foo_audioscrobbler 1.3.16


9 mar 2008, 19:27

Hi Audioscrobblers,

I've just released foo_audioscrobbler 1.3.16, the standalone Audioscrobbler component for foobar2000 0.9.

The new version fixes a problem with scrobbling tracks with tracknumbers that contain characters that are subject to url encoding.
Thanks to altblue for reporting.

Happy scrobbling! :)

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  • Rowolta

    Thank you

    10 mar 2008, 15:55
  • GeMir

    Does it work with

    5 mar 2009, 18:25
  • Ganymed


    5 mar 2009, 18:33
  • silent--tom

    i use but it still cant work, i had already download this and install this component, any advice? thanks

    9 mar 2009, 05:29
  • Ganymed

    Check the foobar2000 Console for any messages. Also make sure that you've enabled scrobbling at the preferences page.

    9 mar 2009, 09:23
  • silent--tom

    yes it works ganymed, thanks :) but now last fm application doesnt describe the band what im playing now but its still scrobbled on last fm page,and the application didnt appear on tray automaticaly everytime i open the foobar just like before.. it was the side effect because its built in or i made some mistake again? thanks for the guidance once again.

    9 mar 2009, 10:52
  • Ganymed

    The whole purpose of foo_audioscrobbler is to offer a light-weight solution that just scrobbles your tracks and doesn't depend on the official player -- not less, not more. If you want to use the player you need to delete that component and reinstall the player application.

    9 mar 2009, 11:13
  • silent--tom

    thanks ganymed for the assistance. i understand now :)

    9 mar 2009, 11:37
  • kimme

    Does this plugin support "love" this track if you give it 5 stars in foobar's rating?

    15 mar 2009, 01:28
  • Ganymed

    Nope. It has been requested a few times already, but I had no time to look into it yet.

    15 mar 2009, 07:10
  • lordfrikk

    Love feature would be great, but nevertheless, thanks for your work, Ganymed, it's highly appreciated!

    15 mar 2009, 15:23
  • specofdust

    Can this be reuploaded somewhere please? I still run 0.9.4 (and I ain't changing anytime soon 'cos I've had it just the way I like it for many years) - and this version would be just super!

    4 jan 2013, 14:44
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