April Week 3 Roundup


22 apr 2010, 08:29

WOW, This week will probably be remembered for only one thing and that was Death Cab for Cutie's meteoric rise from nothing to #24 on the all time artists list. It all started when I was watching C4 2 and they played a song which had a cool bass line, soon I was addicted and the song I Will Possess Your Heart got an absolutely phenomenal 65 plays in just 3 days, enough to propel it to 14th on the all time list, something many songs take months to get to. This is even more remarkable when you realize that the track is actually over 8 mins long. Death Cab For Cutie followed this up by taking the other two spots in the top 3 tracks, with The Sound of Settling and I Will Follow You Into The Dark in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

However this wasn't the only major move of the week with Kanye West's debut album, The College Dropout, after more than a year of chasing, finally surpassing The Electric Confectionaires, debut Sweet Tooth as the most played album of all time.

On a more normal note, Album of the week was a tie between Death Cab's Narrow Stairs and LCD Soundsystem's self titled debut, with both getting 63 plays. Vampire Weekend's debut was close behind on 60 plays, with Eminem's, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Electric Confectionaires, Sweet Tooth and The Strokes, Is This It all getting airtime. 20 Albums were able to break into double figures this week.

Death Cab for Cutie dominated the artist chart, despite only having three songs due to the lack of bandwidth left, getting 112 plays, In front of Vampire Weekend's 70 and LCD Soundsystem's 66. 15 Artists got into double figures, including a first entry from Hockey.

Trackwise, I Will Posses Your Heart's 63 plays was easily enough for first, and the 2nd and 3rd placings are detailed above. Other than those blowouts, it was an extremely close chart, with only Vampire Weekend's ever present A-Punk getting into double figures. LCD Soundsystem, Hockey, Eminem and The Strokes all made impressions on the chart.

There were no new albums this week, Thanks a lot my Internet Provider!


Unique Artists: 61
Total Tracks: 307
Total Plays: 616

Track of the Week: I Will Possess Your Heart
Album(s) of the Week: Narrow Stairs - LCD Soundsystem (yes, another tie)
Artist of the Week: Death Cab for Cutie



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