• Kimbra + The Stepkids Live @ The TLA, Philadelphia

    5 nov 2012, 20:06

    So about two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Kimbra concert at one of my favorite venues in Philadelphia, The Theatre of the Living Arts, with one of my favorite people, Kelleyah of Turn Up The Music. It was a sold out show so the place way jam packed but we secured our spot -- front and center. Kimbra was joined by this awesome band out of Bridgeport, Connecticut by the name of The Stepkids. I had never heard of them before but I figured since they were opening for Kimbra they had to be good. When they came out on stage I had no idea what to expect. All white everything was the attire for the evening. White shirts, white pants, white shoes. They even had white instruments. And then it happened. A burst of colors projected onto them out of nowhere. The variations of colors and patterns made it hard not to focus and their psychedelic sound made it hard not to listen. I had video footage of [youtube]Sweet Salvation[/youtube] and Shadows On Behalf but the audio is horrendous so just click the links to listen to the songs.

    Kimbra's performance was indescribable. She's so bubbly and full of energy. Unlike some artists that I have seen in the past, she was very personable and interacted with the crowd. She thanked us continuously between each set for coming out to support her and I truly admire that kind of humility from a musician. She even gave a shout out to a local artist who painted a beautiful visual interpretation of her song 'Wandering Limbs". She performed all songs from her debut album Vows and gave an encore performance of 'Withdraw' which you can watch below.

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