• Rhys_Please

    I would of put American Idiot - Green Day somewhere in the Pop, but it could just as easily go into Rock. Definitely Im Yours - Jason Mraz in Acoustic/Soft/Folk.

    13 dec 2009, 20:49
  • DJ_Anubis

    I really don't like Green Day personally, but thanks for reminding me of Jason, almost forgot about him!

    14 dec 2009, 15:59
  • yakka_ng

    i must say your categories aren't propertly divided...i'm pretty into electronic music...so i can say tocadisco - morumbi is not dance, but progressive house, guetta would be house too....and so on, and so on...but nevermind...all of them are good songs :) greets from croatia

    16 dec 2009, 14:25
  • DJ_Anubis

    yeah I agree on Tocadisco... i had to move around some songs just so I could feature them :) (i know i know, cheating :), have to say Guetta to me is pure dance. But thanks for commenting! Enjoy the music

    16 dec 2009, 21:25
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