• 2012

    27 sep 2012, 19:47

    ¿What kind of crap did I write SIX years ago?

    Damn, that's so hipster... six years ago.
  • Bored.

    5 sep 2006, 04:39

    Life is so boring when you're alone.

    The good side is that you have tons of time to think. Damn, I miss Radiata Stories.
  • ¿Are we Evolving?

    29 aug 2006, 22:58

    Since King Crimson, Deep Purple, Return to Forever or Gentle Giant, there have been a lot of evolution. Listen now. The new Progressive Metal, and all the fusion stuff today, they're so many, certainly unexpected, but there's something that bothers me... everything is alike.

    In 70's, everything was unique, everything was deep, personal, magical.

    I'm not really complaining about the actual times, but I'm certainly annoyed to listen a band and saying: "I've listened to this before", but no, it's another prog-power-metal band. And I recognize, they're pretty good, to achieve such skill takes a lot of time, and passion. ¿Every kind of music have been discovered? ¿Will "70's" return?

    I wish I lived 70's.

    ¿Are we evolving?