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Limp BizkitI'll Be OK igår kväll
NileAnnihilation of the Wicked igår kväll
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FaithlessInsomnia igår kväll
NileUser-Maat-Re igår kväll
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  • sproaty

    haha I was only joking, 99% sure it's a lady :) I'm really good, got a pretty good job that pays well and is a good career progression. Getting into cycling again, fun stuff., Still working out? My musical tastes are all over the place nowadays, kinda drifting into lots of laid-back electronic stuff and trip hop

    6 jul 23:07 Svara
  • sproaty

    that's a bloke in your picture btw. also you need to listen to more music bro.

    2 jul 18:54 Svara
  • Pathogen89

    well that depends, have you ever sat at a pub at 11 in the morning and talked endlessly into your guinness?

    5 jun 09:06 Svara
  • tfaaon

    hahaha, so stoked to see them at hellfest. and might interview Luc ! :P haha, if you're a social network addict, here is my feed : https://www.facebook.com/tfaaon sharing all I like about music

    4 jun 22:53 Svara
  • tfaaon

    GORGUTS !! lml

    4 jun 21:57 Svara
  • Pathogen89

    metal, chemistry, and arse. right on.

    23 maj 03:15 Svara
  • kereealazer

    True that

    24 apr 23:37 Svara
  • kereealazer

    Too bad it's not a bigger picture.

    16 apr 23:37 Svara
  • kereealazer

    Thanks for the add, really loven that ass

    9 apr 03:11 Svara
  • iremembernothng

    hey! thanks for accepting and glad to hear you're a drummer too! :D great charts and even better avatar ;)

    30 jan 15:29 Svara
  • sublimewreckage

    actually I'm not super familiar with Dodecahedron.. but from what I just heard, you could try a bunch of bands in the modern "orthodox" realm. They kinda have that sound I would associate with bands like Ascension, Blut Aus Nord, Aosoth (on their last two albums: 'Ashes of Angels' and 'III'), and some others I can't think of off-hand. If I remember I'll be sure to give you a shout. Also, don't be afraid to tell me what you honestly thought about the recommendations. ;)

    10 sep 2013 Svara
  • sublimewreckage

    Sorry, that's Dodecahedron*, I meant to say.

    10 sep 2013 Svara
  • sublimewreckage

    Nope, was drinking a PILSNER... and I don't think you Irish like beer that isn't "red" or dark. As for the music... well, I've got a band but its not really black metal. It could be argued that they're in the same "family" as DsO and Chodeahedron, however. Monomakh is the name of the group, you can download the demo here: http://www.svn-okklt.com/2013/02/monomakh-mmxii.html . Also check out Muknal and The Haunting Presence (demos of these groups can also be found in the same blog---"I can't be ARSED" to find the direct links for all of them for ya, though).

    10 sep 2013 Svara
  • sublimewreckage

    LOL, i'm pretty sure I was drunk when I posted the shout below. I do believe I've seen that bubble butt before though, I'm almost sure of it now that you mention its been on your pc for 6+ years.

    10 sep 2013 Svara
  • mathjic

    I I do actually but the Aussies are on a shit run and have been for a long long time...kinda grating on me tbh. What have been your fave albums over the last year or so?

    8 sep 2013 Svara
  • sublimewreckage

    that is one round, fucking fat ass, damn. i mean, that thing is fucking meaty, but there's no denying its succulence... with that round and shapely form. wow. Who is that cunt, anyway? Kristina Rose, Remy LaCroix???

    6 sep 2013 Svara
  • mathjic

    lols at avvy...good fucking tastes too btw

    1 sep 2013 Svara
  • sproaty


    8 aug 2013 Svara

    Deifinitely, i have the album pre ordered .... but i just couldnt wait to hear it so i'm, giving it a listen right now and have to say that its fucking godly!

    3 aug 2013 Svara

    Hah! nice profile pic. Ready for the new Gorguts my friend?

    2 aug 2013 Svara
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