• Why do so many people dislike new Albums?

    19 dec 2008, 08:08

    Whenever any band releases an album people are always disappointed in large numbers. They always complain about "selling out" or "changing too much" or "I just couldn't get into it." Happens with just about every album that gets released.

    Naming just a few albums that come to mind: "Intimacy" - Bloc Party, "Day & Age" - The Killers, "Zeitgeist" - The Smashing Pumpkins And many, many more...

    If you loved an artist's music on previous albums and no 'Major' changes were made to the band (such as break ups/splitting), how can you dislike their newer stuff so much? I think many listeners put way too much emphasis on having the new album sound exactly like prior material. I just don't get it.

    It's almost as if people pull out pen and paper and start writing down all the little differences in an artists new album, then figures out it's too different and tells themselves it's crappy music. Oddly enough with many people, a band's best album is their first. I wonder why? Maybe because listeners don't have any preconceived notion of what the band sounds like and so they just sit and listen to the music for the pure purpose of enjoying it. With later albums they spend too much time analyzing and comparing instead of just listening.

    So next time a band you like decides to put out another album, These are the steps you should take before listening to the new album:

    -Leave the pen and paper in the drawer
    ***Very Important Step*** - Rationalize to yourself that each album is a separate piece of work not a continuation of a previous album. Like with paintings, Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" and Leonardo's "Last Supper" are two separate paintings, they are two completly different entities with the sole commonality of being created by the same artist. DO NOT PROCEED until you understand that the new album is NEW and not a part 2, NEW!
    -If it helps pretend the artist has never put out any music before.
    -After rationalizing that this will be different, potentially very different...

    Pull up your favorite most comfortable chair, put the music on, lean back and listen to the album for the pure simple pleasure of listening. Close your eyes and relax. Don't think about anything, clear your mind and just soak in the music for What It Is!