5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2012 03 15--


4 apr 2012, 05:58

yes! had on simon from Japan play live. thanks to Hylton for translating. super sweet songs. i wish i knew what they were about!

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Cry About It - Bad Banana
Leaves - Psychic Blood
We Fall Apart - Siamese Twins
Mothers Day Card - Jandek
Vacation Gone Bad - Potty Mouth

LIVE: simon

Smile On Your Face - Sore Eros
One Thousand And Eleven Miles - Adams and Eves
Almost Island - Fair Ohs
Too Fast - phat trophies
Ploppy's Revenge - DAN
Winter Pt. II - All of My Brother's Girlfriends
the anti war song - LA Beard Club
Fire - Scarboro Aquarium Club
Strangers Come - Grass Widow
Surviving The Blue - James Rabbit
I Can't Hang - The Ovens
Too Tired To Farm - Hello I'm a Truck
Rib Garden - Ed's Redeeming Qualities
Not This One - Brilliant Colors
Ice Cream - Cigarette
Disaster - Saturday Looks Good To Me
Toothbrush - Dirty Mouth
Dis' Ain't Fate - Clarissa Explains It All


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