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  • antiperiodic

    That really bites, I'd be so disappointed. Although Bottom of the Hill aren't known for their sound system, I've never seen a show there that didn't have *any* problems. Did you pick up any merch or vinyl at the show?

    Igår 18:38 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    They might've just had an off night when you saw them..Wanna describe what they were like?

    Igår 18:20 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Anyways, they kicked right into Mumble, and it was just...absolutely amazing. They weren't ear piercing *at all,* they were at an incredible comfortable volume from my perspective. As far as I know they played every song flawlessly, and they had tons of energy while doing it. As for vocals, one of the guitar players handled pretty much every song, and he was surprisingly great at it. His voice wasn't totally inaudible, either. Anyways, they were honestly the best band I've seen in ages. They played pretty much every song I wanted and didn't pull off any childish bullshit or whatever. They must've really cleaned up their act since you saw them, which is funny because their Facebook is becoming more and more brainless. I had to leave a little early but next time they come around, I'm sure as hell going.

    Igår 08:16 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    The second band came on surprisingly quickly after, the wait was like 9 minutes. Nothing is worse than having to wait longer than that in between bands in my book, so it was a relief. They were called "Sad Actor" and they really made an expression. Their music was like a cross between the better parts of Brand New, Nothing and maybe Smashing Pumpkins. Their songs were great and they had great energy, so they were definitely enjoyable. After their brief set there was a (painful) half hour wait, the whole time I was pretty freaked out that they were gonna annihilate my ear drums, and handed out extra earplugs I had to a few strangers. Anyway, instead of starting their set with the usual earpiercing noise intro they've done in videos I've seen, they just started with a few lush, reverbed Shoegazy chords. I thought, "Okay, so right after they'll explode into an ear piercing and mediocre instrumental of some song I probably won't recognize." (To be continued...)

    Igår 08:09 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Alright, I'm assuming you won't read this until later but I'll rundown the show while it's fresh in my mind. I got there around 15 minutes after I thought the show would start, but it turned out that was just when the doors open. Wish the venue would specify that, but whatever. There wasn't a long line at all, and when I got inside I went right up to the merch table eagerly ready to blow like $60 on Whirr merch, when I realized I forgot my fucking wallet at my place. That fucking sucked, because even later on in the show the table wasn't very crowded. The new album was only $20, and all their other releases were there for $15 a pop. With what little cash I had on me I managed to buy a poster, and thankfully Graveface have their stuff for little more than what they went for at the show. Anyway, the first band to play was the side project of (I think) the girl to sing on Pipe Dreams and Part Time Punks. They were pretty much just generic if not pleasant Dream Pop. (I'm outta characters.)

    Igår 08:01 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Will do. Thanks!

    31 aug 03:46 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Okay, great. I'm running pretty late so I doubt I'll be able to grab the vinyl--will try my best though.

    31 aug 03:40 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Thank you. I should be okay with plugs though, right? I haven't really experienced extreme volumes at a show before. Though I've almost gotten to see MBV and Sunn O))) before.

    31 aug 03:37 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Oh jeez, don't remind me. Feels terrible.

    31 aug 03:29 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Yeah man, I have a bit of extra cash lying around so I'll try to nab you one if possible. Do you think I'm gonna have ringing for days if I bring decent plugs?

    31 aug 03:28 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Thank you!

    31 aug 03:25 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Actually, mind linking me Sway? It isn't working on Soulseek and I can't find a RAR or zip that looks legit.

    31 aug 03:21 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Yeah, I totally agree. The vocals on that song were pretty awesome, kind of like a line between Country and Traditional Doom. The other vocals just didn't do it for me, but they weren't distracting like you said. // How's that Whirr album? I'm literally seeing them tonight, I didn't know their album leaked. Honestly, my plan was to buy the limited vinyl or CD and leak it tonight but it looks like that happened today.

    31 aug 03:17 Svara
  • antiperiodic

    Man, how about that new Earth album? Has your bundle arrived yet? Got my record the other day.

    31 aug 01:26 Svara
  • FelixKulpa

    It's also was also a bit interesting seeing them live since their playing these songs they wrote as teenagers. But they played them very true the record (will hopefully be done with my WoW "review" soon enough!) and I appreciated the attention to detail. Also know from an interview that they didn't rehears before going on tour. I can imagine songs you played days on end as teenager stick with you. // Yeah I sorta felt like that could be sorta nice as well. We've rec'ed each other enough stuff over the years I would have no problem going in blind to anything you'd recommend. Just want to note the rec's are more what I felt fit with our talk of drone and Earth. More that they could maybe fit on the same playlist rather than necessarily sound alike. // I felt so about the vocals from Mark Lanegan, could take them or leave them. But I really enjoy the female vocals. But overall I really enjoyed it and can't wait to come back to it.

    30 aug 14:45 Svara
  • FelixKulpa

    Ok. Two tracks into Primitive and Deadly and this is how I'd bluntly say how it compares to Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light pt. I. Look at the album art for Primitive and Deadly. Desert, american, subdued but colorful, 70's rock allusions, psychedelic, otherworldly. Now, if this were to be the album art for Angels of Darkness... I'd first; make it black and white, remove the woman, remove the excess moons, saturate it, make it look bright, bleak and empty, maybe add some tilt shift to make it look more realistic. But keep the american and desert feel. Um yeah, that's how I feel. I'm really enjoying my time with it I suppose I can also mention!

    29 aug 12:57 Svara
  • FelixKulpa

    I really enjoyed it as well. What a weird bunch of kids they were. But I do love that's the environment an album like Spiderland came from. // Happy I could show you the way to KBD! And I do not doubt you'll find Lawrence English enjoyable. And I think I'mma make a little Derek folder with 3 things I think you'd dig. // Oh, had missed it was *available*. Just now nabbed it. Listening to Angels of now to prep. Speaking of which, you wouldn't happen to be able to lend me pt 2? Never grabbed that for myself. But what are your thoughts on the new album?

    29 aug 11:40 Svara
  • Chamakay

    i'd probably have to balance the spending range based off a lot of factors. if it's a personal all time favourite, i'd spend as much as possible to own it most likely. i'd probably drop a pretty penny on an album with a dope album cover even if it wasn't a personal favourite of mine. i still want to buy Screamadelica since that cover is so iconic and top of it i love that album. yeah i already know that it'd be satisfying looking thru a bunch of collectibles knowing that you can call it your own, rather then having a 200x200 pixel image on the digital music player

    29 aug 03:56 Svara
  • FelixKulpa

    Ohh new ratings and other updates. Also did you ever get a chance to watch that Slint doc? Also, since I've seem to have hit succes with my last drone/ambient rec I want to officially recommend Lawrence English - Wilderness Of Mirrors. This is much more similar to the works of Tim Hecker or Grouper than the more calming feels of KBB. "“During the course of this record,” English explains, “I was fortunate enough to experience live performances by artists I deeply respect for their use of volume as an affecting quality, specifically Earth, Swans and My Bloody Valentine. I had the chance to experience each of these groups at various stages in the making this record and each of them reinforced my interest in emulating that inner ear and bodily sensation that extreme densities of vibration in air brings about.” Not surprisingly, it's quite enjoyable at the louder volumes ;)

    28 aug 22:24 Svara
  • gacktxrawr

    Keep listening to boards of canada! :)

    28 aug 02:05 Svara
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