How I became "metalist" (a.k.a. part of my listener's history)


28 aug 2009, 12:16

First of all, I have to say I don't consider myself a "metalist" (or whatever). I don't listen to strictly of-that-kind-of-genre bands and my favourite colour is NOT black ( xD ), to be precise, it's white. I don't wear only black clothes to pretend something or to tell everybody WHO I AM ACTING LIKE. I like (almost) all colours and funny T-shirts with crazy pictures. xD I DON'T dye my hair black to be black from head to heels. I actually DO dye my hair black, but only because I like it and I begane with it before listening to any "metal" (* see the note below) anyway... I don't say people who are wearing only black are bad / strange / odd / idiots. I only say I don't do it because myself, I find it odd and I would die withou colours (and I really mean it. If you saw my school books or things I study, you would understand... I need colours really everywhere!)

The first "metal" song I've ever heard (let's say it like this...) was Ice Queen by Within Temptation, which is, imo, the best known (and most overplayed) song by WT. To be honest, I didn't like it at all. But it wasn't because of the music and / or Sharon, it was because of the song itself. I actually remember myself having problems with Ice Queen until the concert on 17th January 2008 in Prague where IQ was the last song and I was totally blown away. Maybe a "concert euphory", who knows. Since then I like IQ, BUT I almost stopped listening to WT. Anyway, back to the beginning...

I heard IQ, don't really know when, but it was at least a year before I fell in love with WT. I believe I remember the exact date as it was on 12th or 13th February 2007 and it was Jillian. It's quite long ago but I still do consider this song one of the most beautiful WT've ever done. It's very fascinating and very... high *can't resist and has to play Jillian right now* It was on Youtube and (I really don't understand why) it was together with the Bring Me to Life video by Evanescence. I liked EV very much that time, but I don't say EV is (some kind of) metal, because you people here might want to kill me. BUT I have to say I came to "metal" from pop THROUGH Evanescence and you can say whatever crap you want...

Jillian was totally awesome. Then I tried some other stuff from The Silent Force. I believe it was See Who I Am, Pale, Stand My Ground, It's the Fear and maybe some others I'm not sure about. WT were my most favourite band since then which ended with the concert in January 2008.

My WT-loving period overlaps the beginning of my NW-loving times. The first song I've heard by Nightwish was Amaranth. It was "recommended" to me by my friend, midrose. I was blown away again. You can tell me Amaranth is poppy song. I can ask you to kiss my... DRUM! xD I loved Amaranth and then Nemo if I remember right but this was only autumn 2007. I was listening to many other songs. I remember loving She Is My Sin that winter and also Planet Hell and End of All Hope (for unknown reason).

(One evening I was bored and as I am a member of NW official forum, I made a small research in discussion about "the songs you don't like by NW". The most POPULAR ones - means the ones almost nobody mentioned - were End of All Hope and Planet Hell - unknown reason again.)

I couldn't bear e.g. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion or The Poet and the Pendulum (and even Dead Boy's Poem or Two for Tragedy that happen to be my favourities now). I have to say that my ears weren't used to such vocals that are in The Pharaoh. I honestly HATED it.

The real "ice breaking" (as I would call it speaking Czech) came very early after the WT concert. It was 21st January 2008. (Yeah, I always remember the dates as I love to celebrate things like: "OMG, look, I have Nightwish anniversary today!") and the song of my destiny was Creek Mary’s Blood, to be precise the End of an Era performance. I only thank to Tarja that I didn’t understand something she sings in the lyric! I went somewhere to find about about the lyric and whether I’m mad or just deaf and I saw the EoaE video. Guess what happend – I WAS BLOWN AWAY! xD The live version somehow kicked me into loving Nightwish. It was the first time I told myself Tuomas Holopainen IS a damn genious! (And also the first time I realized he’s handsome xD and somehow totally adorable!) Till today, I’m not really sure if I LIKE CMB. I don’t really know. It’s just the song that made me to love all of Nightwishes and Tuomases but – Do I really LOVE it that much?! The answer is surprisingly NO. I don’t really know what I feel, but CMB IS a very special song and not only for me. It has the spirit of Indians and John Two-Hawkes and the beautiful poem in the end. I wasn’t able to realize WHY this particular Indian language until I saw „Dances with Wolves“ this summer. I found the language kinda fascinating but yet sounding a bit „all-the-same“.

So I had WT and NW that time but – is this enough?! The answer is again NO, but it was really hard for me to find other female fronted metal bands, which I was searching for. If I remember right, the others were Lacuna Coil and the album Karmacode and Leaves‘ Eyes with all their albums that we know so far, but mainly with Elegy, because this song is (again) awesome and high :P Then there were guys from After Forever. I didn’t like AF that much. I didn’t know their After Forever which made me to love them later.

In summer of 2008 I came on for the first time. It helped me a lot with searching for another bands like those five. I believe I got to know with Angtoria, Delain, Krypteria, Imperia (that I didn’t like that time), Sirenia and maybe some others I can’t realize. Most of the other bands I „met“ in summer/autumn 2008 on various blogs and forums. I remember I was blown away by Katra and Hb.
Here the metal history ends, because as I have more and more bands (almost every day or what) I’m losing in it...

BUT! if you look at my charts, you really CANNOT even THINK of me as of a metalist. Who’s on the overall artists 2nd place? Kelly Clarkson! And what about the others? Sugababes, The Bird and the Bee and The Ditty Bops. I’m not ashamed for this and I have a simple explanation: it’s summer. Summer’s really NOT a time for listening to very much metal, I don’t exactly know why, but I feel more comfortable with happy songs by The Bird and the Bee when it’s hot outside. Of course that sometimes I listen to NW or something but definitely not so often as during the other seasons. Also it might be because I have so much free time. I’m online all day long and I listen to something for about 14 hours per day (if I’m not reading, watching something...). If I was listening to the (more or less) same genre all day, I’d surely go mad! I really know what to do with my free time on holiday. xD I can finally WRITE which is my most beloved hobby of all. I got used to listening more to pop like Kelly or The Bird and the Bee and I get much more inspiration from it (though I consider „metal“ and Tuomas‘ lyrics that nobody undersnads VERY INSPIRATIVE). I bet this is fault of „Grey’s Anatomy“. I used to like it very much and I met e.g. The Bird and the Bee on its soundtrack. I stopped watching it due the lack of time during school-year and also it got kinda „stramge and overplayed“ as every series sooner or later gets. Series and sitcoms, oh yes, I love to watch this xD. Absurd and really odd stuff like „The Nanny“ will always make me laugh even when I saw the whole thing for about 4 times. I simply love this kind of fun. To me it’s „pop fun“. As I love to write this „pop fun“ the best, it’s hard not to listen to the music doing it... I also mustn’t forget FROM WHERE I came to listening to metal – from listening the radio! From listening pop and r&b ALL DAY LONG.

I really think I have done a long journey so far. xD But still Kelly stays in my charts (because she has a wonderful voice and say whatever you want, the new CD totally kicks my summer-mooded ass!) The journey hasn’t ended yet. Still I mostly do listen only to female fronted bands. I like to sing along with them and with male vocals it is not so easy. Maybe I just like the „girlie“ sound, who knows. The true is that I’ve been recetly „slowly starting“ with exploring also male fronted bands. I simply cannot resist Lovex because whatever my waiting-for-soprano ears say, songs like Take A Shot or Ordinary Day do – What with me? Yeah, blow me away xD.

I’m sure that (if you really made it and read through all this) you are blown away as well (and probably not very positively). Always, when I start writing something short, it ends up like being three-Word-pages long (because my internet suddenly died and I necessarily HAD TO finish writing this). I’m glad you cannot hear me speaking. It’s impossible to stop me xD but still I prefer writing (and writing in English). I hate when people write most of their journals in their language, I can’t read them then :( (But of course, when they don’t wanna write them in English – or possibly can’t, I cannot be angry with them) I can go through some French (with difficulties) and Spanish (which is really surprising since I study it for only one year, but maybe it’s thanks to seven years of French before...). I love to practise – writing and speaking about the things you like is the best way though I understand I can’t be perfect after (only) seven years of studying it (only) at school.

Anyway, now I really wanna thank you for (maybe) reading (maybe) whole my musical history. I’m really ashamed for the lenght xD and for the mistakes I’ve made (as I suppose).

* I write metal like "metal", because many people don't consider this metal a METAL and "female fronted metal" - as I heard - is no genre. So how the f... shall I talk about the music I like, then? I don't really know...


  • GraceTemptation

    I really cannot format this sh... right! I always have to edit about million times and THEN it can be right and with all the links functional! Could somebody tell me how to link Leaves' Eyes? I have no idea! :D

    28 aug 2009, 12:32
  • nDroae

    Ummm, my favorite color is blue-green. Black isn't a color, it's, like, a state of being or something, y'know.... :-P Ice Queen is not the most well known or overplayed WT song, that is clearly What Have You Done. :-D People tagging it several different wrong ways (mainly putting "feat. Keith Caputo" in either the track or artist title) keeps it from dominating the band's charts, fortunately. Ice Queen on Black Symphony is amazing. So yeah, I guess it's great live. But Sharon doesn't sound that good on Mother Earth, so just re-singing it now helps. Evanescence is what's known as "alternative metal," which means modern rock music that people will think sounds like metal if they don't know what metal sounds like. ^_^ See also Flyleaf. [i]you can say whatever crap you want...[/i] A FEW YEARS AGO I ATE A LIVE BEETLE LARVA TO SEE WHAT IT TASTED LIKE!!! (yes, really) [i](One evening I was bored and as I am a member of NW official forum, I made a small research in discussion about "the songs you don't like by NW". The most POPULAR ones - means the ones almost nobody mentioned - were End of All Hope and Planet Hell - unknown reason again.)[/i] Planet Hell? Someone must hate that song, I guess it just slips people's minds in comparison to their hatred for Wish I Had an Angel, Bye Bye Beautiful, Amaranth, Nemo, etc. :-P Why don't/didn't you like The Poet and the Pendulum? WHORE FOR THE COLD WORLD WHORE FOR THE COLD WORLD WHORE FOR THE COLD WORLD Angtoria sucks ^_^ What's so unmetal about Kelly Clarkson? I'm not going to dig through the 999999 shouts on the "Since U Been Gone" page but at one point, some guy said something like, "I am a diehard metalhead, but this is the greatest piece of music ever written." So there you go. [i]I’m glad you cannot hear me speaking.[/i] I'm not, that would be funny :-P Nice journal. :)

    28 aug 2009, 21:59
  • fujikiri

    Tara = Tarja? The trick is to post this several times, you post it, then you edit it, cut a part of it, post it, paste another part, post it, paste another and post it and so on until the whole journal is up.

    29 aug 2009, 00:11
  • TmBmbadl

    That was a nice read, something that caught my attention: "The journey hasn’t ended yet" It probably won't end, just keep an openmind and you'll always find something new to listen to.

    29 aug 2009, 02:09
  • GraceTemptation

    nDroae > Sorry, I just feel Ice Queen to be overplayed. At least on concerts, because I haven't seen any WT concert WITHOU this song... I don't know much about WHYD, my WT-madness stopped that time xD. I didn't look to WT's charts. I just feel this is the song! :D (But as I look to the charts, it seems to be Angels... I loved that, but too much! And then Stand My Ground - I never really liked this song, but everybody around me does! Once I was watching some "Top 10 by WT" on YT. I was fascinated - so many times The Promise or Deceiver of Fools. In this case I prefer DoF, cause it's just awesome and high :P ) Oh, you are right, sometimes I think Sharon sounds like some witch on the first albums! xD But the "witchest" song is Another Half (of Me)! Oh yeah, "alternative". And then people start to argue whether it's "metal", "rock" or "piece of shit" xD I don't really care, it was just my way :P Thx for the crap xD It really made me laugh. Anyway, I started ti to think you do very odd things, poor bugs that get in your way xD Hm... I was thinking about this, too. But, if you forget the song, it means you don't mind it that much... I went to the forum to search my research ( xD ) but they rebuilt it quite a lot and I don't believe the topic still exists. Unfortunately, I erased it, so I won't tell you about the others, but you're right, Amaranth and BBB ended up really terribly. I don't know about Nemo... I think there was actually one person who disliked Planet Hell, none who disliked End of All Hope and about two hating Fantasmic (from which one hated on the 2nd part) Why I didn't like Poet? Simple answer, it was too long for me... I wasn't used to songs that I start to play while leaving my house in the morning and finish with them in the middle of my way to school. I really don't know. It was like with other songs, e.g. Meadows of Heaven. But I liked Poet much sooner than Meadows. NW are worthy (at least for me) of proper listening over and over again. And after this, you like every song xD What is unmetal about Kelly? Ehmm... everything? You know, most of my artists are actually "metal". But most of my favourite songs (in the top 10 on my profile) are pop! Sometimes you just fell in love with something that you think is terrible of you, but it just happend xD God, funny xD I don't speak so much as I write I guess... (at least in English!) Have ever heard Czech? My Hungarian friends told me it was killing their ears. (But the and their Hungarian-curse... you know...) Thx, I was doubting that somebody would read it xD fujikiri > Thanks, I will fix this sh... I read it about million times, but I didn't realize this xD Thanks for the method :P But I really dream of writing everything correctly with every single stupid link right... TmBmbadl > I mean "journey" more like new genres. I still have problems listening to terrible growlers or yelling men! I don't mind yelling women that much - which is really strange xD But I doubt I will ever like this and I don't really mind, because I have enough music to listen to NOW! What about in next 3, 4 years... :S I don't wanna see that xD

    29 aug 2009, 06:29
  • GraceTemptation

    os_teriyaki> Thanks, and I'm glad I inspired you ;) I hope it was at least as interesting as writing it (because for me it really was sooo much fun... and so much searching in my calendar...) I agree that Amy's life performance isn't really so awesome as it could be. But so was Anette's and I have very good experience with her live from July. Tarja surely IS good live, but sometimes she sings Finglish so much that I can't stand it. I've been thinking about the CMB problem recently. I played it after very long time yesterday and I realized how much it means to me. Plus I love to sing it :P (Oh, poor my neighbours... But I believe they got used to it.) The vocal parts are really amazing. Oh... <3 *loves CMB*

    29 aug 2009, 18:27
  • nDroae

    Hmm... *checks the play counts* Oddly enough, all the different versions of What Have You Done only add up to 2,500 plays or so this week and Angels has 3,318 plays, guess I overestimated the insanity. :-D I know why Angels is so popular though, it's because it's the ideal breakup song. :-P You seem to be extremely interested in psychographic statistics, maybe you should look for a cereer related to that. :-P Another Half (of Me) is nice.... :( Well, it was one of my pet mealworms, I just wanted to eat one so I did. I felt sorry for it though. [i]I wasn't used to songs that I start to play while leaving my house in the morning and finish with them in the middle of my way to school.[/i] SO GET USED TO IT! [img][/img] Oh wait, you like it now. Okay. :-P Hungarian curse? I don't know if I've heard Czech, I don't think so. I've heard quite a bit of Slovakian though. :-P Finglish lol XD

    30 aug 2009, 01:14
  • TmBmbadl

    Yeah, I also meant genres, I'm still discovering new ones and liking some I never thought I would. Well, right now you don't think you'll like growlers, but who knows? 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd like Hiphop or electronic music, today some of my favorite albums come from those genres. And, like os_teriyaki, this journal makes me want to write about my "musical history", I've thought about it before but still haven't been able to, it probably wouldn't make sense anyway.

    30 aug 2009, 03:42
  • GraceTemptation

    nDroae> Psycho- statistics... Oh yes, I love psycho. And statistics, too :P But actually only the ones that are interesting... and connected with me. Ice Queen really disappointed me in this. :( I also like Another Half. I only say Sharon sounds like a witch, and I have nothing against witches :P I got used to it, really. Quite often the longest track from the CD happens to be my favourite. E.g. Not Human Kind or Catherine His Beloved are of those. Well, Hungarian sounds like (I call it) high-quality cursing to me. Well and Slovak is quite close to Czech (though I didn't really like Slovak, Czech seems to me has "more words" - I can see it on Slovak dubbed films) What's so funny about Finglish? I've never heard of it (so I created a word... :P ) but there's no other way how to call the language Tarja sometimes sings in! xD TmBmbadl> Ten years are long, that's for sure. :P I cannot really know what will be then, but I don't expect myself to change that much in the next 10 years... Omg,I'm so inspirative? That's great. Every history has sense! :P Where would I be without my dates and calendar (I'm gonna end like having anniversary with something every day)? But surely, if you write it, let me know, I'd like to read it ;)

    30 aug 2009, 12:47
  • nDroae

    Okay.... :-D Apparently the term has been around since 1920 though. "The history of Finglish may be divided between Old Finglish and New Finglish." Yeaahhhh.

    31 aug 2009, 00:03
  • TmBmbadl

    Alright, I'll try to write mine and I'll let you know, although it could take a while, right now I don't have much free time, and I don't have a calendar to keep track of dates :).

    31 aug 2009, 01:37
  • wingkon

    I'll admit I skimmed through it, but WIthin Temptation, Nightwish, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Leaves Eyes are all great bands. :D And Angtoria is really underrated. God Has a Plan for Us All is some really power stuff ;p

    18 sep 2009, 06:38
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