• "Road Trips" with Dead Heads

    2 okt 2010, 18:17

    This thread is gonna be stories of you guy's best road trip memories following GD. I was fortunate enough to catch a few shows before Jerry passed & my favourite road trip was in Sept 1993 at Boston Garden. My buddy Ron & me drove up the night before a show & rented a room for the night, GD had already done a show there the night before so there were lots of Heads running around. Well after we had checked into our room these 2 Dead Head girls approached us telling us how their boyfriends had gotten busted earlier & they were caught out. So of course we being the gentlemen we were, offered them to stay with us. Well it turned out they had a couple of sheets of acid & some slamming green bud, they dosed us & we smoked. The rest of the night was heaven. Oh yeah, & the show was good too. Here's the set list, peace. Set 1 Touch Of Grey -> Greatest Story Ever Told, Row Jimmy, New Minglewood Blues, So many Roads, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Bird Song. Set 2 China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Samson And Delilah Uncle John's Band, Playing In The Band, Drums, Space, Attics Of My Life, Throwing Stones, Good Lovin'. Encore U.S. Blues. Hope to hear some good replys!!! Grateful Dead
  • The Band Perry

    1 okt 2010, 04:29

  • The Band Perry?

    24 sep 2010, 01:25

    You know, I usually try to have an open mind to alot of things. Especially music. Here's the thing though, I detest hip-hop. Sorry, but I do. Also most pop, dance, or top 40 anything. Some stuff I admit sneaks through & wins me over. Now I love country & western. Mostly. Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, & Reba I am extremely fond of. But most good country music never gets airplay cause some executives in Nashville determine what we should listen to. That's why I love the internet. It is here that I discovered some of my all-time fav country artists. Or should I say alt. country artists. Bands like The Drive-By Truckers, Centro-matic, Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, & The Deadstring Brothers to name a few. The cutsey, poppy country isn't for me. Like The Band Perry. When I heard these guys initially I was like, really? This is the kind of crap coming out of Nashville now? Well, after that initial impression I began listening to them some more & now have to shamefully admit that I am a fan.
  • Disappeared

    14 sep 2010, 15:01

    I was watching mind freak the other day & Chris Angel was attempting to make 100 people vanish from a stage. Well it appeared that they did indeed vanish. Which led me to wonder, if they're not on the stage where did they go? Can I go there too? If I were to vanish would the lonliness vanish as well? The pain & regret? The taunting voices of my past? The foolish thoughts that someday I could be happy? Could an empty black hole actually comfort me right now? It's possible. I could finally just stop trying, that's what hurts the most. The trying. And failing. And then trying again. My entire being feels like an ancient piece of paper that is all crinkled & flakes away at the touch. But somewhere on that paper is hope for the future. And that is what motivates me to push on. So I force the smile & go on with my day. Just hoping to maybe one day.....
  • Aggie Theatre Fort Collins Colorado

    24 mar 2010, 23:58

    Fri 14 May – Drive-By Truckers I will hopefully have photos of myself & the band to upload. I will also post a review of the show. Would love to meet some lastfmers there:) Also check out my new group, Drive- By & Truck Yourself. Peace.
  • New DBT Album!!

    23 mar 2010, 11:28

    New album is awesome!! My two fav tracks are Drag The Lake Charlie, & You Have Another. Shonna's voice is amazing. It's just a matter of time before she embarks on a solo career like former husband Jason Isbell has done. New DBT Album