• I missed my new computers 1st birthday

    23 apr 2012, 19:32

    I'm distraught.........what more can i say?
    as a computer it does exactly what it says on the box
    it's still silent
    it's never once broke down
    It can do everything
    Sitting here thinking about it, i'm feeling a bit sorry i didn't announce the arrival of my Ipad, or a new washing machine that i had to buy when the other one exploded in a tsunami of concrete, twisted stainless steel, Jagged, life threatening 2 feet long shards of plastic, not to mention the dirty soapy washing...................... but thats all in the past now...............and i must stop bringing it up at social events and works outings............. the doctor said............................and in coffee shops, and when i'm on the market, or when someones talking about their children......................or if i'm near anyone who's drinking......................or when i'm talking to old people, basically, just try and block it and thank god you didn't take pictures "IMAGINE THAT" a permanent reminder! "WAIT" !!!! I i seem to remember Mrs Monsoon took pictures for the insurance............oh my god i'll have to have them erased from her phone "IMAGINE THAT" it would come back and haunt me guaranteed 100%, i could turn this journal thing into a multi national global conglomorate, wishing your electrical equipment happy birthday, i wonder if i might've stumbled onto something here...........
    *MESSAGE TO SELF* look back at this when your normal.........
  • New computer

    16 mar 2011, 21:52

    finally i bought an off the shelf computer.
    It's a HPE-480uk comes with 6gb of ram, an i5 - 650 chip.
    1.5tb hard drive.
    1gb graphics card.
    It's about time i had an off the shelf comp. i was getting sick and tired of being constantly let down by my cobbled together self build.
    Anyway, at the risk of looking a knob in the future, this is the best computer i've ever used, it's just what i've always wanted and now hopefully i can keep my NEW ipod scrobbling away.
  • it's been about a week

    12 okt 2008, 12:01

    So, Its been about a week now and the all singing all dancing pooter is running like a dream, it's hard to trust a machine that has broken down a few times so i'm still kind of holding back on filling it up with useful shit but touch wood everything seems fine.
    If anyone who might read this can help me out I'd be eternally grateful, I'm looking to download an album by an obscure band from the 80's called "The Cheetahs" i've looked everywhere and no one seems to have it.
    My driveway is completely finished now and looks beautiful in black and grey block paving it completes the front of the house although perhaps a new set of gates would do the trick, oooo and maybe a new front door and a new side gate to the rear garden area, DAMN!!! I wish i'd never mentioned it was complete, :-)))
    Well it's time to sit here for a while and update my substantial mp3 collection, so, it's been lovely typing to you all again and stay tuned, who knows, this could become a weekly thing.....I like you all.....:-)
  • Another New Pooter

    3 okt 2008, 19:16

    Well, it's been such a long time (about two weeks) since i wrote about my "fixed" up pooter being the best thing since salt and shake crisps and HEY the *ucker went belly up again. My resident pooter geek "Martin" has fixed it all again for me and it's running again like hyper-sonic nissan micra, i'm beginning to enjoy getting all my programs and shit back onto the machine, MAN!!!! I've done this so many times now on this pooter.
    anyway, enough about all that, at the risk of sounding like a dork i'm liking a few tracks from the new oasis album, the trick is to try to forget it's oasis and give it a listen pretending you don't know who it is, it worked for me ;-)
    If your coming to Manchester this weekend urine for a treat as it's "In The CIty" time again, 4 or 5 days of hundreds of bands playing at hundreds of venues and all the prices are reasonable, i might just go and watch a few myself... well thats all for this one, i'm hungry and thirsty and in dire need of a wash......Toodle Pipster...i like you all
  • freezing

    22 sep 2008, 11:12

    Hello :-), I thought I'd write this as it might be useful information to one or two of "my readers" :-) hahahah
    My "NEW" all singing all dancing computer has been freezing up and generally being a bastard for the last six months, my computer builder and myself have been trying to identify the problem and finally yes FINALLY over the previous week it's been narrowed down to be a conflict between the wireless card in the computer and the Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard i've been using....
    With hindsight i / we should have been able to "suss" this out in about five minutes but, this sort of shit always seems to happen to me and anyway it's all sorted now and the computer is back to it's million miles an hour best.
    It really is the fastest thing i've ever worked on and now it's all working properly again.
    time to go now......see you soon.....
  • My New Computer

    17 feb 2008, 13:15

    I decided to have a new computer so i had one built to my own specifications (thanks Martin) and all for 200 quid :-) it's super fast and right up to the minute.
    so, i'ts time to start listening to all this shit i have now, so keep coming back and you'll be a party to my magnificent musical taste. toodle pipster.. ;-) and Paula your very beautiful and i like you more than you know.
  • talking to

    10 okt 2006, 22:28

    Well heres a turn up.... two posts in two days
    Paula!!! you've said things to me over the last few days that have made my eyes water.
    it's a pleasure to talk with you and i can only imagine your smiling beautiful face while i sit in front of the monitor...
    "HI Ed"

    Oh no! not you again.......... Do You Mind? this a suppose to be a private moment between me, my keyboard, and the readers....... so buzz off.....
    "What've you been doing tonight Ed?"
    I've been looking for new stuff and talking to my special friend Paula, i've just eaten Roast chicken with basmati rice, spiced onions and pitta bread, the chicken was roasted wrapped in some sort of small leaves and was a delight to put in my mouth, i love putting delightful things in my mouth i do ;-)

    "Your being over smutty Ed" "Again!!"

    Look, whoever you are! i'm not asking you to review my journal writings, your here uninvited, so just shut up and stay in the background, ok?.... or it's the iron railing treatment for you!

    "What you doin' now Ed?"

    i'm waiting for the lovely Paula to come back on line after working hard to make sure her job is going to be ok while she's away on holiday for a few days...

    "You seem a bit smitten with this Pauline woman Ed?"

    IT'S PAULA!!! NOT Pauline..... and, i might be :-)

    "Ooops sorry Ed"

    writing these journals is becoming THE late night thing to do, i think i might become a regular journal writer and who knows? someone might start reading them ;-)))
    Ooohhh and i must keep you up to date with my sore toe..... it's still sore, i ran it over this morning with a solid rubber wheeled truck.....good job i wasn't in the office otherwise i think it was a was a written warning..... ;-)
    i'm getting fed up again now..... :-) at least the question asker/interferer seems to have disappeared now
    thank god, so i'll say goodbye for this journal.......

    "Goodnight and god bless Ed"

    Grrrr.......if you show up in the next episode your gonna get it, the railing treatment, don't think i wont because i will...
  • Opening Salvo

    9 okt 2006, 18:42

    Hey :-) so this is a journal eh?
    ok here we go, i've been lucky enough to be able to listen to three new tracks about to be recorded by Madam Datum
    i have to tell you i'm hooked already :-))
    "What else you been listening to Ed"
    ? ok i thought it was about time i started listening to some new shit as the old shit on the Ipod is beginning to numb my brain, a man can only listen to old shit for so long! so heres the new shit i'm listening to:

    1. Albert Hammond Jnr. - Yours to Keep
    2. Infidels - We are Not The Infidels
    3. Greenhornes - Sewed Souls
    4. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas
    and of course Madam Datum (the new stuff)(as well as the old stuff)

    "And what did you do over the weekend Ed?"
    ?? i spoke with a few people, one of whome i discovered was a photographer :-) i love photographers i do :-)
    i asked for a link to her gallery and here it is

    Photo gallery

    i was super impressed as i didn't know until this weekend i was talking to a picture taker

    "What else did you do ?"
    ??? i played around with google earth professional for a while, you know, looked into my own back garden from outer space and all that, then looked into my mums back garden, and then i looked at Manchester Uniteds football ground and then........ STOP BEING SO *UCKING NOSEY about what i've been doing!!! who are you anyway, coming in here asking all these questions??

    "I'm only asking Ed"
    Did you see my two videos on youtube yet?
    "No Ed"
    well heres a link so you can look.
    Lucigenic - Playtime
    Lucigenic - Non specific blonde

    let me know what you think i don't care if your offensive i'm used to it, i'm married ok

    this was my first go at video editing and it took me three days from start to finish, finding the program to do it, learning the program and finally doing the editing.... easy really, i don't know what all the fuss is about, the camera belongs to me and is a Sharp viewcam VL-NZ100 if your geeky enough to want to know

    "Oh I'm geeky Ed"
    ???? your just doing my head in now whoever you are and if you don't disappear right now i'm gonna poke you in the head with an iron railing.....

    ok then i think he's gone, ;-)so if you know me on dc++ from come and say hello and tell me you read this and i'll grant you a slot..:-)
    and if you know me from soulseek Hiya hahaha
    thats it, i'm fed up now, see you next time