Top 10 Last-12-Months Artist Survey


8 jul 2011, 11:22

The original survey was supposed to be for the "Overall" artists, but the last 12 months represent my current tastes more accurately.

1. Yendri
2. Depeche Mode
3. Die Form
4. Lillith
5. Emilie Autumn
6. Abney Park
7. Rasputina
8. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
9. 16 Horsepower
10. Skinny Puppy

Q: What was the first song you ever heard by #2?
A: Personal Jesus.

Q: What is your favorite album of #6?
A: Close call, but probably Aether Shanties.

Q: What is your favorite lyric of #8?
"A serenade of tears, lifelessly
we feel the beat, though no orchestra is there to be seen...
I am you, I am you - you are me,
what I am, what are you - who are we ?
What is truth and what is lie,
who are you and what am I?
In a cradle of mercy we are sleeping
the half-sleep of oblivion."

Q: Is there a song of #1 that makes you sad?
A: One in particular - "Kiss Your Eternal Infinity," because it portrays a specific and very tragic real-life experience (I'm guessing). There are others where I get the same impression, but then again there are multiple interpretations. The others ease sadness rather than cause it. There are a few that are quite unsettling though, such as "Colours of the Rainbow" and "Juliet."

Q: What is your favorite album by #8?
A: On Satur(n)days We Used to Sleep.

Q: How did you get into #5?
A: EA kept popping up into "common artists" or "artists you might enjoy" lists. I actually avoided her music for awhile because of all the hype. However, once I started listening it was apparent how versatile and talented she was.

Q: Who is your favorite band member of #3?
A: There is no favorite - both are necessary! However, I'd love to have the vocal skills Elaine has.

Q: What is a good memory concerning #4?
A: Every time listening to Lillith is a good memory. However, at one point I was dealing with a lot of converging anxiety sources/phobias (being abandoned by friends and loved ones, not living a fulfilling life, and dying in a plane crash). I listened to "Losing a World" repeatedly, which made it easier to accept that there's never a guarantee of either a good or bad outcome.

Q: How did you become a fan of #7?
A: Naturally after listening to Rasputina's music! I found the concept of a Victorian-esque cello alternative rock group unique, which is why I decided to listen.

Q: What do you like to do while listening to #6?
A: I wish I could say battling in an airship, but more like working on homework or research.

Q: Which of the 10 has influenced you the most?
A: Artist or does this pertain to members in #10? Going with the first question (sorry Skinny Puppy), Yendri has been the most influential by far, in multiple ways. First, I used to strictly enjoy songs only in minor keys. After listening to Yendri, I realized it's not the type of chord so much as the way the chord is combined with rhythm, synth effects, harmony combinations, etc. that determines the power of expression. The experimentation is also key. None of Yendri's albums sound alike, hell, none of the songs do either. Yendri also can't be easily compared to any other artist. As a composer, it's overwhelming to listen to Yendri's music because every emotion has been conveyed so perfectly, and it's difficult to know how to express oneself as an individual but with similar effectiveness. However, as Nina said herself, the synths used in 80s music are not what makes the music cool, but the experimentation. This introduces more of a challenge, but I've been more satisfied with my music because of it.

Q: Which artist makes you the most happy?
A: Yendri (Maybe I should have just written about Yendri instead of taking this survey). It's a feeling beyond happiness. I believe that before society, the media, friends, parents, etc. drill into you what you should perceive as "good" or "happy" or anything, there's a brief time where your imagination is completely free and paints a scene of what you actually believe to be perfection. After that time, you may realize that you disagree with everyone's/everything's influences (enter "alternative scene"!) and think that you've completely escaped from their effects. However, others have more power than you think, so what you really contrive is a compromise between your and others' imaginations. You either live in blissful ignorance or feel incomplete, but do not know how to advance your creative capacity to the point of return.
Once I listened to Yendri, I was reunited with true and complete perfection.

Q: Which artist makes you the most sad?
A: Only a few songs by Yendri (as mentioned before). Once in a while, Depeche Mode is a bit depressing as well.

Q: Which artist makes the best dance music?
A: Yendri, of course! Particularly "Dead", "The Truth Behind", "Rache"...there are too many to list.

Q: Which artist have you liked the longest?
A: Skinny Puppy.

Q: Which artist have you liked the shortest?
A: Yendri. I wish to hell that, when I was 11 years old, I'd somehow found a copy of Inhaliere Meine Seele und Stirb and become hooked on Nina's music from the beginning.

Q: Are there any artists you will still be listening to in 20 years?
A: All of them.


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