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  • miles

    Congratulations for milestone in scrobbling!

    juli 2010
  • leksibaby_x

    im shit at remembering passwords and all that jazz so yeah- the other can be deleted :P this is the brand spanking new one :D with AMAZING music on ;) x

    juni 2010
  • foreverdark7

    Well we are super. Nice selection dude.

    februari 2009
  • Timmargh

    Hi mate. Hmm, not too much similarity in our musical tastes there -- I'll take the blame for that because I'm old!

    maj 2008
  • andjdavies

    Hey, was just doing a bit of random browsing, woo. Anyway you seem to be using last.fm fairly regularly so I thought you might like idiomag. It makes a magazine from your last.fm top artists - this should be the link for you if you're interested. I'm pretty sure they have some stuff about Linkin Park

    februari 2008
  • Zut255

    Hi! How are you? I see you like a lot of good music!

    februari 2008
  • ToniBlixt

    like alter bridge?

    november 2007
  • alias_rulz

    My bigggg cousin =P aha

    maj 2007