven't already (which is blasphemy!).

    2. dEUS - Instant Street

    You're probably right,
    Seen from your side,
    That I have been lucky.
    But I've been meaning to crack all week.
    Yes I've been involved,
    It never resolved into anything shocking.
    Pain's playing yoyo in my body as we speak.

    And now I found something to look for,
    And I can't decide,
    Cause I might find that stroll behind is better than to score.
    Just like I did before.

    It wouldn't be true, not towards you,
    To say that I'm staying.
    When on every single impulse,
    On every other move I react.
    'Cause in any old creek, with changing technique,
    You'll see me playing.
    And after any old mother****ing blow
    I'll be back.

    We turned away from instant stuff
    Our cracking codes were breaking up
    Our words were sucked out, it made them clean.
    And after lowness say it
    And after more let it be known
    Our codes are grown into something mean.

    You're probably right, as for tonight, you're making me nervous.
    What is it you want me to be thinking of ?
    I'll put on a movie, I'll play something groovy as a matter of service.
    And I'll chuckle when you smile as a matter of love.
    'Cause you know it's not my style to be giving up now.
    And this pain in my side, I had enough.

    This time I go for instant street
    This life's a soulless excuse for all abuse and parenthesis.
    The flyspecked windows and the - the stinking lobbies they'll remain
    All the same, all the same.

    This time I go !
    This time I go !

    The song starts with a sweet banjo intro (guitar in the live vid I posted) and then Tom Barman starts singing the sweetest lyrics I have ever heard in my life. This song is really melancholic and beautiful at the same time.

    The first half of the song is a sweet ballad and the other half is my favourite outro in any song. It's just so amazing (especially live, seen it twice!), it's one of those riffs that stays in your head for a long long time. And you'll never want it to end.

    dEUS is a belgian band that deserves way more credit than they get internationally. If you like this song, be sure to check them out.

    1. Radiohead - Exit Music (For a Film)

    Wake from your sleep
    The drying of your tears
    Today we escape, we escape

    Pack and get dressed
    Before your father hears us
    Before all hell breaks loose

    Breathe, keep breathing
    Don't lose your nerve
    Breathe, keep breathing
    I can't do this alone

    Sing us a song
    A song to keep us warm
    There's such a chill, such a chill

    You can laugh a spineless laugh
    We hope your rules and wisdom choke you
    Now we are one in everlasting peace
    We hope that you choke, that you choke
    We hope that you choke, that you choke

    This masterpiece was created for the Romeo and Juliet movie soundtrack. It's also the 4th track on OK Computer. Oh, by the way it happens to be THE BEST SONG EVER.

    The lyrics are basically about a love story between two persons but their love is not approved by the society. (well, basically the Romeo and Juliet story, but you don't have to interpret it as that specifically).

    It starts with subtle eerie chords and sound effects but builds up to an amazing climax where you can hear how amazing Thom's singing actually is. I love the bass in that climax..

    Anyway, this song is my favourite song ever. Why? Because it makes me feel sad yet empty at the same time. Most people think that music is only for bringing people joy and happiness but damn they're so wrong. This song has way more of an impact on me than the happiest songs in the world have. Especially the end where Thom sings 'we hope that you choke'.

    It all just fits. It's been my favourite song ever for 2 years now... And I don't think that's going to change in the near future.

    The BeatlesPixiesThe SmithsdEUSRadiohead
  • My favourite songs 10-6

    23 maj 2009, 16:10

    10. Nirvana - In Bloom
    (lousy youtube and their 'this video is not available in your country', drives me nuts really)

    This has to be my most listened song ever. I play it every time I play guitar and it's my top track on so that has to count for something I guess! Still it's 'only' 10th, imagine all the songs that still have to come!

    Anyway, the video is pretty funny so enjoy.

    This is pretty much an anthem, while it's meant to be an anti-anthem... Ironic isn't it?

    Let's get to those lyrics!

    Sell the kids for food
    Weather changes moods
    Spring is here again
    Reproductive glands

    He's the one who likes all our pretty songs
    And he likes to sing along
    And he likes to shoot his gun
    But he knows not what it means
    Knows not what it means
    And I say
    He's the one who likes all our pretty songs
    And he likes to sing along
    And he likes to shoot his gun
    But he don't know what it means
    Don't know what it means
    And I say yeah

    Killer chorus. I love the verses too, if you read closely and put each first line of each verse after each other and so on, it makes sense.

    We can have some more
    Nature is a whore
    Bruises on the fruit
    Tender age in bloom

    And then the chorus again.. I love Kurt. After the second chorus there is a really awesome (anti)solo. It's so diabolic I JUST LOVE IT. The bassline is so repetitive yet so awesome too. I just love the sound of it. And of course Grohls' drums and backing vocals are pretty much awesomepie too!

    Enjoy, I'd say!

    9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

    Ah.. My favourite song from my second favourite band ever. (yeah I know.. Some people really don't care for them or even hate them, but at least you can't deny they're technically a good/great band! Anthony Kiedis is way underrated too imo.. but yeah opinions)

    This song is about Anthony Kiedis and his relation to drugs. I've really started to appreciate his lyrics after having read Scar Tissue. If you're even slightly interested in the Peppers you should definitely give the book a try. Anyway, the song starts of with a melancholic guitar intro and a heavy bass line and Anthony comes in with:

    How long how long will I slide
    Separate my side I don’t
    I don’t believe it’s bad
    Slit my throat
    It’s all I ever

    Then Chad comes in with some percussion, and John plays high pitched notes and Flea some higher bass and AK sings:

    I heard your voice through a photograph
    I thought it up it brought up the past
    Once you know you can never go back
    I’ve got to take it on the otherside

    Centuries are what it meant to me
    A cemetery where I marry the sea
    Stranger things could never change my mind
    I’ve got to take it on the otherside
    Take it on the otherside
    Take it on
    Take it on

    And then we go to the killer chorus again!

    Pour my life into a paper cup
    The ashtray’s full and I’m spillin’ my guts
    She wants to know am I still a slut
    I’ve got to take it on the otherside

    And then the chorus again.. With some amazing backing vocals by John Frusciante! And then the unexpected bridge kicks in and AK speaks:

    Turn me on take me for a hard ride
    Burn me out leave me on the otherside
    I yell and tell it that
    It’s not my friend
    I tear it down I tear it down
    And then it’s born again

    After this there's the simple but oh so amazing solo (that's what John's good at... Flea adding the complexity to the Peppers' earlier work. But John has definitely grown on Stadium Arcadium, my second favourite album by them, yes another controversial opinion among fans!) and then there's the chorus again. I LOVE THIS SONG.

    8. Elliott Smith - Say Yes

    I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
    Who's still around the morning after
    We broke up a month ago and I grew up, I didn't know
    I'd be around the morning after

    This song is probably Elliott Smiths' happiest song. I just love the chord progression through this song and the low-fi sound of it. (and most of his work)

    It's always been wait and see
    A happy day and then you pay
    And feel like **** the morning after
    But now I feel changed around and instead falling down
    I'm standing up the morning after

    I think it's fantastic how he uses so few words to express himself, yet you can fully understand what he means..
    I love how this part transits into this one:

    Situations get ****ed up and turned around sooner or later
    And I could be another fool or an exception to the rule
    You tell me the morning after
    Crooked spin can't come to rest
    I'm damaged bad at best
    She'll decide what she wants
    I'll probably be the last to know
    No one says until it shows and you see how it is

    They want you or they don't
    Say yes
    I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl
    Who's still around the morning after

    The last part is the one of the most uplifting things I have ever heard. Smith was such a fine lyricist. R.I.P. :(

    7. Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand In Mine

    My favourite post-rock band ever. (Well maybe tied with GY!BE) They can put so much emotions in instrumentals.. It's really unbelievable. This song is the closer of The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place, which is one of my favourite albums ever.

    The song starts off with simple high guitar notes and then the second and third guitar come in. After a while you can hear the drums banging far away... And around 1:10ish they finally kick in. There's so much emotion into this song.. It's amazing. You feel sad and happy at the same time, hard to describe really.

    The 'break' around 2:20ish is also really amazing..
    The arpeggio on the third guitar is so eargasmic and uplifting there. The drums starts to pick up a faster pace and the song is about to start a little climax... And then it builds off with the guitars doing a more quiet part and the drums in the background again. And then it ends with the drums kicking in again and the guitars doing their final part. The drums stop and there is one guitar fading away in the background.. And that's it.

    6. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

    You guessed it. Anyway, Radiohead is my favourite band ever. Amnesiac is my favourite album ever (yeah weird pick huh! And there's no Amnesiac song on this list, I'll probably come off as some Radiohead fan who only listens to the first three albums.. But the album as a whole is amazing).

    This song is very touching and moving. It starts with an A chord and Yorke singing

    Her green plastic watering-can
    For her fake Chinese rubber plant
    In the fake plastic earth

    That she bought
    From a rubber man in a town full of rubber plans
    To get rid of itself

    it wears her out

    I personally think that this song is about the fakeness of the world these days and the media trying to create a perfect example for the people. If there's one band that isn't trying to look perfect, it's Radiohead.

    She lives with a broken man
    A cracked polystyrene man
    Who just crumbles and burns
    He used to do surgery for girls in the eighties
    But gravity always wins

    and it wears him out

    And then you can hear Jonny in the background messing with his guitar once the song climaxes with

    She looks like the real thing
    She tastes like the real thing
    My fake plastic love

    But I can't help the feeling
    I could blow through the ceiling
    If I just turn and run

    And it wears me out

    If I could be who you wanted all the time

    Hey a change to first person! Interesting..

    But I'll let you figure that out yourselves. I'm not here to lecture you guys about lyrics, you can interpret them as you want to. I just want to share my favourite songs!

    P.S. check this live vid it's my favourite RH performance ever (except for the performances at the show I went to myself ofcourse.. But that's different) and one of the reasons why Jonny Greenwood is my favourite guitarist.

    RadioheadExplosions in the SkyElliott SmithNirvanaRed Hot Chili Peppers
  • My favourite songs 14-11

    17 maj 2009, 20:38

    Bla bla bla crappy writeups bla

    14. Interpol - Evil

    The song starts with one of the catchiest bass riffs I have ever heard. Really simple, but oh so sweet. I love songs with bass riffs like that.

    Rosemary, Heaven restores you in life
    You're coming with me
    Through the aging, the fearing, the strife

    It's the smiling on the package
    It's the faces in the sand
    It's the thought that moves you upwards
    Embracing me with two hands

    Right will take you places
    Yeah maybe to the beach
    When your friends they do come crying
    Tell them now your pleasure's set upon slow release

    I love how Banks starts off slow in this song and in the following verse he just blurts out his words..

    Hey wait
    Great smile
    Sensitive to fate, not denial

    but hey, who's on trial?

    It took a life span with no cellmate
    The long way back
    Sandy, why can't we look the other way?

    I love this chorus.. It's just so angry. This is why I love Paul Banks as a singer, he's not your average guy. He comes off really agressive in most of Interpol's choruses.

    This song is really amazing.

    13. Bloc Party - Helicopter

    The song starts off with one of my favourite guitar intro's ever. It just has that really good hook to it. After two times the drums come in and after the fourth time the bass.. After eight times it stops and Kele starts singing:

    North to south, empty
    Running on bravado
    As if to say, as if to say
    As if to say he doesn't like chocolate
    He's born a liar, he'll die a liar
    Some things will never be different

    At the 'as if to say' part an amazing guitar part comes in.. Anyway the lyrics. Kele described them being about the parts he doesn't like about himself. You can definitely spot some anti-Bush (or American) in them though.. But he has always denied this so whatever.

    Stop being so American
    There's a time and there's a place
    So James Dean, so blue jeans
    Going to save the world
    He's going to

    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?

    I love the chorus. It's just one line repeated but it's so amazing to sing along.

    Three out of five, three out of five (it's not enough)
    Six out of ten, better luck next time
    Just like his dad, just like his dad (the same mistakes)
    Some things will never be different
    Hungry and dumb, hungry and dumb (so wait in line)
    Queuing up for some more junk food
    It's not my fault, it's not my fault (just this once)
    They're getting so much younger

    I love Gordon's backing vocals too. They're a key element in Bloc Party.

    Why can't you be more European
    Bastard child of guilt and shame
    Bury your head in the sand
    I'm thinking six, six, six
    I'm thinking six

    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?
    Are you hoping for a miracle?

    After this there's a break with one guitar tremelo picking and the other one drenched in reverb. Then it explodes in the last chorus with the lead guitar playing another amazing riff through it. I totally adore this song. The drumming is also top notch by the way! Matt Tong is a beast.

    12. Sigur Rós - Untitled 8

    (the intro is half cut off but yeah..)

    Sigur Rós is probably the 2nd most known Icelandic act. They are known for their original sound and Jonsi's falsetto. About 75% of their songs are sung in Icelandic, but the other quarter is sung in gibberish (Hopelandic or Vonlenska to be precise).

    This song is sung in Hopelandic, it's part of their album '( )' where every song is sung in that 'language'. Anyway, the intro is pretty smooth and calming and then it starts building up to one of the best climaxes you will ever experience..

    This is one of the reasons I believe that music is an amazing way to communicate with each other.

    11. Radiohead - Let Down

    Transport, motorways and tram lines
    Starting and then stopping, taking off and landing
    The emptiest of feelings, disappointed people clinging onto bottles
    And when it comes, it's so, so disappointing

    One of the songs that really get me. Lyrically and musically. This song is the perfect example of the word 'melancholy'. It's so beautiful and sad at the same time...

    Let down and hanging around
    Crushed like a bug in the ground
    Let down and hanging around

    It gets more beautiful per second seriously.. This is one of those songs that takes a lot of time to sink in but once you get it it's oh so amazing, you'll never want to listen to any other band again really!

    Shell smashed, juices flowing wings twitch, legs are going
    Don't get sentimental, it always ends up drivel
    One day I'm going to grow wings
    A chemical reaction, hysterical and useless hysterical and

    Let down and hanging around
    Crushed like a bug in the ground
    Let down and hanging around let down again

    The guitar interlude after the 2nd chorus is so beautiful, and when the bass, other guitars and drums kick in and Thom starts to sing 'let down and hang....'... There are no words. Really. And then the BEST part comes in (yes there's a better part)

    You know, you know where you are with you, know where you are
    With floor collapses floating, bouncing back and one day
    I am going to grow wings
    A chemical reaction, hysterical and useless hysterical and

    Let down and hanging around
    Crushed like a bug in the ground
    Let down and hanging around

    This is why Thom Yorke is my favourite singer. Just listen to it. I can't put it into words... Because songs like this deserve so much more
  • My favourite songs 19-15

    16 maj 2009, 11:17

    blabla copypaste

    19. The National - Mr. November

    A sweet guitar riff as an intro for one of the best closers of one of the greatest albums I have heard in my short life.

    This is nothing like it was in my room
    In my best clothes
    Trying to think of you
    This is nothing like it was in my room
    In my best clothes

    Matt Berninger with his ever so clever lyrics. I love the way he sings this.

    After a few verses with sweet guitar arpeggios and Berninger singing in a very subtle voice the song starts to build up even more with

    I'm the new blue blood, I'm the great white hope
    I'm the new blue blood

    This song is definitely about politics (heck, they even made a T-shirt with Obama and Mr. November on it). Or you could look at it that way anyway, but it can also be that the song is about hoping for someone to stand up and support the people (or just one person) because they really need it. And the person that's saying this feels the pressure on him. But there's still hope he believes because

    I won't **** us over, I'm Mr. November
    I'm Mr. November, I won't **** us over

    Best. Chorus. Ever. It comes close anyway..

    I wish that I believed in fate
    I wish I didn't sleep so late
    I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders

    <3. This song is just marvelous...

    Yeah the lyrics repeat one more time and then there's a very uplifting solo. This is one of the most uplifting pieces of music (even art in general) I have heard. Give it a listen if you haven't already

    18. Arcade Fire - Intervention

    The king's taken back the throne,
    The useless seed is sown,
    When they say they're cutting off the phone,
    I tell them you're not home.

    No place to hide,
    You were fighting as a soldier on their side,
    You're still a soldier in your mind,
    Though nothing's on the line.

    This is such a beautiful song about losing all hope yet still going on with your life.

    You say it's money that we need,
    As if we were only mouths to feed,
    I know no matter what you say
    There are some debts you'll never pay.

    After looking at the lyrics more closely you can definitely spot some anti-Bush lyrics. Criticising the war and all around it, hoping for it to end. Yet, the song can also be interpreted as dealing with problems you can never solve, but have to live with. The theme of 'death' is also there.

    Working for the church
    While your family dies.
    You take what they give you
    And you keep it inside.
    Every spark of friendship and love
    Will die without a home.

    Hear the solider groan, "We'll go at it alone"

    First chorus, and this is a subtle one (the music anyway). This song really has some of my favourite lyrics ever.

    I can taste the fear.
    Lift me up and take me out of here,
    Don't want to fight, don't want to die,
    Just want to hear you cry.

    Who's going to throw the very first stone?
    Oh! Who's going to reset the bone?
    Walking with your head in a sling
    Want to hear the soldier sing.

    Working for the Church
    While my family dies,
    Your little baby sister's
    Going to lose her mind,
    Every spark of friendship and love
    Will die without a home

    Hear the soldier groan, "We'll go at it alone"

    I love the pre-chorus part (or bridge) here before the second chorus. Especially the 'I can taste the fear' and 'oh! who's gonna reset the bone?' parts.

    I can taste your fear,
    It's going to lift you up and take you out of here,
    And the bone shall never heal,
    I care not if you kneel.

    We can't find you now,
    But they're going to get their money back somehow,
    And when you finally disappear
    We'll just say you were never here.

    Been working for the church
    While your life falls apart,
    Singing hallelujah with the fear in your heart,
    Every spark of friendship and love
    Will die without a home.

    Hear the soldier groan, "We'll go at it alone"
    Hear the soldier groan, "We'll go at it alone"

    I love the last verses and chorus, because the song builds up more and more and then the last chorus really hits you in the head with amazing harmonies. Very moving song. Definitely worth a listen (yes I'm going to say this at every song! :@)

    17. Moving Mountains - Sol Solis

    take your hands away from your face
    so i can see everything you are
    and everything you used to be
    you used to be to me
    something you dont wanna be, i know.

    This is such a sweet song. It's an honest love song referring to the simplest things in life, from a band that is way too unknown imo. Pneuma is really one of the best post-rock albums I've heard. (no this song isn't post-rock, but the album in general is)

    you, you're like the sun
    and i am earth
    together we're one
    but someday
    your fire will die
    and i'll grow cold
    without sunlight.
    and i will freeze, baby
    i will die, i'd freeze, i'd die for you.

    These are some of my favourite lyrics ever, they are really simple but oh so beautiful.

    things, they always die
    just give it time.
    but we, someday we'll see
    our love will shine,
    our love will shine.

    your love wont fade, darling.
    lover, i cannot do this alone
    things like this are better off untold
    someday the sun will die and i'll grow cold
    i hope someday your love finds it's way home.

    (cause you are the sun and i am the earth)

    Just marvelous... I know some people who don't like MM because they don't like 'screamo' in general, but most people still like this song. If you like it, you should definitely give Pneuma (and their recent EP foreword) a listen... Brilliant band

    16. Weezer - Say It Ain't So (stupid youtube and their copyright rules)

    I was doubting between this and Buddy Holly (look out for the 'real' weezer fans! they'll claim Buddy Holly isn't near the top... But hey I love all of Blue and Pinkerton), but this song is a lot more emotional so I went for this one.

    This song has an amazing guitar intro imo.

    Somebody's Heine'
    is crowdin' my icebox
    somebody's cold one
    is givin' me chills
    Guess I'll just close my eyes
    Flip on the tele'
    Wrestle with Jimmy
    Something is bubbling
    Behind my back
    The bottle is ready to blow

    From what I heard, this song is about Cuomo's father leaving him at a very young age. He vaguely remembers his father being an alcoholic. This is one of those singalong verses.. Then the feedback comes in with an amazing chorus:

    Say it ain't so
    Your drug is a heartbreaker
    Say it ain't so
    My love is a lifetaker

    I love this chorus to death.

    I can't confront you
    I never could do
    That which might hurt you
    So try and be cool
    When I say
    This way is a waterslide away from me
    That takes you further every day
    So be cool

    I love how he sings the 'This way... etc' part and then the second chorus comes in with some edgy bends between the powerchords. <3

    Then there's a drum fill and the bridge kicks in:

    Dear Daddy, I write you
    In spite of years of silence
    You've cleaned up, found Jesus
    Things are good or so I hear
    This bottle of Steven's
    Awakens ancient feelings
    Like father, stepfather
    The son is drowning in the flood

    So much emotion in this bridge... And then an even more amazing solo kicks in, I love how Rivers makes solos that are easy as pie but still such a blessing to the ear.. After that there's the third chorus and then the song ends.

    15. Kent - Klåparen

    one of the two songs on this list that aren't english. Kent is a sweet Swedish (I can't speak a word Swedish by the way) band, I recommend them to all people into alternative/pop rock. I don't have a lot to say except for that this is a BEAUTIFUL song. I'll put the lyrics here though, and the translations.

    The Bungler
    You’re walking in your inimitable way
    Over the school yard’s gravel by yourself
    In your newly cut hair like an Irish idol’s
    Your reflection in window glass
    Admires every step you take

    And so it flashes
    Green red yellow lights
    You were sitting on needles when you came
    With your smuggled-in intoxication

    And they switch off all the lights, for one final quiet chance
    And everything blackens in a panic, when you see that everyone already has a dance
    And everything is like before

    You remember who you were with contempt, a little hatred
    You start to resemble your mother or father
    You have changed your ways erased every trace
    But in your soul yes far, far inside echoes the teenager’s roar

    And so it flashes
    And they switch on all the lights
    You were alone when you came, now the magic has burned out
    And so they switch off
    All the signs all the lights
    And when the park lies empty you realise that your evening has just ended
    And everything is like before

    And so it flashes
    And they turn on all the lights
    You were alone when you came
    You are just as alone now
    And so they switch off all the streets and all the houses
    And when the city lies empty you realise
    That that’s what your life looks like
    And everything is like before

    Du går på ditt oefterhärmliga sätt
    Över skolgårdens grus för dig själv
    I ditt nyklippta hår, likt en irländsk idols
    Din spegelbild i fönsterglas
    Beundrar varje steg du tar

    Och så blinkar det till
    Gröna, röda, gula ljus
    Du var på nålar när du kom
    Med ditt insmugglade rus

    Och så släcker dom ner, för en sista stilla chans
    Och allting svartnar i panik när du ser att alla redan har en dans
    Och allt är som förut

    Och du minns den du var med förakt, lite hat
    Och man blir lik sin mor eller far
    Du har förändrat ditt sätt, suddat ut varje spår
    Men i själen din ja långt, långt in ekar tonåringens vrål

    Och så blinkar det till
    Och dom tänder alla ljus
    Och du var ensam när du kom, nu har magin brunnit ut
    Och så släcker dom ner
    Alla skyltar alla ljus
    Och när parken ligger tom, inser du att din kväll just tagit slut
    Och allting är som förut

    Och så blinkar det till
    Och dom tänder alla ljus
    Du var ensam när du kom
    Och du är lika ensam nu
    Och så släcker dom ner alla gator alla hus
    Och när staden ligger tom inser du
    Att det är så ditt liv ser ut
    Och allting är som förut
  • My 25 favourite songs - 25-20

    12 maj 2009, 20:23

    This is a copy-paste of write-ups I am doing at gamefaqs.


    25. Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

    This is truly a marvelous song. Let's start this list by saying that I love 25-3 as much (two songs have a very special place in my heart..), so much that any day this song could be at any other place, but for now it's at 25.

    Anyway, most of you will know the Johnny Cash cover instead of the original. But I prefer this one (though the Johnny Cash vid and song almost brought me to tears too), especially after listening to the rest of the Downward Spiral. Because it's a brilliant closer. The ending is a lot of noise but I think it fits the album very well. Let's start with some lyrics, shall we?

    I hurt myself today
    To see if I still feel
    I focus on the pain
    The only thing that's real

    probably one of my favourite verses ever... Trent doesn't use any cryptic way of describing his emotions, no, not even words that come off like they're being sung by some intellectual or linguist. He's just a person like you and me and I think the way he sings this is just perfect. It's hard to explain really.

    When the chorus starts, shivers always come down my spine:

    What have I become?
    My sweetest friend
    Everyone I know
    Goes away in the end
    You could have it all
    My empire of dirt
    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt

    This chorus is amazing. It describes the character of the Downward Spiral in a way no one could do, except for Trent Reznor. He's truly one of my favourite artists and this song is the epitome of his work imo. The song ends with

    If I could start again
    A million miles away
    I would keep myself
    I would find a way

    where the character shows his regret. I believe that every person has at least once felt really down and this is the kind of song that lets you relate to that kind of feeling. Definitely a song worthy of his position, I hope you agree with me.

    24. Queens of the Stone Age - A Song for the Dead

    This is why Dave Grohl is my favourite drummer. He's so energetic on stage and is a robot when it comes to timing.

    The song starts with a drum solo which is (apparently) a Black Flag tribute. Really cool, and the drumming is amazing in the whole song. After this, the guitar comes in (yeah except for the riff that's already there in the intro of course) with some amazing fills and bends. Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan start off with some amazing harmonies (in the studio version) too. After this Lanegan comes in with

    Its late enough to go drivin'
    And see what's mine
    Thats a study of dyin'
    How to do it right

    After these powerful lyrics which are sung in a way only Mark Lanegan does, the harmonies come in again (slide guitar for the live version!) and the drumming is so powerful that I feel Grohls' drums could explode at any moment.

    After another verse the solo comes in which is as amazing as ever, as you would expect from a QOTSA song. (On a side note: C tuning rocks) After two other verses and a lot of amazing guitar licks and bass fills (Oliveri rules!), the song comes to another amazing outro with Grohl banging like a madman. It's not an emotional song, but it is really powerful and that's what rock is all about! This song is why the word 'badass' was created, enough said.

    23. Broken Social Scene - It's All Gonna Break

    I'm not gonna quote some of the lyrics because GameFAQs is quite strict on that I guess, but look them up if you want to. >_>

    They're pretty great and the song is really cathartic and (the standard word to describe these kind of songs) EPIC. I was doubting between Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old-Girl and this one. (Emily Haines rocks in the first one. Check out the new Metric album if you haven't already.. anyway back to the write-up)

    The part where Kevin Drew starts to shout 'It's all... GONNA BREAK!' is where the song explodes with horns, banging drums, distorted guitars etcetera. There are no words for this song, you just have to listen to it. So I'm gonna stop it here.

    22. Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

    My favourite 'electronic' track. It starts with some BELLS. DUM. DUM. it fits in the transition from One More Time. Then the song starts with some cool beats but the incredible part is when the guitar solo/synth (I don't really know and care it's awesome) comes in, it's just a blessing for the ears. And that's it. But it's oh so sweet.

    21. The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit

    Aww yeah. A simple blues riff and basic drumming.

    It's quite possible that I'm your third man girl
    But it's a fact that I'm the seventh son

    One of the most memorable lyrics ever for me. It just has that feeling to it, the feeling you get when you hear any other blues band or song.

    Tell everybody in the place to just get out
    And we'll get clean together
    And I'll find me soapbox where I can shout it

    Bam! And here's the first solo, with two more to come. All three of them are amazing and one of the reasons why Jack White is one of my favourite guitarists. This song is incredible, while it can also be described as a jam. The White Stripes are that kind of band you like or you don't. I like them, a lot.

    20. Death From Above 1979 - Little Girl

    I could put any song from You're A Woman, I'm A Machine here. It's one of my favourite albums ever and every song is top quality. The music is created by bass, synth and drums only... So yeah another 'back to basic' band.

    No messing with production, just an album that feels like its recorded in one of the members' garage. Jesse F. Keeler is one of my favourite bassists, it's not that he has the most amazing skill that I've seen, but he manages to make every bass riff on the album catchy.

    Anyway, Little Girl is my favourite song by them (at the moment) because it's a really great track to get loose on. And the pre-chorus.. Oh my god. That has to be one of the best tremelo slides ever. (also, D tuning rocks)
  • Morrissey - Years of Refusal

    17 mar 2009, 16:40

    Morrissey - Years of Refusal

    English assignment... 250 words was the standard, got a bit out of hand.

    After three years of waiting, legend Steven Patrick Morrissey (Primarily known by his family name) has put out another record. Years of Refusal is his tenth solo album and his fourteenth studio album, the other four being released with the legendary band The Smiths, before he went solo.

    The album starts with the marvelous 'Something is Squeezing My Skull', a song nearing to punk rock with a pretty heavy riff for a song by Morrissey. Morrissey sings “I'm doing very well, I can blackout the present and the past now. I know by now you think I should have straightened myself out. Thank you, drop dead. ”, meaning he clearly is sick of people criticizing him and his way of living. After the third chorus (“Something is squeezing my skull, something that I can't describe, there is no love in modern life”) the song ends with Morrissey shouting 'Don't give anymore', referring to drugs.

    The second song 'Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed' is great, a song with good lyrics in the verse and a strong chorus (“Life is nothing much to lose, it's just so lonely here without you”) with Morrissey getting nostalgic about his past and (probably) his mother.

    'Black Cloud' is a good song about wanting something so bad, but realizing that you can't always get what you want. The song has a dark tone, with lots of reverb on the electric guitar and Morrissey singing 'Black cloud!' in the chorus.

    The single 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' is another great song with a quiet verse and a loud chorus and Morrissey singing “I'm throwing my arms around, around Paris because only steel and stone accept my love”, very frustrated and angry.

    After three slower songs, 'All You Need is Me' is another fast-paced song like the opener. The song title speaks for itself, obviously. With a heavy bass, a good riff and solid drumming this is one of the songs where I really like the music, most of the songs being pretty average without the lyrics or Morrissey's singing. But that's probably me comparing his solo work too much to the Smiths, one of my favourite bands.

    The middle of the album has three great songs too but they don't flow that well, highlights being the horns and acoustic guitar in When I Last Spoke To Carol, the chorus in 'That's How People Grow Up' and the song 'Someday Goodbye Will Be Farewell'.

    After that, 'It's Not Your Birthday Anymore' starts, another great song because of the chorus with Morrissey singing in an angry tone “It's not your birthday anymore, there's no need to be kind to you. And the will to see you smile and belong, has now gone.”. At the end, Morrissey shows of his singing skill, proving that he still has it in him after all these years.

    'You Were Good In Your Time' is a slower song, with Morrissey being nostalgic again, but this one is quite boring. It's pretty but it just hasn't got that hook, the second half of the song is just noise too.

    'Sorry Doesn't Help' starts with a guitar intro, pretty good, but nothing that Johnny Marr couldn't do with one hand on his back. (but that's me referring to the Smiths again... It's inevitable I guess.) Anyway, the song itself is pretty good!

    The closer, 'I'm OK By Myself', is Morrissey once again stating that he likes to be left alone, he can do things on his own. He sings “Now this might suprise you, but I find I'm okay by myself and I don't need you or your morality to save me, no no no no no” in the first chorus, switching to “Now this might disturb you, but I'm okay by myself and I don't need you or your benevolence to make sense” getting angrier every time, the last chorus being “This might make you throw up in your bed, but I'm okay by myself and I don't need you, and I never have”. Great closer to a great album.

    Conclusion: This is one of my favourite solo albums by Morrissey already! Great lyrics and Morrissey's dealing with a lot of his issues in the songs. It doesn't live up to the Smiths in my opinion, but then again, what does?

    Score: 8.5/10
  • Favourite albums of 2008

    21 jan 2009, 17:50

    As you all already know, 2008 was a pretty mediocre year for music, but there are some albums that are pretty brilliant in my eyes. (ears whatever)

    10. Moving Mountains - Foreword

    I have listened to this like four times (yeah as I said, pretty mediocre year) so I still have to check it out decently but it is pretty nice. Once I look into it more, I'll edit a larger write-up (maybe).

    9. God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut

    (can't find a decent pic WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUU-)

    A pretty good album from a great band. It was mildly disappointing I guess, but it still is a good album, with more epic tracks and standard-postrock climaxes.

    8. Nine Inch Nails - The Slip

    A great album, with more edgy guitar riff Nine Inch Nails and calming instrumentals. It was my first NiN album and impressed me quite a bit. And it's free!

    7. The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely

    A great second album and pretty awesome live, and there's definitely more chemistry between Brendan and Jack (example: title track)!

    6. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend

    Say what you want, but Vampire Weekend can write catchy (summer, although released in january) pop tunes. Nuff said

    5. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

    Great album, brilliant live. They have trippy popsongs like The Youth or catchy dance stuff like Kids, I truly love all tracks on this album.

    4. Portishead - Third

    Most thought it was brilliant, some were disappointed. I fall into the first category, the opening track truly sets the mood for the whole album (which is an awesome trip of melancholic triphop).

    3. Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

    Marvelous album, they have settled with a more accesible sound but it definitely isn't worse. The first 4 tracks are great poppy tunes and then they get to their more usual sound with epic tracks like Festival or the tearjerker Ara bátur.

    2. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night / dEUS - Vantage Point


    Awesome stadiumrock album. Fuck the 'kings of leon have lost their sound yadda yadda' people who call themselves fans, they have put out another great album, deal with it. / dEUS have put out a great album with a big influence from guitarist Mauro Pawlowski, with great singles as the Architect and Slow. All the songs are marvelous.

    1. Bloc Party - Intimacy

    I don't care if you agree or not, this is my favourite album of 2008. It starts with an epic opener called Ares and it ends with an epic ending called Ion Square (or with Your Visits are Getting Shorter if you count the 'bonus' tracks), it's a great album from a band that is still evolving and changing sound every album. I love them and they have really surprised me with this one. (I had low expectations, hearing Mercury and all, but now I even love that song.)

    this was it, hope you enjoyed it.

    P.S.: inb4 'LOL HIPSTER' or 'INDIE <3'
  • dEUS at Vorst Nationaal / Forest National 11/12/08

    12 dec 2008, 12:39

    I don't know the band that was supporting and they didn't say their names but it was okay. I remember they said being Australian and coming all the way from Sidney (just to support a relatively known band, I like that), cool I guess. Anyway after a half hour they stopped playing and after a break Tom Barman and his crew came on stage. They picked up their stuff and started one hell of a show. When She Comes Down was a good opener and it set the mood for tonight with its smooth verses (Su..icide... Suicide soul!) and loud chorus. After that they completely overwhelmed the crowd and just started a funky jam called Everybody's Weird. But the crowd only started getting really into it with Fell Off The Floor, Man (You gotta be your own dog and gotta go sniffing on your own turf!). Slow was nice and definitely better than the first time I saw it at Werchter, they improved it a lot with just adding a few details and making that chorus louder. (Or maybe it was just the concert hall instead of the open air, lol)

    After Slow they started playing their newest single Smokers Reflect and Barman didn't give a shit about the 'no smoking' policy so yeah he 'lights up another sigarette' to quote the song. After that song they played a stunning version of Theme From Turnpike. After The Architect, Favourite Game and Nothing Really Ends they came in with the bomb called Bad Timing and everybody shouted along with the chorus. If You Don't Get What You Want was really loud and a great song to get loose on, and we're only halfway now! After that they played an amazing ending to the 'show' with Suds & Soda, Morticiachair (15 years baby!) and my favourite song Instant Street which had an amazing outro as usual, the crowd went wild. After that, the show came to an 'end'.

    But the crowd obviously wasn't leaving without an encore, so yeah after a few minutes they came back on stage and started Magdalena, one hell of a beautiful song. And it didn't just end there, they played the marvelous Little Arithmetics right after it! It was definitely more loud live but it still had its charm that makes the song so wonderful. After Oh Your God they played Serpentine which Barman dedicated to 'Katerina van de Keukentafel', don't ask me what that was all about but the song was obviously really nice. And that was the end of the first encore. (or maybe Serpentine was in the second encore? I don't remember)

    For the second encore, they played a brilliant version of Let's See Who Goes Down First and ended one of the best gigs I already went to with Roses (Thank you for the roses!).

    1. When She Comes Down
    2. Everybody's Weird
    3. Fell Off The Floor, Man
    4. Slow
    5. Smokers Reflect
    6. Theme From Turnpike
    7. The Architect
    8. Favourite Game
    9. Nothing Really Ends
    10. Bad Timing
    11. If You Don't Get What You Want
    12. Suds & Soda
    13. Morticiachair
    14. Instant Street
    15. Magdalena
    16. Little Arithmetics
    17. Oh Your God
    18. Serpentine
    19. Let's See Who Goes Down First
    20. Roses

    tl;dr: See dude I went to this concert and it was totally aaaaaawesome.