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Senast spelade låtar

Olde GrowthWarrior Child 21 apr 01:37
Olde GrowthBrother of the Moon 21 apr 01:31
Black KhoxAmerinachos 21 apr 01:24
Black KhoxParasol 21 apr 01:20
Black KhoxKong 21 apr 01:15
Black KhoxBJ 21 apr 01:10
Black KhoxPiñata 21 apr 01:06
Black KhoxAKAB 21 apr 01:01
SoulflyThe Song Remains Insane 21 apr 00:52
HatebreedDoomsayer 21 apr 00:49
Monster MagnetDoomsday 21 apr 00:45
The Allman Brothers BandBack Where It All Begins 21 apr 00:42
The Taste of BloodThe Devastation 21 apr 00:32
Wu-Tang ClanClan In Da Front 21 apr 00:32
NeurosisLeft to Wander 21 apr 00:27
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  • zeth666

    th4x 4 link, ;)))>

    5 maj 14:43 Svara
  • TheArtofShred88

    Thanks man, you too

    20 apr 19:59 Svara
  • low-tekk

    greets from vienna, exquisite library!

    22 mar 09:10 Svara
  • Stahlhass

    I´ll hope you enjoy the journey ^.^ - seem´s you´ve got also some interesting stuff ;)

    12 mar 02:45 Svara
  • ruttergutter

    awesome collection man,thanks for the add

    8 mar 11:51 Svara
  • zeth666

    Greeting from Russia, thanks for add. Stone Angels - good stuff!

    8 mar 04:54 Svara
  • toni87_

    Hell yeah! It was a beautiful game!

    23 feb 02:41 Svara
  • BlackHysteria

    Yes, bro. it is generally a wild musical band)

    22 feb 20:05 Svara
  • simon180

    chch rep

    22 feb 08:00 Svara
  • Stahlhass

    hi there

    18 feb 00:55 Svara
  • simon180

    hey man, nice taste

    16 feb 07:01 Svara
  • KypaToP_HM

    Hi! Nice library & charts. ♥ NZ music scene!

    12 feb 07:27 Svara
  • donnaivert

    666 favorite tracks you ;) Should not become more :D

    9 feb 09:35 Svara
  • DuffMaggot

    Bro, the latest Truckfighters (Universe) album is the best. First ever drunk last.fm post!

    7 feb 12:17 Svara
  • swampchode


    31 jan 06:20 Svara
  • swampchode

    Hell yeah brah, I appreciate that

    30 jan 18:20 Svara
  • swampchode

    Fuckin right man, Al Gore shit fasho! hahaha Yeah man send the new stuff when ya can, even though the blog is dead I'm getting ready to re-launch my radio show so I always need good stuff to play. I see Down will be coming your way pretty soon too

    30 jan 05:40 Svara
  • mongiello

    thanks, I'll do it of course. Cheers

    29 jan 10:22 Svara
  • swampchode

    whats hapnin brah? life has been suuuuuuuuuper busy for me, work all the time, no time for fun. hahaha And its snowing in Louisiana right now, what the fuck? lol How the hell have you been?

    28 jan 23:16 Svara
  • mongiello

    Superb library Man, great taste. Thanks to add as friend. Greetings from France

    28 jan 13:16 Svara
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