Some of my favourite tracks/songs...


27 jan 2007, 18:23

I just wanted to list some of my all-time favourite tracks/songs... I highly recommend them (I left off some of my mainstream favourites)

>> Tribulations

>> Naveed

>> Cordelia (Of course I have many other faves by The Hip, but this one wasn't one of their big hits. It wasn't even a single)


>> What Would You Do? (Fuck You George Bush!!!)

>> 5000 Watts (actually they have many other tracks that I like just as much if not more, including: Nothing is Cool, King Me, Walk On, 30 in The Club)

>> Street Justice (and Easy Love)

>> Steamworks (actually they have a lot of great tracks including: Are You The One, Down Down Down, Girl and the Sea, Kitty in the Middle)

>> And If Venice Is Sinking (other faves include Home for a Rest, 5 Free Minutes, among others)

>> Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (love the horns!)

>> The Switch (other faves: Chase The Sun, Stop Me)

>> Talk (Thin White Duke Remix) (I'm not a fan of the original version or much other Coldplay, but I like this remix. I still have to check out the other remixes too by Max Graham, Junkie XL, etc)

>> Sweet Dreams

I'm sure I've left off many other tracks I love, but there's the ones I remembered off the top of head (and the help of my mp3 lists)


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