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  • Yelyah-Williams

    Ever stumble across the section of that has nothing but 50-70 year old British and German men on it? It's really creepy.

    27 aug 03:31 Svara
  • Yelyah-Williams

    I've gotten some weird inboxes and shouts on here in a similar fashion to that in the past. The most recent was from some 31 year old doofus.

    27 aug 02:58 Svara
  • CharlieO675

    26 aug 19:29 Svara
  • CharlieO675

    Nice Tity Andronicus scrobbles, boy. Also, I'm sorry to hear about how it snows in June in Kentucky.

    22 aug 00:08 Svara
  • Yelyah-Williams

    School starts early in KY because we're just midwestern enough to experience snow and not know how to drive in it @ Chaz.

    21 aug 08:19 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    youre a strong white man who dont need no drugs. i love you

    18 aug 15:13 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    also drugs r bad plz don't do them. if u do, only fuck with weed/shrooms..but aha but don't get caught, that iwll fuck up your whole life bruh. just drink. drink and socialize. make some more friends, i dont like the ones ur with :L

    18 aug 15:12 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    Literally all u do in college is class and act like a douche and impress women with ur shitty taste in music and big headphones and let them take u out to coffee. just apply and dont let ur grades slip brother boy. ..ugh i should look into transfering to a uni soon... :/ i'll finish 4 more semesters here. tell me where ur goin and make sure they have a good psychology program so we can meet up and fuck each other, k babez? and possibly charlie. i love him so much

    18 aug 15:09 Svara
  • CharlieO675

    Haha, you Kentucky fuck, it's August, you shouldn't be in school. Senior year is better than junior year, you just need to wait for the "run out the clock" vibe to settle in. That usually happens once everyone gets into college. So yeah, it'll be less lame once that acceptance letter from Stanford arrives in the mail. Okay Christian, I'm upset that you lied but I'm happy to find out you actually aren't a degenerate.

    15 aug 23:23 Svara
  • Yelyah-Williams

    Why is Juan still here?

    13 aug 22:54 Svara
  • Yelyah-Williams

    Glad you're legal now.

    13 aug 22:53 Svara
  • CharlieO675

    It feels like it's been less than a month since you disrupted Trent and I's important discussion. You were probably high at the time so you've forgotten the whole thing. I'm doing about as shitty as always, how the fuck are doing?

    12 aug 01:58 Svara
  • d0ppelgangland

    So offensive.

    5 aug 01:14 Svara
  • d0ppelgangland

    I drove to Indiana and back this weekend and I think I passed your little town

    4 aug 02:09 Svara
  • doublespic

    drake bell huh

    27 jul 00:14 Svara
  • Jbourdeth96

    Im feeling bored lately . All I do is watch football and listen to music. I see you are listening to the Drake and Josh Vaporwave album. Has someone uploaded it youtube?

    26 jul 08:37 Svara
  • Jbourdeth96

    Whats up man?

    23 jul 05:19 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    i was tired and happy when i shouted you please forgive me

    19 jul 00:47 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    and nice dick jr. quote, dick jr ;) <333333333333 luv ur black boyfriend - trent!

    18 jul 02:11 Svara
  • L2GSlayer

    that new mac mixtape is fuckin needlepoint, man! i liked it

    18 jul 02:03 Svara
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