Great show, always fun to see bands at Rudyard's.


17 jun 2010, 04:42

It was an excellent show. The sound was surprisingly decent for being upstairs in a pub, and the atmosphere at Rudyard's is always very laid back. Brews are generally inexpensive, and I hear the food is pretty good, though I've yet to try it myself. Back to the show: The Twilight Sad are very good live, and though a couple of them are a bit lacking in stage presence, they more than make up for it by playing a good amount of their best tunes, and playing with excellent musicianship. The band opened with the bombastic Reflection of the Television, and they transitioned excellently through some fan favourites like And She Would Darken the Memory and I Became a Prostitute, before closing with a passionate rendition of Cold Days from the Birdhouse. My only quibble here were how long it took for everything to get properly set up; the band didn't end up coming on until almost 11. Actually, I was also a little bummed they didn't play one of my favourite songs, Made to Disappear, but now I'm just nitpicking.

Moving onto Mono, I am not very familiar with their music, and really only know a couple of their songs. I like what I've heard, I just don't know very much of it that's all. For this reason, I found their set sounding a bit samey, and it ended up sounding a bit like one extended suite, but I'm pretty sure I can blame this on the nature of post rock, and my not being familiar with their discography. At any rate, the band played a nice long set, and all of the songs were very well executed.


  • mmoura1104

    Good review! I really dig The Twilight Sad , excellent performance...Loved Mono's set....I know their music and had been following their I was ready for their set. It was pretty cool

    28 jun 2010, 22:09
  • Heebeejeebies

    Thanks! I'm going to start doing reviews like this for all the shows I go to. Definitely a great show, I need to get my hands on some more of Mono's stuff.

    9 jul 2010, 19:24
  • transfix

    Thanks for this review, I had a great time that night =)

    24 nov 2010, 20:24
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