• jak2021

    its brilliance. its different and the same, its new and old, whatever cliche you prefer, its great. technically, brilliant. musically, brilliant. lyrically, brilliant. jack

    7 maj 2006, 06:58
  • buryyourmotz

    the new tool album is not only great... it's even more than amazing... i can't find the right word for that... it's just TOOL

    7 maj 2006, 07:02
  • Crafter

    This is a great album, it takes time to appreciate it, but when you're in, it's just like Aenima and Lateralus, it's so good. Orgasmic music inside :p.

    7 maj 2006, 07:09
  • marcus26892

    it's very good stuff^^

    7 maj 2006, 14:14
  • gravesofrebirth

    Tool has some good ass-shakin groovez.

    6 aug 2006, 17:54
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