Higher Than Pope, 59, Man, USA
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Om mig

I used to listen to a lot of unknown and indie bands on here but Last.FM changed their streaming policy and so I spend almost zero time on this site.
There is a story behind the band (Higher Than Pope). There is a story in front of the band. The band originally went by Pope but someone else released a CD first under that name, so....

Continuities of time and space are disrupted in a heart beat by the weight of a Higher Than Pope composition. One second you are late 60's retro and then next avant-garde progressive rock. There appears to be a genre warp as the HTP black hole collapses genre after genre, with none appear to escape unscathed.

Fans say:
"wow you are really interesting and original sounding. I am listening. you are whacked in a good way....I am listening."

"I think your song "new beast" is some kind of masterpiece. I like the raw attitude in your sound."

"I think you have the leading edge in music..very captivating...even more awesome through the phones took me to a higher plane!"

"'Wow!' I just had my ears assaulted and my mind fried simply by listening to a few tracks of this aural crack. Thank god a soft guitar jumped from the speakers just in time to let me sop up the blood dripping from my brain - very Hitchcockian! Then back into the hunt! Good to find a soul behind the sonic mayhem! And a lovely one at that."

Although primarily a guitar band, HTP have no qualms about snipping bits from multiple genres and splicing the results together. HTP are not big on songs that evolve so slowly you fall asleep between intro and verse. Instead they practice revolution and from one moment to the next you have no idea what may transpire next as you are catapulted from one sonic event to another.

Spent time in Salt Lake. Spent time in Chicago. Spent time in Sunnyvale. Spent time in Orange County. (No, not the prisons.) Looks like it is time to relocate soon. What goes around, comes around. Bang! I'm back in Utah.

Gustav's Guitars was released as a side project in mid 2006. Another CD, EO, is expected in mid 2010 since the vocal tracks are not ready at this point. You can get a preview (sans vocals) of the instrumental versions by going to the online store and getting EO (Instrumental Version).

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