Ekky Fahrezan, 22, Man, Indonesien
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  • adabinacindina

    yap i love Blink 182 :D

    21 jul 17:05 Svara
  • diamond_monroe

    Nice song, I like how the screams sound. Keep up the good work!

    3 jul 12:42 Svara
  • saturnstereo

    selamat ulang tahun ekky san minta michael jacksonnya doongg

    25 maj 12:00 Svara
  • bexxbbz

    thank you! you too..

    28 apr 21:57 Svara
  • bexxbbz

    thanks for the add {:

    27 apr 19:18 Svara
  • JustFuckThis

    Thanks for the add ññ'

    20 apr 15:14 Svara
  • Yuki_Ginger

    "Black Butler" is good anime about a daemon-butler and 14-age rich boy, it's a mystic and detective. I cosplay the Butler ^^ http://cs424930.vk.me/v424930009/e5c6/J-z7vkWKGz0.jpg I hope, you like it Oh, i agree with you, the Enema of the State is best, i think I think, that "the king will be back" :D I hope, they will delight us new songs, i can't wait! Pokemon is a legend) I love it. I heard about Soccer, but haven't tryed myself I like modeling and photoshoots, it's my passion! I practice in photographing, and sometimes like to be a model.

    14 mar 12:23 Svara
  • London1993

    now it's warm, good weather, it is thawing

    12 mar 03:37 Svara
  • London1993

    I'm good! thanks. I'm from Russia, btw what about u?

    11 mar 03:37 Svara
  • Yuki_Ginger

    Yes, just Yulya :) Yes, i like anime, and my fav anime is "Black Butler" or "Kuroshitsuji". I did cosplay for Sebastian Michaelis (one of the main characters), if you want to see it, i can give you link. I found a disk in one of the few music stores in the city. It was a rarity. Wow :) I agree with you about Tom-he is my fav too. Now i miss for their old music... My fav song, i think, it's "What's my age again" (because it's my first song) and "First Date" Do you like anime? Have you some hobbies?

    10 mar 03:49 Svara
  • ChristieCocaine

    Hey =) No prblem ;) Yes, I also use Facebook ;) Here's my page https://www.facebook.com/christine.fabian.9

    8 mar 13:49 Svara
  • London1993

    heya! thamks for add! crisp taste ;D

    5 mar 15:36 Svara
  • ellubox

    Not bad, I can say.

    28 feb 21:38 Svara
  • ChristieCocaine

    that's a statue on top of the Bergpark in Kassel ;) Well, it's about 30 kilometers away from my house, because I doesen't live in the city center ;) Are there any cool sights in your hometown as well? Well, I doesen't know much about indonesia oO It must be really annoying when it's that hard to find a job oO

    28 feb 15:22 Svara
  • ikrarRA

    haha iya gue anak fikom, wuih famous juga berarti di sastra yee haha, hahaha gue pernah liat beberapa kali kamis menanti you guys do stupid things but in a good way for entertain, great concept pals.. udeh pada nggangur lu yee?skripsi hha

    27 feb 01:38 Svara
  • ellubox

    Yeah they're great and I've seen them, yes. I hope to see them again. Best live band ever! Sure I can try your band :)

    26 feb 19:58 Svara
  • Yuki_Ginger

    Yes, my nick is Yuki. It's old nick name. I have chosen it when took a great interest an anime, it's a Japanese name c: But you can call me Julia (or Yulya, it's my real name) if you want. That's cool! I agree with you, they everything to me too :) I have started listen them, when i was 12, I have seen them on a cover of magazine and have decided to listen to their music. At that time, I haven't an Internet. I looked for a disk with their songs and I have found it. Since then, I do not cease to listen to them. Who's your fav member of this band and why? When did you started to listen them? Have you their fav song?

    26 feb 10:35 Svara
  • AnnyRysia

    Dead silence hides my cries, BFI

    26 feb 08:21 Svara
  • ChristieCocaine

    It is ;) And yes, there are some cool things to visit like the "Herkules" and the "Bergpark"^^ The "Bergpark" in Kassel is also a world cultural heritage ;) And it's pretty lovely there =D Here's a picture of the building http://www.museum-kassel.de/index_navi.php?parent=11109 ;) it's cool that you study english ;) yes, it's a cool job, but also very stressfull^^ haha yes, you really need to work when you must be =D

    25 feb 18:23 Svara
  • AnnyRysia

    wow! very nice song! Like it!

    25 feb 09:19 Svara
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