Mahatma's Music for the Day 8/25


25 aug 2006, 07:43

TV on the Radio are one of those bands that I seem to respect more than I actually like, at least that was the case with their full length debut. The new album has surfaced on the internet (and has done so for the past 4 months or so). The album is an improvement from their last, featuring a handful of great, standout tracks. Here is the first single. Definitely check out the rest of the album Return to Cookie Mountain sometime too - it reaches stores Sept. 12. If you're into these guys, make sure you hear their cover of The Pixies "Mr. Grieves."

TV on the Radio - song: "Wolf Like Me"

The new album from Primal Scream has been getting panned from what I've seen. I was never really into them, but I have no opinion on them. Regardless, this song has been stuck with me for a while.

Primal Scream - song: "Country Girl"

Heres a good ending for today:

I really like the self-titled album from these guys. Its even available for free download - from their website. Nice fellows. Don't just take the free album and be satisfied. I think they deserve an actual purchase. Anyway, this is a fantastic album and here are 2 differing songs from it.

Dead Heart Bloom - song: "Saint Henry"

and from the same group - song: "Letter to the World"

and their website where the album can be downloaded:

The Mahatma has to attend class, he should sleep and you should listen.


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