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  • jcjohnson63

    hey, college is way more important! yeah really nice job and whenever you have the time please post it! hope all is well for you!

    14 apr 15:54 Svara
  • swoondog

    Probeer deze melodie maar uit je hoofd te krijgen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyIoRzknyo8. Thou canst help but fail, I tell thee!

    14 apr 07:56 Svara
  • Impaled_

    Same here, I also had some busy weeks with lots of homework D: I guess I'll start studying for the finals soon instead of being a procrastinator and studying the day before :)) It's a new challenge but I hope I'll be able to do it. Yes, I have heard about Un chien andalou and the famous eye sequence, but I haven't watched it yet, I'll have to because it's very short after all. Tbh I haven't seen anything by Luis Buñuel, I had "The Exterminating Angel" on my computer but I lost it. Is it any good? My favourite film by Hithcock will always be Rebecca, closely followed by Vetigo and Psycho. Notorious is the last "big" film by him I haven't seen yet. :P Salvador Dalí is highly admired here obviously, but I don't like much of his work, what about you? Do you have any favourite painters? :D

    6 apr 14:39 Svara
  • VinceNet

    I thought it was her, she is quite charming indeed. She has this hint of charm and glamour that many great actresses before her had. I'm glad your presentations are over, it's always best to be one of the first, it's more nervewrecking, but on a shorter time period :) I agree with you about IMDb lists, they can be quite random, it's hard to follow all the inspiration iCM lists can give me, I am picking away at a few lists at the moment... I feel I took on an enormous task but I feel that the movies I watch this way are quite worth it. I also don't watch much tv at all, I might give a small relapse since The Walking Dead season is completing this weekend and I might give it a go. I didn't make up my mind yet. :)

    27 mar 01:21 Svara
  • VinceNet

    I really like your new pictures but I have to ask, is that Emma Watson in the third one? I hope you'll get some rest after those presentations for school, those were always very energy draining somehow! I saw you just won an award on iCM for shorts, I'm not surprised you've seen over 300 then. I agree, some are pretty random but some seem to say so much in so little time... Very wide variety of results I have to say. I agree, Pacino makes the Godfather an entirely different experience, it'll probably be the one performance he'll always be remembered for... but that's a good thing :P Ah, I loved the Simpsons but only saw some of them on tv and that was long ago.. I'm always afraid there's too many and I wouldn't know where to start. But it's true they use a lot of references, I just caught something about it last night on tv and most of the men behind the show are mathematicians and they kept dropping inside jokes and maths formulas. It's fun when writers do that, I love references :)

    22 mar 14:57 Svara
  • VinceNet

    No problem, you can always take your time... And I get how college can get in the way of entertainment :) My weekend was good, in fact I was out of town, and by ways of technology out of movies but thanks to iCM I got to check out shorts on youtube mostly... As I was checking them, I realized you had checked many of them too :) I really enjoyed The Godfather part 1 and 2, it's some classical gangster movie... I felt part 3 wasn't as good. The movies overall might be slightly overrated, but I don't mind that much, mostly because the performances by the ensemble cast are all amazing. They are also common movie for people to explore more into classic movies. At least they were some of the first I checked out when I decided to see some classics. As for Curse of Chucky, I caught the telephone and wheelchair reference but didn't get the poison one, good eye there! It might be on purpose, I watched all of them, recently, and they are full of references to classics and horror films. It's funny

    17 mar 21:58 Svara
  • Impaled_

    As with college, I've decided I'll think what I want to do over this summer. Life's too short to waste time on things you are not passionate about, don't you think? I wouldn't want to stick there just to please my parents or anyone else. It's my life after all. Oh, I searched Six Feet Under but I can't find the first season in HD quality, so I'll be very glad if you send me a link. :) Btw, have you heard about True Detective? It's a new HBO series that looks very interesting, its ratings are ravishing- 9,5 on Imdb!

    16 mar 20:14 Svara
  • Impaled_

    Hey again! How are things going? :) Oh yes, I totally agree with the Oscars ceremony, I watched some bits of it. I was really glad Cate Blanchett won (it was obvious because she won all the previous awards) but that's about it. I had also seen Dallas Buyers Club but I didn't find it Oscar-worthy. It's not that good to be honest. These days I've seen some classic movies like "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" and "Spellbound". I loved both, especially Spellbound, because I love Alfred Hitchcock and the movie has a really interesting dream-sequence by Salvador Dali. Have you seen it? Do you like Hitchcock? :) It's great that you're building your movie collection! 51 movies are not bad at all :D Have you seen anything interesting lately?

    16 mar 20:10 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    have you seen or have I sent you this link before? harry connick jr's song goes so well with gene kelley and mitzi gaynor dancing. mitzi gaynor dances so wonderfully in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnFX223OX-8

    15 mar 11:13 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    Dylan's has written so many great songs. someone told me this anecdote of Leonard Cohen talking to Dylan about song writing and Cohen tells Dylan how much he loves his songs and then reveals how long it took himself to write 'Hallelujah' (apparently it was a long and painful process for Cohen getting that song just right)... and Dylan who writes quickly and prolifically looks at Cohen and says, in my mind I'm guessing in an equally surprised and superior tone, '...really??' You are definitely right about perspective, It's that whole 'Dead Poets Society' standing on your desk thing 'dare to strike out and find new ground because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.'

    15 mar 10:33 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    I've seen 'Hotel Paradiso' haha, that's one of those films you watch thinking 'oh no, what are they doing now???!' so much fun. Have you seen Rik Mayall in 'Black Adder' as Flashheart? He's hilarious 'Woof!' Because of Jack Davenport I watched 'Coupling' and really enjoyed it, kind of a scaled down version of friends. I think Jack Davenport is a fan of Friends, In the POTC commentary he asked Kiera Knightley if the monkey in POTC was Marcel the monkey from Friends. Frozen was great to watch in the cinema, If you've watched a lot of 'Arrested Development' you might notice some Arrested Development references in Frozen.

    15 mar 10:17 Svara
  • VinceNet

    I've had a great weekend, as far as watching movies goes :) I watched Fury, great work! I really enjoyed the story... And it seems Fritz Lang really had a thing for (or against) crowds.. The scene where the mob tries to lynch the prisoner really reminded me of that claustrophobic feeling you get in M.. The trial was cleverly portrayed too. I'm not familiar with Scott Kalvert's work (director of The Basketball Diaries) but he apparently directed only 2 movies so here's a director whose filmography might not take too long :P You're right, both De Niro and Pacino made some questionnable films lately, I just feel De Niro made more of those :P Let me think of some Pacino movies I loved... Panic In Needle Park and Cruising were both great performances in his early career. I'd say Donnie Brasco for the more recent ones :)

    10 mar 21:47 Svara
  • VinceNet

    I hear you, watchlists seem to be a neverending thing, they always grow faster than you have time to deplete them! Well, at least I had the chance of watching Mr Smith goes to Washington, I found it quite funny. It dealt lightheartedly on a very serious and political topic, while still being relevant. Great performance by Stewart... I might try to catch some of his other work, especially the ones you mentionned, since I haven't seen any! I haven't seen Fury either, it seems perfectly up my alley though, I should watch it. Not sure about a favorite Di Caprio film, maybe The Departed or Shutter Island. I've never got around to see his earlier work, like the Basketball Diaries or What's eating Gilbert Grape... have you? I guess you might since the latter has Johnny Depp. As for De Niro-Pacino, I'd say I'm on the same team as you. I love both, but I feel De Niro has made more non-memorable films... Whereas Pacino is more constant. Have a good Sunday :)

    9 mar 12:18 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    I agree with you about feeling trapped even when help is near, and that that help can, even with the best intentions, fall short sometimes. Im sorry to hear about the struggles you're family has gone through but I'm glad you are able to talk about it. always here if you want to talk more. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this song before or if you listen to much Bob Dylan but it's called 'To Ramona' and It's a beautiful song where Dylan is speaking directly to a girl named Ramona telling her things will be okay and talking to her about the what she is going through and the things and people that surround her. It's a great song. Here is a link to Dylan singing it live in, I think it was, 1965 England, I particularly love the last few lines http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr4WBR2xUng

    8 mar 19:57 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    I actually haven't seen any of the Oscar nominated films except Blue Jasmine, so can't really comment. The two films I'd seen that weren't nominated for best movie, actor, actress... were 'Frozen' and 'The Great Gatsby'. I'm glad Gatsby won for the two awards it did, 'Best Costume' I think it was, they deserved that, beautiful wardrobe for that film, can't remember the other award they won. As for Cate Blanchett winning for Best Actress, she was certainly amazing to watch in 'Blue Jasmine'. Have you seen more of the nominated films? What were your thoughts on the results?

    8 mar 19:49 Svara
  • tarantulajones

    Oh yes, Rik Mayall! Have you watched the 'Young Ones'? Great show isn't it. Although Sheen would probably be polite and quiet with you whereas Mayall would headbutt you and call you a fascist. In 30 Rock Michael Sheen keeps stating that things (that are obviously called the same thing in both countries) called something in America are called something els in England... for instance I think he refers to a bicycle as ... ' a foot cycle, that's what we call it in England', and at one point he tells Liz about 'Chums' a british version of 'Friends' and he sings her the chorus of Chums theme song to the same melody of 'I'll be there for you'.... 'I'll be there always - when the rains fall in Wales...' Lol. Definitely agree with you, Allen and the Before series have fantastic dialogue, I think people who don't like those films don't really get what's being said between the lines, what the true intent of the characters, and the truth of their motives are.

    8 mar 19:45 Svara
  • HeyJazzMan

    M'n allereerste six track album! ;) Op m'n fbpagina staat een link naar m'n allereerste album met zes songs erop. https://soundcloud.com/jimcain/sets/dont-look-back-album

    8 mar 17:05 Svara
  • VinceNet

    I've really got to see Mr Smith goes to Washington, I've been meaning to for a while... I'll try to fix that. I really haven't seen much of James Stewart except for a couple of Hitchcock movies here and there, so there's many pictures to be seen :) I've heard a lot of times that Fritz Lang is quite a "hit or miss" director and that his movies are quite uneven, I have to say I liked all the ones I've watched, but then again, I've probably watched the most famous.. So I don't know. (I like how easy it is to check how many movies you've seen from someone on iCM ;)) I watched Two for the Money when it came out, which is a while ago but I think Matthew McConaughey and Pacino had great on screen time. I agree with you on Di Caprio, he's been constantly pulling amazing performances lately... I love Shutter Island for one.. oh and this is always an interesting one, De Niro or Pacino?

    6 mar 23:27 Svara
  • joanpwr

    Thanks! I liked your profile :) nice library too.

    6 mar 13:26 Svara
  • VinceNet

    Oh, 1939 sounds like a great year indeed, but I admittedly haven't seen The Wizard of Oz or Mr Smith goes to Washington... Dark Victory which is one of my favorite Bette Davis movie was also made in 1939, that's a great pick. Dexter was good all the way but I felt it was dragging on a bit. I wouldn't recommend The Secret Beyond The Door necessarily as it wasn't as good as Rebecca and was quite reminiscent but I like Joan Bennett and her performance was great, very classic noir use of shadows... Watch it if you have time but it's not a must see :) I didn't watch the oscars, but I checked the results.. It never mean that much to me but I am happy for the Dallas Buyers Club as it got a lot of recognition. Did you see the movie? It was powerful and moving... I'm still shocked about how Matthew McConnaughey went from rom-coms to such powerful dramatic roles in less than a decade, all props to him. What about you? Did you root for any particular movie this year?

    3 mar 15:11 Svara
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